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General - The Walking Dead - June 12, 2022

Xander Berkeley Trivia Quiz #1

Are you a true Xander Berkeley fan? Take the Xander Berkeley Trivia Quiz & test your TV series & film knowledge!

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

  1. 1 What was Xander Berkeley's character name in Terminator 2: Judgment Day?

    1. Paul Cooper
    2. George Mason
    3. Todd Voight

    Todd Voight

    Xander played Todd Voight in Terminator 2, John Connor's foster father. Voight is known for meeting death while drinking milk out of the carton courtesy of a T-1000 (Robert Patrick).

  2. 2 On The Walking Dead, Xander's character Gregory stole a car from who?

    1. Rick Grimes
    2. Negan
    3. Father Gabriel

    Father Gabriel

    Gregory left Father Gabriel out to fend against walkers on his own in The Walking Dead's Season 8 Premiere. Stealing his car and getting the hell out of Dodge.

  3. 3 Xander's character was exposed to a lethal does of radiation on what TV series?

    1. Chernobyl
    2. 24
    3. The Mentalist


    24's George Mason was exposed to a lethal does of radiation in Season 2. He would go on to save the world, flying a one way plane in place of Jack Bauer.

  4. 4 Which of these shows did Xander Berkeley NOT have a role in?

    1. Batman Beyond
    2. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
    3. Frasier


    Xander did not star in Frasier. But you might be surprised to learn he did the voices for Snav, Timmy, Urbab, and even Abraham Lincoln on Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.

    He also voiced Dr. Childes on a two parter Batman Beyond episode "The Curse of the Kobra" Part 1 & 2. 

  5. 5 In real life, Xander is married to a series cast member from what show?

    1. 24
    2. The Walking Dead
    3. The Republic of Sarah

    Sarah Clarke aka 24's Nina Myers

    Xander has been happily married to 24 co-star Sarah Clarke (Nina Myers) since 2002. 

Xander Berkeley Trivia Quiz #1

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    Almost perfect. Speaking of almost perfect things... Let's recall that Gregory should have never died on The Walking Dead.

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    You know your Xander trivia by heart and clearly a man or woman of culture.

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Background Photo Credit: Gene Page / AMC


24 Promo Photos via 20th Century Fox Television, Official Headshot via Xander Berkeley, AAAHH!!! Real Monsters artwork via Nickelodeon, The Walking Dead Gregory character photo via AMC, Terminator 2: Judgement Day film screenshot via Tri-Star Pictures/ Carolco Pictures / Pacific Western / Lightstorm Entertainment / Le Studio Canal+ / T2 Productions


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