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One Cut of the Dead film - Pictured: Yuzuki Akiyama as Chinatsu - Photo Credit: Third Window Films / ENBU SEMINAR CO. LTD, PANPOKOPINA One Cut of the Dead film - Pictured: Yuzuki Akiyama as Chinatsu - Photo Credit: Third Window Films / ENBU SEMINAR CO. LTD, PANPOKOPINA

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Exceptionally clever ‘One Cut of the Dead’ screening at IFC Center tonight

Photo Credit: Third Window Films



Innovative, must watch horror film turned satire ‘One Cut of the Dead’ is screening at NYC’s IFC Center tonight during the What the Fest!? film festival.

If you’ve worked on a horror picture or even thinking about pursuing a career in the genre, you need to drop everything and watch One Cut of the Dead immediately. There’s simply too many laughs to be had and a universal relatability to anyone working in the film industry. Without giving away any spoilers, as they’re integral to the film’s brilliant turn of events, it’s one of the freshest horror film satires in years.

New Yorkers have an opportunity to catch One Cut of the Dead tonight (3/21/19) at 9:45 p.m. over at the IFC Center as part of the What the Fest!? film festival lineup. Be certain this is no ordinary zombie movie, or even zombie themed comedy. It’s feverishly clever! In fact, the Japanese, English subtitled breakout movie is already being picked up for a full English remake/adaption according to Variety. Tickets are available now at IFC to attend the film screening.

The cinematography by itself is worth a watch, it’s exceptional despite a low budget ($25,000). A true sophistication in looking deceptively amateur while being pro. Every shot matters in this picture. It’s proof imagination is the real well of creativity for a filmmaker rather than a chest of coins. Director Shinichiro Ueda did a splendid job and actor Takayuki Hamatsu really rose to the occasion with a memorable, excellent performance. Hamatsu’s Director Higurashi yelling “Action!” just stays with you.

One Cut of the Dead film - Pictured from left to right: Kazuaki Nagaya as Ko, Harumi Shuhama as Nao, Takayuki Hamatsu as Director Higurashi - Photo Credit: Third Window Films / ENBU SEMINAR CO. LTD, PANPOKOPINA

One Cut of the Dead film – Pictured from left to right: Kazuaki Nagaya as Ko, Harumi Shuhama as Nao, Takayuki Hamatsu as Director Higurashi – Photo Credit: Third Window Films / ENBU SEMINAR CO. LTD,

It’s only a matter of time before One Cut of the Dead (Kamera o Tomeru na!) becomes the next Japan to USA remake mega hit in the style of The Ring (Ringu) and The Grudge (Ju-On: The Grudge).

The film has been nominated and won multiple awards overseas already, including winning at Tokyo’s 61st Blue Ribbon Awards for Best Film and being nominated for Picture of the Year at the 42nd Japan Academy Prize.

‘One Cut of the Dead’ Synopsis and Film Trailer:

The film opens in a run-down, abandoned warehouse where a film crew are making a zombie film. But, this is no ordinary warehouse. It’s rumored that it’s the site where military experiments once took place.


Out of nowhere, real zombies arrive and terrorize the crew. Although it sounds like the plot of a clichéd zombie film, ONE CUT OF THE DEAD is something quite different. Starting off with a long take of 37 minutes, the film then completely switches direction and turns the zombie genre upside down into a charming, audience – friendly comedy. 

Even the film’s title itself, holds more than meets the eye… Take a look at Third Window Films‘ official English subtitled trailer for the film below.

Film Rating: R
Run Time: 96 Minutes

IFC Center Location:

The IFC Center is located mere blocks away from Washington Square park on West 3rd Street and 6th Avenue in Greenwich Village, New York. A map is available at this ‘What The Fest!?’ link.

Can’t make it to the screening in New York City? No problem! Visit to purchase ‘One Cut of the Dead’ On Demand or on DVD.

Be sure to follow ‘One Cut of the Dead’ on Twitter at @kametome12 and Third Window Films on Instagram at @thirdwindowfilms. Remember to keep up with the What the Fest!? film festival on Twitter at @whatthefestnyc.



Ian McShane leaves door open for more Deadwood at Split Screens Festival



Ian McShane as Al Swearengen in HBO's Deadwood: The Movie - Photo Credit: Warrick Page / HBO
Photo Credit: Warrick Page / HBO

Ian McShane spoke via Skype about the possibility of a followup to HBO’s Deadwood film at NYC’s movie screening at the Split Screens Festival.

No guarantees but it sounds like Deadwood’s story might potentially continue past its cinematic debut according to Al Swearengen himself, Ian McShane. The Gem Saloon proprietor was all smiles on the eve of Deadwood: The Movie’s viewing party at the SVA Theatre for NYC’s Split Screens Festival. McShane did not close the book on a new Deadwood chapter when asked about ‘getting to say goodbye to cast members this time around.’

Host/Interviewer Matt Zoller Seitz jokingly prodded McShane by commenting, “Wait a second here… That’s not what you told me last time I talked to you! You told me this was the last one!” McShane responded, “I’m F***in’ Swearengen, I lie a lot! ” drawing roaring laughter from the crowd. The Deadwood star had said, “The thing is that the story goes on, in every town in America” when reminiscing about creator David Milch’s excellence just minutes earlier.

Seitz inquired if a Deadwood sequel would be set in the high country, to which McShane responded, “No, it wouldn’t be right if Robin wasn’t there!” * Robin (Calamity Jane) was a featured guest at the SVA Theatre to discuss the picture on-stage. McShane detailed how every cast member meant something to the show. “If everybody is not there, it’s not the same!” How it “never felt crammed in” to have so many characters but like a “real town.”

Swearengen literally lives through McShane

Not only was Ian McShane in great spirits, he was on fire all interview in true Swearengen fashion. You could tell the character is part of him and always will be. From the moment he came on screen via Skype at the SVA Theatre, McShane hilariously commented, “What are those three f***in’ empty seats I see there?! I’ll cut their c***s**king throats, whoever did this!”

When there was mention by Director Daniel Minahan about rebuilding The Gem Saloon set because the original had been lost… McShane comedically quipped, “It was because of those Westworld bastards I tell ya!” The legendary actor mentioned how he got back into character by waking up each morning and saying his most famous catchphrase. Any true Deadwood fan can guess what it is!

McShane spoke highly of creator David Milch, crediting his brilliance in crafting the universe responsible for the best three years of his acting life. The Deadwood star said he was happy for the show’s entirety and commented about loving to watch William Sanderson play E.B. Farnum. Elaborating how Sanderson should be in every Shakespeare play because ‘He’s the only one who cane make those funny!’ McShane mentioned the cast and crew had kept in touch and occasionally even had Deadwood dinners every now and then.

Crowd Reaction gauging for Deadwood: The Movie sequel?

McShane mentioned ‘going into a meeting after this,’ a meeting with HBO execs about a potential Deadwood followup, perhaps? HBO representatives were said to be in attendance at the SVA Theatre… Maybe taking in reactions to Deadwood: The Movie from the live audience? Hmmmm. The crowd certainly responded favorably, with a packed SVA Theatre and even vocally engaging with the characters on the silver screen all night.

Visit the official Split Screens Festival website for more information about ‘The Art of Television’ festival (May 29 – June 3). Remember to watch the excellent Deadwood: The Movie on HBO!

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Film News

Pollyanna McIntosh to attend NYC premiere of Darlin’ at What The Fest!?



Pollyanna McIntosh to attend NYC premiere of Darlin' at What The Fest!? - Pictured - Actress Lauryn Canny - Photo Credit: Hood River Entertainment
Photo Credit: Hood River Entertainment

Director Pollyanna McIntosh will attend the New York City premiere of her film Darlin’ at the IFC Center on Thursday, March 21 during the What The Fest!? film festival.

Darlin’ is Pollyanna McIntosh’s grand directorial debut, her precious beautiful baby, and there’s no place she’d rather be than at the film’s East Coast premiere in New York City. This Thursday, March 21 at 7 p.m. sharp, the charming McIntosh will attend the film’s screening during the What The Fest!? film festival at the IFC Center. Tickets are available now at IFC to attend the premiere and Q & A session.

Best known in recent times for her brilliant, complex portrayal of Jadis/Anne on The Walking Dead, actress Pollyanna McIntosh knows how to bring a vision of a character to life. There’s much to be said on-screen even when there are no words, and McIntosh excels in this art form. Her facial expressions crafting the whole story. Thus Darlin’, a direct sequel to 2011’s The Woman was born!

McIntosh reprises her character ‘The Woman’ in Darlin’ but this time also takes the reigns on the other side of the camera. The Director’s chair, head honcho, creative extraordinaire. Joining her on the visionary journey are Walking Dead cast mates Cooper Andrews (Jerry), Sabrina Gennarino (Tamiel) and Thomas Francis Murphy (Brion), as supporting cast members in the film. Actress Lauryn Canny stars as the film’s co-lead, along with pivotal co-stars Nora-Jane Noone and Bryan Batt.

NYC attendees will be treated to a tribute before the film to horror fiction author Jack Ketchum, who created the original universe that shaped Darlin’. Ketchum sadly passed away in January 2018. The tribute was created in collaboration with The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies, an international educational community dedicated to the study of horror history.

McIntosh penned the screenplay for The Woman‘s direct sequel Darlin’. The Woman itself was actually a sequel to 2009’s Offspring, also written by Ketchum.

IFC Center Location:

The IFC Center is located mere blocks away from Washington Square park on West 3rd Street and 6th Avenue in Greenwich Village, New York. A map is available at this ‘What The Fest!?’ link.

Darlin’ Film Synopsis:

Found at a Catholic hospital filthy and ferocious, feral teenager Darlin’ is whisked off to a care home run by The Bishop and his obedient nuns where she is to be tamed into a “good girl.”

Darlin’ is a Hood River Entertainment Production.

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Isabel Lucas film ‘In Like Flynn’ out now on DVD, On Demand in Australia



Isabel Lucas as Rose in Errol Flynn biopic 'In Like Flynn' out now on DVD, On Demand in Australia - Photo Credit: Director of Photography - Eleanor Byrne, Ian McFadyen, 308 Enterprises, ILF AU Productions, Blue Fox Entertainment
Photo Credit: Eleanor Byrne, Ian McFadyen

Champagne-haired beauty Isabel Lucas, who stole every lad’s heart back in 2014’s smashing mystery, The Loft, returns in Errol Flynn biopic, ‘In Like Flynn,’ out now on DVD and Video On Demand in Australia.

Actress Isabel Lucas has a type on-screen going by The Loft and now In Like Flynn, simply put, the ladies’ man. Lucas plays Rose in the film, a character inspired by the bountiful amount of real-life lovers hit by cupid’s arrow upon meeting Errol Flynn (played by Thomas Cocquerel). The Hollywood golden era actor’s daring life predated even his career and was the basis for the Australian born biopic.

Lucas spoke on Instagram about Rose as, ‘a passionate, volatile, and strong character that the audience meets at a very dark time in her life.’ According to Lucas, Rose indeed represents the different women who, ‘were charmed by Errol, fell in love with, and perhaps, betrayed as well,’ by the adventurous casanova. The Loft star mentions Rose being “a lot of fun to play!” You can watch the Isabel Lucas reflect on the experience of playing Rose in the video below.

‘In Like Flynn’ Plot Synopsis and Where to Watch:

Before Errol Flynn became one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood, he was braving cannibals and crocodiles while searching the jungles of Papua New Guinea for gold with his ragtag crew. Together they seek adventure, fortune, and hope.

In Like Flynn first ascended to the silver screen in Australia back on October 11, 2018 courtesy of 308 Enterprises and ILF AU Productions. Errol Flynn’s biopic saw a limited release in select cinemas across the U.S. through distributor Blue Fox Entertainment at the end of January 2019. The motion picture was officially released on DVD on Feb. 6 and is purchasable online at Umbrella Entertainment.

You can also catch the film online on Umbrella Entertainment’s Video On Demand service or right through Vimeo. *Note you can’t rent or purchase the film for streaming in the U.S. region as of yet.

‘In Like Flynn’ Australian and American Trailer differences:

You’ll notice a rather stark contrast between the official trailer released for the Australian and U.S.A markets. The first trailer below from the Australian market, concludes on a romantic, sexier note in a bathtub rendezvous between Errol and Rose.

While the American trailer is presented more akin to an Indiana Jones movie, chuck full of action… And sans Errol and Rose embracing in a bathtub. A fascinating, afternoon classroom case study on advertising between different markets if there ever was one.

The film’s cast includes actors Clive Standen , Nathalie Kelley , William Moseley , Dan Fogler , Lochlyn Munro , Corey Large , WWE Alumni Nathan Jones, David Hennessey , David Wenham , and Grace Huang among its lineup. They join Isabel Lucas and Thomas Cocquerel .

In Like Flynn was directed by acclaimed Highlander Director Russell Mulcahy.

Follow Isabel Lucas and In Like Flynn’s film Instagram accounts at @isabellucas and @inlikeflynnmovie for new updates on the motion picture.

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