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About The Natural Aristocrat

The Natural Aristocrat’s mission is lifting the red velvet curtains on digital ink that’s worth a nightly bedside read by candlelight, like days past. The Natural Aristocrat shines the spotlight back on quality content, rather than the decaying half-life of modern entertainment coverage that relies on click bait and slideshows.

No longer will readers be subject to glowing, radiant textual waste from these content mills who see their audience as nothing more than mere proles. When you enlist in this regal community, you represent more than your viewership.

Be part of a movement that values the reader’s time above all else with each published work. Join The Aristocracy!

This noble estate was founded by Nir Regev and is owned and operated by Live Game Deals LLC. If you represent a public relations agency and would like to place an inquiry for coverage consideration on The Natural Aristocrat, you can do so by emailing Likewise, individual talents are welcomed to reach out directly without representation.

Nir Regev has interviewed countless leading supernovas in entertainment and sports from Oscar winning actors like Sir Ben Kingsley and Jon Voight to MAD Magazine’s legendary editor-in-chief John Ficarra to NBA alumni/BIG3 star Jermaine O’Neal and 2018 BIG3 MVP Corey Maggette.

As an actor, Nir has portrayed such esteemed roles as Hamlet and Max from Gina Gionfriddo’s Becky Shaw. He studied the craft of acting and cinema at NYU Tisch, Stanford University, Stella Adler, among others.

Nir is an experienced creative writer, specializing in screenplays, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, song lyrics, and bios alongside his journalistic reporting.

All content on is written by Nir Regev and cannot be reproduced elsewhere without expressed written permission.

Video and Audio interviews with featured guests, hosted broadcasts fall into the same guidelines and similarly cannot be reproduced elsewhere without expressed written permission. For example: Downloading original video footage and re-uploading on one’s own YouTube channel with intention to siphon views for one’s own benefit or otherwise is prohibited.

Embedding original video footage from Nir Regev’s official YouTube Channel or sharing a link is welcomed and encouraged.

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