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Food Wars! The Third Plate - Episode 7 - "The Academy Falls" -Pictured: Etsuya Eizan - Art Credit: Sentai Filmworks via Crunchyroll Food Wars! The Third Plate - Episode 7 - "The Academy Falls" -Pictured: Etsuya Eizan - Art Credit: Sentai Filmworks via Crunchyroll

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Food Wars! The Third Plate – English Dub Episode 7: Watch online stream

Art Credit: Sentai Filmworks via Crunchyroll



Here’s how to watch Food Wars! The Third Plate’s English Dubbed Episode 7 “The Academy Falls” stream online at HIDIVE and VRV Premium.

HIDIVE is streaming the latest Food Wars! The Third Plate episode today at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT/ 17:00 UTC. You can catch “The Academy Falls” by subscribing to HIDIVE or VRV Premium (which includes HIDIVE as channel on the service). English Dubbed episodes of Food Wars! The Third Plate will premiere each week on HIDIVE and VRV Premium’s HIDIVE Channel every Friday at the same 17:00 UTC time slot.

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Last time on Food Wars! The Third Plate:

On the last episode of Food Wars!, the residents of Polar Star Dormitory heard Erina Nakiri’s ‘tragic’ backstory and were moved to tears… And trying to get reviews for their dishes by the God Tongue herself! Although Erina’s harsh grading wasn’t quite what they were hoping for, they were only more motivated. Erina’s father, Azami Nakiri, recently took over the direction of Tōtsuki Culinary Academy after ousting his own father Senzaemon Nakiri. Azami utilized a secret coup vote by the Elite Ten Council to make Tōtsuki’s rules backfire on Senzaemon.

Azami believes in only the elite deserving to taste the culinary art of a Nakiri. Flashbacks showed Azami teaching a young Erina what deserves to be done to food deemed unfit or in his words slop. Into the trash it goes! Thus explaining a lot about Erina’s own aristocratic elitism. Senzaemon would visit Sōma Yukihira secretly and explain that he was the one originally who suggest to Sōma’s father Jōichirō to bring him on board. He now wants Sōma to watch over Erina, fearing she will succumb to her father Azami’s influence.

Sōma agreed on the basis that he still needs to get Erina to admit she likes his food and that it was never “disgusting” at all. It’s not clear as of yet if Alice Nakiri or Hisako Arato will face a punishment by Azami for convincing Erina to run away in the middle of the night. Azami also doesn’t appear to be a fan of Sōma, mentioning he lost his appetite in his debut episode when Sōma tried to join him for dinner.

“The Academy Falls” English Dub Episode Description:

Azami stuns Tōtsuki Academy with his bold proclamation. Although his reasoning makes sense on paper, it means nothing but bad news for the clubs and Kyokusei.

Food Wars! The Third Plate – Online Stream Breakdown

Date: Friday, March 27
Start Time: 1:00 p.m. ET / 10:00 a.m. PT / 17:00 (5:00 pm) UTC
Episode: “The Academy Falls”
Online Stream: Watch via VRV’s Premium HIDIVE Channel or directly on the HIDIVE Streaming service.

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