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Marc Menchaca as The Man in film Alone - Photo Credit: Mill House Motion Pictures / Magnet Releasing Marc Menchaca as The Man in film Alone - Photo Credit: Mill House Motion Pictures / Magnet Releasing

Fantasia International Film Festival 2020

Fantasia Fest 2020: You’ll never see Ozark’s Marc Menchaca the same again after ‘Alone’

Photo Credit: Mill House Motion Pictures / Magnet Releasing



Forget all cozy preconceptions you have of actor Marc Menchaca as well-meaning yet misguided, good ole boy Russ Langmore on OzarkAlone’s iteration is a terrifying, double-talking, savagely civilized beast.

Alone will be virtually screening at Fantasia International Film Festival on August 27, 2020 at 19:00 o’clock and while The Natural Aristocrat® can’t share its full review until that date… It needs to be said that Alone’s Marc Menchaca delivers one of the horror genres most brutally realistic performances in years. You will feel downright uncomfortable at times at Menchaca’s portrayal of the film’s lead antagonist, known simply as ‘The Man’. Fittingly simple, as the mysterious aura of Alone is reminiscent of Bryan Bertino’s The Strangers.

There is not a hint of Russ Langmore left within Marc Menchaca outside of the Southern accent in Alone. The transformation, while expected for every actor in a new role, is still jarring because of the depths Alone’s The Man sinks to in contrast to Ozark. In short, Menchaca’s character in Alone appears sadistic yet sophisticated, emotionally vicious but polished. You’ll leave Fantasia’s virtual screening wondering just how many people you might know just like ‘The Man’ in Alone. Being none the wiser to who they really are.

No paranormal activity to be found here. Just the raw essence of your worst stranded fears. When every warning sign is shunned to the background as nothing but paranoia. Menchaca’s portrayal as ‘The Man’ throws you on a rollercoaster of emotions from sheer unfiltered shock to downright despair to basic fight or flight mode. The events mean something because you can visualize it actually happening. Similar to recent horror films like 14 Cameras, Alone delves into a more reality based, grounded side of the genre.

About Alone

A recently widowed traveler is kidnapped by a cold blooded killer, only to escape into the wilderness where she is forced to battle against the elements as her pursuer closes in on her.

Alongside actor Marc Menchaca, Alone stars Jules Willcox as lead protagonist Jessica, Anthony Heald as Robert, and Jonathan Rosenthal as Eric among its cast.

Jules Willcox as Jessica in film Alone - Photo Credit: Mill House Motion Pictures / Magnet Releasing

Jules Willcox as Jessica in film Alone – Photo Credit: Mill House Motion Pictures / Magnet Releasing

The film was directed by John Hyams and written by Mattias Olsson. Alone is a remake of 2012 Swedish thriller Gone, which was written and directed by Olsson.

Visit Alone’s official website at!

Alone was made by Mill House Motion Pictures & Paperclip Limited and distributed by Magnet Releasing.

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