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Steven Ogg shaves head like Shane Walsh on Snowpiercer



Photo Credit: David Bukach (Left) / Screenshot via TNT (Right)

Steven Ogg shaves his head (and facial hair) just like The Walking Dead’s Shane Walsh on the latest Snowpiercer episode “Keep Hope Alive.” Ogg’s Snowpiercer character Pike does a dirty deed similar to Shane shooting Otis prior but at least he’s fair about it.

This Snowpiercer recap contains spoilers for Season 2 Episode 5 “Keep Hope Alive”.

Good ole Simon is back to his old ways but in an alternate universe over on Snowpiercer. Steven Ogg’s character Pike is asked to take out a black market trade rival aboard the third car of Snowpiercer and heads directly on over. Pike holds a rough edged switchblade but offers the man the same courtesy to make it fair. Terence, played by Tehran star Shaun Toub, tries to negotiate his way out… To no avail.

Pike eliminates Terence in brutal fashion at his own house but unlike The Walking Dead’s Simon at Jadis’ junkyard… Is rather remorseful about it. Tears flow down his face after his rival bites the dust.

Then in a character turning moment, Pike shaves his hair & beard off entirely. Reflecting on his newly ‘groomed’ face in the mirror.

It actually made Steven Ogg look like a whole new actor. Lean and mean. Unpredictable & unstable. Which was always Simon (and Trevor’s) M.O too.

Ogg’s characters are traditional dicey powder kegs waiting for a match, which is part of what makes them so intriguing to watch. It was the case on Westworld too where Ogg played Rebus or even on Better Call Saul where he plays the unconventional ‘Mr. X’.

Steven Ogg as Pike on Snowpiercer - Photo Credit: David Bukach

Steven Ogg as Pike on Snowpiercer – Photo Credit: David Bukach

Ogg’s latest creation Pike can be relaxing with ‘the good stuff’ in one scene, completely chilled, then capable of core human savagery in the next.

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