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Fantasia 2021: Bambi Naka Interview – ‘Dreams on Fire’ film



Dreams on Fire - Bambi Naka as Yume - Photo provided by Fantasia
Photo via Fantasia International Film Festival

Dreams on Fire sensational lead Bambi Naka spoke to The Natural Aristocrat about playing the resilient Yume in one of 2021’s must see films.

This 2021 Fantasia International Film Festival interview contains spoilers.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT [NIR REGEV]: The life Yume desperately wants is always dangling in front of her in Dreams on Fire… But constantly snatched away at the last possible second. Auditions ending in crushing rejection.

How do you feel rejections impacted Yume’s well-being? Were they ultimately necessary for career or personal growth?

BAMBI NAKA: Dreams cannot come true that easily. That’s why we need to experience setbacks. Sometimes people may end up choosing a different path, but I want to tell them that, that’s their choice and it is the right choice.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: The audience rarely gets to see all the work done behind the scenes leading to a single moment. When Yume loses the big competition as Crow, she appears to have broken her foot.

What was it like shooting the devastating 3-2-1 winner countdown where Yume loses after giving her heart, soul, & health into the performance?

BAMBI NAKA: I forgot myself that I was playing Yume and became very emotional. I have never participated in any competitions, but I have experienced many disappointments, so that feeling came through.

Dreams on Fire - Bambi Naka as Yume, Medusa Lee as ChoCHo - Photo provided by Fantasia

Dreams on Fire – Bambi Naka as Yume, Medusa Lee as ChoCHo – Photo provided by Fantasia

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: In your own life, do you believe in finishing the show no matter what, regardless of injury?

BAMBI NAKA: First of all, the idea is that I should not be injured, but if I did get injured, I’m going to make it through till the end!

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: Director Philippe McKie told me that the film’s script was adapted for you. That you felt you were the one meant to portray Yume. What was it about Yume that captured your attention?

BAMBI NAKA: Not only having many things I have also experienced, but also identifying myself in the character, I felt that I was the only person who could take her feelings into shape.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: Yume is told ‘image is just as important as dance to us’. How much truth exists in that quote in your opinion?

BAMBI NAKA: In all honesty I don’t want to be swayed by social media, but there are important aspects in it as well. That being said, I will post whatever I want!

Dreams on Fire - Bambi Naka as Yume - Photo Credit: Dream on Fire

Dreams on Fire – Bambi Naka as Yume – Photo Credit: Dream on Fire

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: What was it like shooting the scene where you pet a real crow? I felt it showed a certain vulnerability about Yume.

BAMBI NAKA: To me, she is not delicate, rather a strong person with guts. Seeing how she never gets jealous or gives up whenever she is discouraged or sees radiant happy people, but tries again and again instead, I felt she was strong.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: I noticed early in the film, Yume’s dances spotlight her hands and upper body primarily. But as the film progresses and she’s no longer cramped in the net cafe, she brings her lower body fully into it.

What was your inspiration for Yume’s subtle & precise dancer development? Was it recalling how you developed as a dancer in your own life?

BAMBI NAKA: Very much so. There were times when people around me changed or I followed the trend. As for my life, I want to continue to grow in many ways.


BAMBI NAKA: Thank you!

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Dreams on Fire Movie Poster with Bambi Naka as Yume

Dreams on Fire Movie Poster with Bambi Naka as Yume – Art provided by Fantasia

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