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Snowpiercer BTS photography 9/26/18 ph: Jesse Giddings TNT_Snowpiercer-S1-09.26.18-JG_0151.ARW Snowpiercer BTS photography 9/26/18 ph: Jesse Giddings TNT_Snowpiercer-S1-09.26.18-JG_0151.ARW


Melanie Cavill: ‘Lying is a type of empathy’

Photo Credit: Jesse Giddings



Jennifer Connelly returned as Melanie Cavill on tonight’s Snowpiercer with the debate of the season. Is lying a type of empathy to spare people’s feelings? Or is it keeping them in the dark?

This semi recap contains spoilers for Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 9 (“A Beacon for Us All”).

Tonight’s Snowpiercer episode dawned with Melanie internally wrestling with keeping New Eden alive for the sake of Alex’s happiness… Only to sunset with Melanie unilaterally burying the hope of a New Eden and its fantasy dogma. With a touch of irony, Melanie Cavill’s triumphant homecoming on Snowpiercer concluded with her siding with truth instead of lie.

Melanie turned to Mr. Wilford’s corner of this cold war boxing match against Andre Layton. The perception of physical reality defeating blind faith. Mathematical percentages rather than hope. Melanie not only delivered Wilford’s knockout for him with one train announcement…

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She took away Layton’s boxing gloves entirely by exposing his lie. Leaving him defenseless. From here on out, Andre Layton is forever a liar on Snowpiercer. His leadership and reputation eternally tarnished, damaged beyond repair.

Layton’s wife Zarah Ferami was already flirting with Wilford’s leadership when he was gone. The marriage has now collapsed. Josie Wellstead chose not to take Layton back either tonight. Perhaps, lying that she loved him to ‘spare his feelings’ about her rendezvous with Ben.

For all of Wilford’s perceived faults, he is a constant, never changing, like stone. Melanie has played right into Wilford’s hands by choosing this path. Already, Wilford has broken free with the help of poisoned cigars to celebrate the occasion. With Snowpiercer now universally united against Andre Layton for lying to them, now is the perfect opportunity to seize power back.

Snowpiercer 309: Mike O'Malley, Esther Li - Photo Credit: David Bukach

Snowpiercer 309: Mike O’Malley, Esther Li – Photo Credit: David Bukach

Wilford believes young Alexandra Cavill will surpass both himself and Melanie as an engineer. With this choice, will Alex Cavill side with her mother & Wilford or remain on the side of faith and chance?

Snowpiercer 309: Sean Bean - Photo Credit: David Bukach

Snowpiercer 309: Sean Bean – Photo Credit: David Bukach

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