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ClariS release new ending theme song to ‘Spice and Wolf’ anime

“Andante” is now available to stream & download.



ClariS art provided by Sony Music Entertainment Japan

Japanese vocal duo ClariS, known in anime circles for the great opening theme song to Lycoris Recoil (“ALIVE”) has a new release out today.

ClariS has made track “Andante”, the new ending theme song to the Spice and Wolf anime series, available to stream & download.

You can listen to “Andante” on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music among many other streaming providers.

Read ClariS’ official comments on “Andante” and the ‘Spice and Wolf’ anime series below:

ClariS comments on their 'Spice and Wolf' Ending Theme Song:

Art Credit: ©2024 Isuna Hasekura, KADOKAWA -Rowen Trade Guild

Art Credit: ©2024 Isuna Hasekura, KADOKAWA -Rowen Trade Guild

“We were very happy when we heard that we would be singing the ending theme song! We were so excited to sing the ending theme for such wonderful anime series as “Spice and Wolf” and we gave it our all♡

We were excited for fans to explore a new ClariS within this song after they dive in to the story of the anime, so we can’t wait for the anime launch♫

Now that the song production has been completed, we are really looking forward to listening to the song along with the anime too♡“

About Andante:

Art Credit: ©2024 Isuna Hasekura, KADOKAWA -Rowen Trade Guild

Art Credit: ©2024 Isuna Hasekura, KADOKAWA -Rowen Trade Guild

“The title “Andante” means “a walking pace” as in musical terms. As the title suggests, the song has a comfortable tempo just like walking, and the contrast in the track expresses the change of emotions.

Besides the meaning as in musical terms, the title suggests the steadily growing feelings for another person, which suits perfectly for the anime. The song is the theme song for the popular anime series “Spice and Wolf” that is adapted from the popular novel under the same title.

The anime series started airing from April 2, and new episodes will be broadcasting on Japanese TV and selected online streaming services every Tuesday.

The song is now available for streaming and download. Full single will be launched on May 8 (Wed) including the song ‘Andante’ and few other new songs.

2024 marks the 14th anniversary since ClariS’ debut, and they are coming out with their 7th studio album titled “Iris.”“

About ClariS:

ClariS art provided by Sony Music Entertainment Japan

ClariS art provided by Sony Music Entertainment Japan

“ClariS is a singing duo consisting of the girls Clara and Karen. The unit name ClariS refers to a Latin word meaning “bright”, “clean”, “glorious”, etc.

They made their debut in 2010, while still in junior high school, with “irony”, the opening theme of the TV anime series Oreimo.

The girls went on to draw popularity by singing the theme song of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series. In the early days they used to use illustrations as likenesses and did not show their faces, but when they celebrated their 10th major debut anniversary on October 20, 2020, they revealed their faces for the first time, generating huge buzz.

They released the album “ClariS 10th Anniversary BEST” celebrating the 10 years of their career in the same year, and have continued to put out new albums and song.

In 2022, single “ALIVE,” which was served as the opening theme song for worldwide popular anime series “Lycoris Recoil,” was released and was a great success, and now in 2024 they are coming up with new single title “Andante” as the ending theme song for anime series “Spice and Wolf.”“

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