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Snowpiercer - April 5, 2022

Snowpiercer Trivia Quiz #1

Are you a true Snowpiercer fan? Take the Snowpiercer Trivia Quiz & test your knowledge!

Photo Credit: Justina Mintz

  1. 1 What character from the Tail doesn't make it past the first episode of Snowpiercer?

    1. Jackboot Tyson
    2. Robert Folger
    3. Old Ivan

    Old Ivan

    Old Ivan asks the Tail to give him some alone time for his birthday. After listening to Rachmaninoff music on an iPhone and looking at photographs of his wife, Old Ivan hangs himself.

    Check out our interview with Katie McGuinness (Josie Wellstead) on the scene.

  2. 2 Who does Zarah consider eliminating behind Layton's back?

    1. Pike
    2. Josie Wellstead
    3. Miss Audrey

    Josie Wellstead

    Zarah tampers with josie Wellstead's IV in an attempt to eliminate her before Layton finds out she's still alive... However, Zarah ends up panicking and telling Andre Layton the truth of Josie's whereabouts.

  3. 3 What is the name of Wilford's dog who attacked Javi?

    1. Mars
    2. Jupiter
    3. Saturn


    Wilford's dog Jupiter attacks Javi leaving him physically scarred and a wreck psycholigcally. Check out our interview with Javi actor Roberto Urbina's interview on Jupiter's attack.

  4. 4 Who does Mr. Wilford ask Miss Audrey to fix?

    1. Kevin McMahon
    2. Bess Till
    3. Ruth Wardell

    Kevin McMahon

    Mr. Wilford tasks Miss Audrey with 'fixing' Kevin McMahon after he breaks him. 

    Be sure to read our interviews with Lena Lena Hall and Tom Lipinski on the memorable scene.

  5. 5 Who does Bess Till date first on Snowpiercer?

    1. Miss Audrey
    2. Nikki Genêt
    3. Jinju Seong

    Jinju Seong

    Beth Till's first romance on Snowpiercer is Jinju Seong. They break up post rebellion due to opposing views.

  6. 6 What Breaking Bad actor was on Snowpiercer's first season?

    1. Aaron Paul
    2. Mark Margolis
    3. Giancarlo Esposito

    Mark Margolis

    Actor Mark Margolis, also known as Hector Salamanca, portrays Old Ivan on Snowpiercer's premiere. Relive the birthday scene.

  7. 7 Who does Pike eliminate on Andre Layton's behalf?

    1. Walter Flemming
    2. Icy Bob
    3. Terence


    Pike eliminates Terence on Andre Layton's behalf and is never the same again.

  8. 8 What video game console appears on Snowpiercer that LJ Folger plays on?

    1. Sony PlayStation 5
    2. Nintendo Switch
    3. Microsoft Xbox Series X

    Nintendo Switch

    LJ Folger is seen playing a Nintendo Switch on the fifth episode of Snowpiercer

  9. 9 Who was the lead scientist responsible for the Drawers?

    1. Dr. Pelton
    2. Mrs. Headwood
    3. Dr. Henry Klimpt

    Dr. Henry Klimpt

    Dr. Henry Klimpt is responsible for the suspension Drawers abroad Snowpiercer. He was the lead scientist on the project.

  10. 10 Who was responsible for the extensive, life threatening frostbite to Josie Wellstead?

    1. Melanie Cavill
    2. Joseph Wilford
    3. Zarah Ferami

    Melanie Cavill

    During an interrogation by Melanie gone wrong, Josie Wellstead attempted to break free and eliminate her. Instead, during the tussle, Josie was exposed to frozen air vapor and left for dead by Melanie. 

    She would later be medically treated aboard Big Alice by request of Mr. Wilford.

Snowpiercer Trivia Quiz #1

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    Mr. Wilford has been looking for a backup engineer... He might have a use for you yet!

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– Be sure to check out more Snowpiercer coverage on Snowpiercer articles section and chat with fellow fans on our Snowpiercer Forum!

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