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LJ Folger plays Nintendo Switch on Snowpiercer - Imagined Photoshop Credit: The Natural Aristocrat Photoshop via Nintendo/TNT LJ Folger plays Nintendo Switch on Snowpiercer - Imagined Photoshop Credit: The Natural Aristocrat Photoshop via Nintendo/TNT


LJ Folger plays Nintendo Switch on Snowpiercer: Console war won?

Photoshop Credit: The Natural Aristocrat via Nintendo/TNT



Snowpiercer’s first class sociopath, LJ Folger, played a Nintendo Switch on tonight’s episode. Coincidental product placement or console war omen?

This article contains spoilers for Snowpiercer Episode 5 (“Justice Never Boarded”).

Lilah ‘LJ’ Folger Jr. broke out a Nintendo Switch, complete with dual red Joy-Cons prior to her trial on tonight’s Snowpiercer. Was it post-modern TV product placement or subliminal messaging from the show’s writers about the console coming out on top? After all, anything aboard Snowpiercer is meant to be part of Mr. Wilford’s balanced, precise ecosystem. Did Wilford Industries deem Nintendo’s Switch the victor of the console wars due to its portable nature then?

It would seem probable in a haste to board Snowpiercer in worldwide chaos, the Switch’s portability allowed it to live by process of natural selection. Easily stowed away in a backpack. Nevertheless, the bright-eyed, ember haired LJ Folger was facing a murder conviction but chose the Switch as a welcome distraction. A Super Mario Odyssey themed Switch no-less judging by the dual red joy-cons and coin sound effects.

The tailies of course, have no such amenities. No consoles, no Joy-Cons. Forever the beggar looking outside the window of a candlelit, upscale, French bourgeoisie restaurant. No karma aboard Snowpiercer. LJ got off scot free ‘courtesy’ of Mr. Wilford’s emergency declaration tonight… The train’s shadow staff fearing what Sean Wise had said in his final moments about Melanie Cavill’s true identity.

Thus, a conviction by First, Second, and Third Class alike was instantly reversed. A commuting of the sentence by Mr. Wilford due to LJ’s age brought custody back to her parents. Thus, LJ is unlikely to learn from the experience as her noble-like status on Snowpiercer overcame even a murder charge. One which she admitted guilt to in front of a live jury, only blaming the influence of her lover Erik.

Thus, the reason LJ Folger was so nonchalantly playing a Nintendo Switch ahead of her own murder trial was perfectly stated. Just another game in the library to be enjoyed, semi-rigged entertainment. Easily reset after losing. When it seems LJ Folger has reached zero lives… There are no consequences.

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