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Barry Berkman Block in Season 2 Episode 7 "The Audition" Pictured: Bill Hader - Screenshot Photo Credit: HBO Barry Berkman Block in Season 2 Episode 7 "The Audition" Pictured: Bill Hader - Screenshot Photo Credit: HBO


Barry Season 2 Episode 7 review: Outstanding, from satire to tense drama

Screenshot Photo Credit: HBO



HBO’s Barry pulled the rug on viewers twice in “The Audition” and brought a classic first half of satire into brutally tense, edge of your seat drama.

The following review contains spoilers for Barry Season 2 Episode 7.

HBO’s Barry solidified itself tonight as a show that’s going to be around for a long, long time. Despite being just into a second season, eight episodes a piece, half an hour each, they’ve already mastered the art of the cliffhanger. Nobody that watched Fuches pull a gun on Gene Cousineau tonight did not want to immediately see the next episode.

This episode simply had it all when it comes to Barry’s one of a kind, dark humor/drama formula. From the shallowness of Hollywood featuring spot-on parodies and lip service… To NoHo Hank getting the ‘mulligan’ he desperately wanted but losing the respect of his men. Barry receiving an audition for a major feature film off just by being at the right place while being 6’2 said it all. ‘I did’t know this is how it all worked!’

Famed Austin Powers director Jay Roach’s casting associate being more in-tune with Barry’s 6’2 height than his acting was reality personified. Even though Roach noticed Barry didn’t care whatsoever during his audition performance, it didn’t disqualify him at all. Instead, it seemingly intriguing Roach.

Sally even comments on Barry getting this opportunity despite just starting out and not working his way up for it prior. The truth of the unfairness of La La Land strikes deeply at her heart, the wool unraveled from her eyes. This is how things really work, not by fist and brick but by chance. Sometimes you’re just born into that chance.

‘Payback Ladies’ is another Sally Reed Comedy Goldmine

“It’s that time of the month… For Revenge!” ‘Payback Ladies’ a faux, modern show for the times, by TV Producer Aaron Ryan was the ultimate form of paying lip-service to an issue. It was also absolutely hilarious! Just to hear Ryan describe the whole plot of the show with the accompanying artwork to Sally was genuine lighthearted fun like there hasn’t been on TV in ages.

Instead of going for clapping, ‘agreeable humor’, HBO’s Barry goes for old-school TV satire more akin to Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s That’s My Bush! and TV Funhouse. Considering how watered down humor is these days to not offend anyone, it’s great to see a show willing to take risks.

‘Payback Ladies’ was another classic in the form of ‘Future Space’ parody episode prior, which featured Better Call Saul’s Patrick Fabian (Howard Hamlin). Too bad there won’t be a full featured scene for Sally’s reel for this one, as she turned it down. An excellent move for Sally’s character arch but it would have definitely been a fun watch! The whole concept of ‘Payback Ladies’ really drove home the struggle of an artist between staying true to your art and paying the bills. “Do you not want to be a lead in a tv show?” Sometimes the only one you have who believes in you… Is you.

In times of stress, the true you is revealed… Like NoHo Hank, Hotel Manager

When times are tough, the shields come down. The real NoHo Hank was revealed tonight, less a gangster and in his own words, more a polite Hotel Manager type. Cristobal Sifuentes and Esther had sent NoHo Hank and his men to a bus, hands in makeshift plastic cuffs to be doused in flames. One member of Hank’s group rose above the call of duty and managed to free himself… And everyone else, including Hank! NoHo Hank had been apologizing to his men while the escape was happening silently, saying he wasn’t what he portrayed.

When it was all over NoHo Hank’s men stood victorious but he’d lost their respect as leader entirely. The group’s new leader did not hesitate to shoot dead the accordion musician who had betrayed them, while Hank spoke to him. In this case, lip-service rather than action is why NoHo Hank has lost his spot in the hierarchy.

Fuches playing private detective to Gene turns volume to 20, off the dial

The anticipation to Barry’s audition had made for grand comedy. Acting teacher Gene Cousineau splitting the trajectory of Barry’s character in the film going #2 in a pie for revenge on his enemy was just pure fun. Sometimes not everything is Shakespeare but we like to believe it is because it’s ours. Thus Gene too, tried to explain Barry’s character breakdown in the heigh of seriousness. Naturally, Gene would want to accompany Barry to his big day, an ego boost for himself to see a student audition for a lead role.

However, it would not come to pass. The show turned on a dime from light hearted humor to the pinnacle of stress as Gene made a call to Barry to say he couldn’t make it. A private detective had contacted him claiming to be investigating the death of Janice Moss at his cabin and requiring assistance. That private detective was none other than Monroe Fuches! The disgruntled Fuches would make his presence known to Barry on the phone, citing he was not out of plays. Barry would try to reason with Fuches but it had no effect, his mind was up.

It appeared Fuches momentarily had doubts when Gene was telling him about how Barry’s life was changing but it only threw the viewers off. Fuches would lead Gene to Janice’s car, claim to be calling the police but actually calling as ‘Gene’ to ‘admit responsibility’ for her death. Then to end the episode, as Barry was rushing to find the two… Fuches would point a gun at Gene’s head as he looked at Janice’s body in the car trunk. Cut to credits. You can only think, “It’s already over?!” in the best of ways.

Barry Season 2 Episode 7 Review Score:
9.2 Score

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Barry star Bill Hader is a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers tonight, May 14



Bill Hader on NBC's Late Night with Seth Meyers during an episode airing on March 19, 2018 - Screenshot Photo Credit: NBC
Screenshot Photo Credit: NBC

HBO’s Barry Berkman ‘Block’ himself, Bill Hader, will be a featured guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers tonight (May 14, 2019).

Fans of HBO’s Barry have a reason to stay up late tonight, as series star Bill Hader will be the first guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Hader was last a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers back on March 19, 2018. Joining Hader will be actress Kathryn Newton [Big Little Lies] to promote Pokémon Detective Pikachu. The show will air on NBC at 12:35 a.m. ET (11:35 p.m. Central) and you can catch it online via NBC’s live stream or with a free seven-day trial at Fubo TV.

Bill Hader is making the late night rounds this week ahead of the season 2 finale in true Barry fashion. He was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday where did some celebrity impressions mid-interview. Fans who watched this week’s Barry episode still have that rendition of “You want some piiiieeeeee?” stuck in their heads!

Hader also appeared earlier that morning on Live with Kelly and Ryan and joked that ‘his daughter wasn’t a fan of his voice in Finding Dory.’ She literally stood up and left the theater according to Hader! “You didn’t tell me you were in this!”

The Barry lead star will also be a featured guest on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen this Thursday, May 16 along with Rachel Ray. Barry’s season 2 finale episode, aptly titled, “berkman/block” airs this Sunday, May 19 on HBO at 10 p.m. EST. The show has already been renewed for a season 3 by HBO.

Late Night with Seth Meyers featuring Bill Hader : Live Stream Details

Date: Friday, May 14
Start Time: 12:35 a.m. ET / 11:35 p.m. Central
TV Channel: NBC
Live Stream: Watch live on Fubo TV. Sign up now for a free seven-day trial. You can also watch on FOX’s official live stream

Bill Hader’s breakout HBO series was recently invited by Yoshinoya America CEO Dar Vasseghi to shoot an episode of Barry at their establishment. The invite, arriving in letter form, came as a response to a mention of ‘going for a Yoshinoya Beef Bowl’ by NoHo Hank during an early April episode.

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HBO’s Barry invited to shoot episode at Yoshinoya by CEO Dar Vasseghi



Barry Berkman and NoHo Hank in Season 2, Episode 3: “Past = Present x Future Over Yesterday” - Pictured from left to right: Bill Hader and Anthony Carrigan - Photo Credit: Isabella Vosmikova / HBO
Photo Credit: Isabella Vosmikova / HBO

Barry director Hiro Murai posted an Instagram story of a thank you letter he received from Yoshinoya America CEO Dar Vasseghi inviting them to shoot there.

HBO Barry Director Hiro Murai received an intriguing offer from Yoshinoya America CEO Dar Vasseghi, after the Japanese fast-food chain’s beef bowl was mentioned during an episode. Murai, who’s directed four episodes of the series, was thanked for the ‘stunning’ inclusion and invited to shoot an episode on-location at Yoshinoya.

The letter, dated April 10, 2019, also thanked Barry executive story editor / writer Taofik Kolade (6 episodes). Credit to Reddit user BROWN-52 for first spotting it and taking a screenshot of Hiro Murai’s Instagram story for fans at Barry’s official Reddit page.

Between the unintentional ‘Starbucks’ product placement on Game of Thrones and now Yoshinoya on Barry, franchises might not need to pay an advertising fee anymore! Joking aside, utilizing Yoshinoya in the series could be mutually beneficial to both parties ala Better Call Saul’s fictional Los Pollos Hermanos. Plus, the ‘set’ for Yoshinoya is already ready made, no need to even rent the place.

Yoshioya responding to getting mentioned in Barry from r/Barry

Letter to Barry’s Hiro Murai and Taofik Kolade Text:

Dear Misters Murai and Kolade,

We were recently stunned to hear that your most recent episode of Barry began with the suggestion of a trip to Yoshinoya for a Beef Bowl. While we don’t know which of you is directly responsible for this line, we’d nevertheless like to thank you both.

We’re not sure whether the show is what it is because of Bill Hader’s unique comedic talent, or the fact that the concept of an “emotionally conflicted assassin taking an acting class” is inherently funny, or both, but we want you to know that we are big fans of the show.

Please accept some gift certificates for free bowls at Yoshinoya and feel free to share them if you are so inclined. We would like to further offer up one of our stores as a location for a shoot for one of your upcoming episodes. I think shooting at Yoshinoya would be a hit.

With gratitude,

Dar Vasseghi
Chief Executive Officer
Yoshinoya America

Be sure to read about Better Call Saul’s Patrick Fabian (Howard Hamlin) making his first-ever Barry cameo recently on Sally Reed’s TV/Film reel!

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Barry Season 2 Episode 5 recap: Fuches with super glue is comedy gold



Monroe Fuches in HBO's Barry Season 2 Episode 5 "ronny/lily" - Pictured: Stephen Root - Photo Credit: HBO via
Photo Credit: HBO via IMDB

Stephen Root was in tip top form as the perennially entertaining Monroe Fuches on tonight’s Barry episode sprinkling old-school lovable slapstick comedy.

The following recap contains spoilers for Barry Season 2 Episode 5.

There’s more than a few millennials that grew up watching actor Stephen Root on NewsRadio as the hilarious Jimmy James who recently became reacquainted with him on HBO’s breakout series. Root’s Monroe Fuches is one of the key ingredients to Barry’s success both on the show and in real-life, and “ronny/lily” was a showcase of his regal skillset.

Tonight’s Barry went back to its comedy roots after a dramatic set of episodes focusing on PTSD and domestic abuse. The episode started off on a bang after Barry informed Ronny Proxin [Daniel Bernhardt] he was a hitman sent by his girlfriend’s ex Detective Loach to murder him… But he wanted to call an audible on the whole thing! He would allow Ronny to go to Chicago, in fact drive him there, and told him to pack his essentials. Barry implored Ronny to simply stay away for a year and all would be okay.

Ronny seemed to comply silently as a fully masked Barry began to notice medals and trophies in the martial arts field adorning the household. Barry upbeat and positive told Ronny, how it’s impressive, that he could still do that in Chicago… Before receiving a super kick to the chest Liu Kang Mortal Kombat style!

Just as Ronny was phoning the police against his downed intruder, Barry awoke and a grand fight broke out. Akin to something out of Rush Hour, Barry and Ronny would battle it out, stunts and all, with the occasional break like when the hitman-turned-actor noticed he accidentally smashed Ronny’s windpipe. Ronny would seem to pass out, losing air post-nunchucks beatdown on Barry. Incredibly disappointed that he was unable to forgo the hit on Ronny who seemed to die as a result, Barry would remove his mask. Believing the deed done against his better intentions. Just as he was leaving Ronny’s daughter would enter.

A scream and pounce would follow as she tackled Barry, throwing everything in the kitchen at him, including canned food to the noggin. A disoriented Barry would eventually be stabbed during the chaos but Ronny’s daughter would not take him out, instead choosing to run off, jumping across fences, truly animalistic stuff.

Stephen Root’s Monroe Fuches line of the night

Root’s Fuches was on fire all episode, from his lackadaisical stitching of Barry’s stabbed back to superglueing it back up when it reopened. Crooked doctor style. Then he dropped this line amidst sheer horror of why he couldn’t shake off an assailant biting his face, “I can’t… Because I superglued my hands to the steering wheel.” Simply put, comedy gold!

Fuches would comfort Barry at first, thinking he had to put down a youngster, ‘I know why you’re trying to get out. That’s heavy.’ Until he realized his protégé hadn’t finished the job at all, leaving a major link back that saw his face. He would attempt to convince Ronny’s daughter Lily [Jessie Giacomazzi] to come back with him and Barry but the plan failed when she climbed a tree instead.

Stephen Root as Monroe Fuches and Jessie Giacomazzi as Lily Proxin in HBO's Barry Season 2 Episode 5 "ronny/lily" - Screenshot / Photo Credit: HBO

Monroe Fuches and Lily Proxin in HBO’s Barry – Pictured from left to right: Jessie Giacomazzi and Stephen Root – Screenshot / Photo Credit: HBO

Soon the show delved into a half-satire of Jurassic Park and horror films with Lily on top of the car as the pair pondered where she’d gone. Minor noises on top of the car striking fear into their hearts. Then Lily got in in the car and leap into biting position of Fuches’ face as his superglued hands were stuck to the steering wheel, with Barry unwilling to do anything to a youngster. She would bite part of Fuches’ face off then run away, leading to another comedy heavy hitting line by Fuches. “What are YOU?!”

Barry encounters Ronny: Back seemingly from the dead!

Barry would go to the local pharmacy to try find something to get Fuches hands off the steering wheel when a certain person recognized him… Ronny! Just like that round 2 was set off, as the two embarked on a classic fight at the store. The police would soon arrived and it felt like it was all over for the show’s anti-hero but then in another twist, it was Detective Loach! The disgruntled ex would get the opportunity to shoot down his wife’s new boyfriend himself before turning the gun over on Barry.

Detective Loach would pretend Barry was attacking him, setting him up, bewildering him. Ronny however, would get back up and superkick Loach out cold! Just as Ronny turned his sights on Barry, the rest of the police squad arrived shooting Ronny down in the process. Barry would leave the premises unscathed, fully hooded, as he had a surreal recall of Fuches coming to get him when he finished his overseas tour. Fuches told him to get in the car in real life, asking what was wrong with him? As Barry stared back a million miles away…

Missed last week’s Barry or need a refresher? No worries! Catch up on the events of last week’s episode with The Natural Aristocrat’s Barry review for “What?!” (S02E04).

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