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Holly Earl meets Hideo Kojima at Gamescom 2019 - Photo Credit: Hideo Kojima and Holly Earl's Instagram Holly Earl meets Hideo Kojima at Gamescom 2019 - Photo Credit: Hideo Kojima and Holly Earl's Instagram

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Holly Earl meets Hideo Kojima at Gamescom 2019

Photo Credit: Hideo Kojima and Holly Earl's Instagram



The actress with the million dollar smile, Holly Earl, met gaming icon Hideo Kojima at Gamescom 2019, opening the door potentially for the star of Erica to be on a future Death Stranding DLC!

London’s Holly Earl [AMC’s Humans] gently stepped into her gaming industry debut as the lead star of Erica on August 19… And already making friends and snapping photos with the best the scene has to offer! Enter Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear series and off the charts anticipated Death Stranding. Kojima has lent his support for Holly Earl in Erica by retweeting the Sony published release. 

Simple friendly retweet or the start of a professional relationship that sees Holly potentially meet Norman Reedus in a future DLC? Hmmm. Kojima has always been keen on details and revels in the release of clues through social media.

Holly Earl originally became a viral web sensation from a fairly early career interview for the Belgrade Theatre. The kind-eyed Earl was playing the character of Bertha in a production The Father at the time (2012). Though she’d already started professionally acting back in 1997 as Louise Creegan in TV series Touching Evil. Something about Holly Earl’s opening smile in the interview and serene demeanor resonated. That smile soon became a GIF known the world over. The extra boost every rising star needs to make it to the next level.

As the hype around Erica builds to a crescendo on the PlayStation 4, Holly Earl could easily become a go-to talent in the gaming industry. With Norman Reedus leading Death Stranding and Keanu Reeves playing a role in Cyberpunk 2077… It could be Hollywood’s lineup that ultimately decides the future of gaming. A vast untapped market of current non-gamers will be swayed by familiar names to give gaming a try for the first time. Even if Kojima does not bring in Holly Earl to work in some fashion on Death Stranding in these late stages, a future unnamed project is always possible.

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