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Younger recap - Season 6 Episode 10 "It's All About the Money, Honey" - Pictured from left to right: Peter Hermann as Charles Brooks and Sutton Foster as Liza Miller - Photo Credit: TV Land Younger recap - Season 6 Episode 10 "It's All About the Money, Honey" - Pictured from left to right: Peter Hermann as Charles Brooks and Sutton Foster as Liza Miller - Photo Credit: TV Land


Younger Season 6 Episode 10 recap: Liza says she’ll never see him again

Photo Credit: TV Land



Liza Miller made a decision on tonight’s Younger episode that she won’t see ‘him’ ever again. Who did she choose? Find out in this recap!

This recap contains spoilers for Younger Season 6 Episode 10 (“It’s All About the Money, Honey”).

It looks like it’s over for ‘Team Josh ‘shippers’, Liza told Charles she would never see Josh ever again on tonight’s Younger episode! Liza ironically forced the decision upon herself. Charles and Kelsey had taken a flight over to Chicago to meet a potential investor in Millenial to replace Quinn. Upon realizing her Infinitely 21 campaign ad featured Josh getting all cozy with her at a bar, (and that it would go national) Liza decided to fly over and personally explain.

Charles actually wasn’t bothered by the ad so much as Liza feeling it was important enough to fly over last second to Chicago about it. Liza would stumble all over her words about how she tends to live in the past and hang on to the past… Until Charles asked her if she’s going to keep living there. Liza then made the proclamation that she would never see Josh ever again.

Likely? Probably not. From now on though, if she meets with Josh and Charles finds out their relationship is kaput, finito. No going back on this verbal promise. 

Kelsey Peters shows ‘Assets’ to entire world by accident

Kelsey and Charles managed to close the deal verbally with Millenial’s only potential investor after exhausting all other options. The deal was in the bag until Kelsey went back to her hotel room and replied to an Instagram DM by Zane… Kelsey exposed much of her ‘assets’ in a sexy video message that she thought was going to Zane alone. On top of it all, Kelsey said “Guess who got the money honey” in a unique tone to say the least. Kelsey then went to sleep with a smile on her face, not realizing her video had been recorded as an Instagram story to the entire world!

The next morning she was greeted by 1000s of text messages and had gone viral. Deleting the video did not help either and the Millenial investors saw it. They would only agree to go forward on their verbal agreement and sign if Charles was back as publisher. Charles did not want to go through with it but Kelsey did. She agreed for Charles to go back to being publisher, feeling it was all her fault… Plus, the company would finically collapse without the investment. 

Clare takes job in LA… Taking daughter Gemma with her

Josh would get surprising news from Clare, who told him she received a new job offer… In Los Angeles. Without warning or much empathy, Clare told Josh she was taking the job and taking their daughter Gemma with her. Josh would tell Maggie what happened who recommended he tried to milk the Infinitely 21 campaign for all its worth.

Desperate, Josh went over to Infinitely 21 to suggest the store merge his Inkburg tattoo parlor into the store. Leadership agreed, as the person in charge happens to have a thing for him. She would give Josh a long embrace when he said goodbye.

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