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"Younger" Ep. 612 (Airs 9/04/19) - Photo Credit: TV Land "Younger" Ep. 612 (Airs 9/04/19) - Photo Credit: TV Land


Will Liza say ‘I Do’ on Younger Season 7?

Photo Credit: TV Land



Younger’s Season 6 finale ended on a marriage proposal cliffhanger to Liza Miller, leaving fans waiting for Season 7.

This article/recap contains spoilers for Younger Season 6 Episode 12.

Charles popped the question during a slow dance with Liza at Diana and Enzo’s wedding. However, Charles did not take a knee leaving the rest of the wedding guests none the wiser.

Before Liza could give any kind of answer, Kelsey interrupted the moment. Charles had offered the recently departed Kelsey a stake in his company, if she returned to Millennial just a bit earlier.

Though Kelsey had achieved her dream of being a publisher again under Quinn in this episode… Charles’ offer combined with his spiel about Kelsey being family was too tempting to ignore. Thus, Kelsey said ‘I do’ while Liza stayed silent mid-proposal.

Liza had a talk with Josh at the bar before the dance about licensing her time hourglass tattoo for Inkburg. At first, Liza said it’s fine, he can do the tattoo on other people. Yet, a second later as Josh turned around, Liza changed her mind.

She told Josh, ‘That tattoo is ours. It’s mine.’ Josh smiled at the answer because it meant Liza’s feelings toward him hadn’t evaporated. It was then Charles asked Liza for a dance.

Liza appeared sincerely relieved that Kelsey had interrupted Charles’ marriage proposal. She let herself be whisked away by a group dance and gave Charles no answer. Or perhaps, no answer as they say was the answer.

Hesitation means Liza is not a 100% on marrying Charles which is a statement in itself. After opening himself up, Charles seemed noticeably bothered at Liza’s non-answer but Kelsey and the surroundings gave plausible deniability.

Will Liza officially break up with Charles to open Season 7 of Younger? Is a reunion with Josh inevitable? Will Charles initiate the breakup himself? Surely, he must be getting tired of the ex-boyfriend always being in the picture…

TV Land series moves to Paramount+

Younger Season 6 Episode 10 live stream: Watch TV Land online - Pictured from left to right: Peter Hermann as Charles Brooks and Sutton Foster as Liza Miller - Photo Credit: TV Land

Younger Season 6 Episode 10 “It’s All About the Money, Honey” – Pictured from left to right: Peter Hermann as Charles Brooks and Sutton Foster as Liza Miller – Photo Credit: TV Land

– (Kelsey) Hilary Duff, (Liza) Sutton Foster, (Charles) Peter Hermann, (Diana) Miriam Shor, (Maggie) Debi Mazar, (Zane) Charles Michael Davis, and (Lauren) Molly Bernard will all return for Younger Season 7.

Season 7 news update: It was revealed that Younger would be heading to the Paramount+ streaming service on April 15, 2021 instead of TV Land. Four episodes will be available initially. The rest of the season will release once a week like Younger’s traditional weekly broadcast on the TV Land network.

Update (July 2, 2021): All 7 seasons are currently available to stream on the Paramount+ streaming service. There are twelve episodes in Season 7, with the series finale being titled “Older”. Paramount+ is the way to go if you want to watch the conclusion of the Liza and Charles & Kelsey and Zane saga.

Though there will be no Younger Season 8… There’s rumors that series creator Darren Starr is considering a spinoff starring Hilary Duff’s Kelsey Peters character. Duff originally wanted the Lizzie McGuire reboot to have a more mature theme, so this could be a perfect opportunity.

Should the Kelsey Peters spinoff come to fruition, the series will most likely have Kelsey moving to Los Angeles from New York City. Moving filming to Los Angeles could open the doors for cameo appearances by various former Younger cast members… And rekindled storyline love triangles. Perhaps, Diana and Liza might make a cameo or two past the seventh and final season.

Younger Season 6 recaps

Younger Season 6 Episode 6 'Merger, She Wrote' - From left to right: Sutton Foster as Liza Miller and Peter Hermann as Charles Brooks - Photo Credit: TV Land

Younger Season 6 Episode 6 ‘Merger, She Wrote’ – From left to right: Sutton Foster as Liza Miller and Peter Hermann as Charles Brooks – Photo Credit: TV Land

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