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Younger Season 6 Episode 6 'Merger, She Wrote' - From left to right: Sutton Foster as Liza Miller and Peter Hermann as Charles Brooks - Photo Credit: TV Land Younger Season 6 Episode 6 'Merger, She Wrote' - From left to right: Sutton Foster as Liza Miller and Peter Hermann as Charles Brooks - Photo Credit: TV Land


Younger 606 recap: Liza Miller drops ‘not LSD’ on ‘Merger, She Wrote’

Photo Credit: TV Land



Liza Miller tried a microdose of ‘not LSD’ on tonight’s Younger episode and envisioned a sexually charged fantasy with both Charles and Josh.

The following recap contains spoilers for Younger Season 6 Episode 6.

Liza Miller imagined cheating on Charles Brooks with ex-boyfriend Josh while high on ‘not LSD’ during tonight’s latest Younger chapter. It was all started when a prospective Millennial author requested that his potential editor must experience microdosing firsthand. Liza was then invited to a weekend ‘retreat’ to sample a microdose. Though worried, Liza cited she’d done Molly before to impress the author and calm herself down.

Earlier in the episode, Maggie suggested to Liza that Charles purchase Millennial to ease tensions between Kelsey’s imprint and Charles’ Mercury. Liza would tell the idea to Charles and be turned down as he wanted to compete and in fact, was planning to attend the same retreat.

Younger Season 6 Episode 6 'Merger, She Wrote' - Debi Mazar as Maggie - Photo Credit: TV Land

Younger Season 6 Episode 6 ‘Merger, She Wrote’ – Debi Mazar as Maggie – Photo Credit: TV Land

Maggie by the way, felt she was losing her ‘mojo’ after not getting much attention at a bar the night before. She would later find herself caught in a compromising situation, where a man watched her through the window. Maggie actually found the moment empowering as she felt attractive again.

Speaking of attractive, Diana Trout was unexpectedly chosen to voice the lead of a Boomer romance novel. She would practice a deep, low-register ‘sexy’ voice the rest of the episode.

Mercury Rising

Despite Charles sacrificing his seat at the table to continue his relationship with Liza, she would not compromise and do the same. Charles had asked Liza to work with him at Mercury but she rejected the offer immediately because of Kelsey. Apparently, not doing exactly what Liza requested was grounds for her leaving.

At the retreat, Liza would microdose and imagine having sex with Josh while high… But it was actually Charles all along. The next day upon microdosing, Liza visualized herself dancing with both Charles and Josh. Upon leaving the retreat, Charles hinted at wanting a family after speaking to Josh.

Charles would sell Mercury to Kelsey for $1 instead of the million it was potentially worth. A true bargain-bin romance novel fantasy. In other words, something that would never happen in real life. Charles even agreed to be an editor rather than a publisher to keep his relationship going. Naturally, Kelsey accepted the offer and Liza was happy. Charles continued to ruin his career for a girlfriend who still dreams about her ex-boyfriend. What could go wrong?!

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42 Reasons Liza Miller’s Age Won’t Hurt Her on TV Land’s Younger



Liza Miller Smiles post-Debutant Ball - Younger Season 6 Episode 9 "Millennial's Next Top Model" - Pictured: Sutton Foster as Liza Miller - Photo Credit: TV Land
Photo Credit: TV Land

Here’s 42 reasons why Liza Miller being publicly exposed for lying about her real age at Millennial won’t damage her on TV Land’s Younger!


  1. Josh knew and loves her anyway.
  2. Charles knew and loves her anyway!
  3. Quinn found out before investing in Millennial. She saw Liza’s lie as an empowering viral news story in the making.
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  5. Liza’s close friend and Publisher of Millennial, Kelsey Peters, knew and has always supported her after the fact.
  6. via GIPHY

  7. Remember what Enzo spontaneously remarked, ‘Wow, she looks good for her age!’
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  9. Like Liza told Diana Trout, if she hadn’t lied, she would have never worked there in the first place.
  10. Speaking of Diana, she’s already over it.
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  12. Getting away with the lie for years is a more intriguing news story long-term.
  13. Liza having to lie exposes rampant ageism in workplaces publicly.
  14. It’s all about shaping the next news cycle and Liza has considerable connections.
  15. The older generations will love the idea that a woman in her 40’s was needed to get a Millennial publication off the ground.
  16. In fact, they might see Liza as the real authority figure and Publisher at Millennial instead of Kelsey.
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  18. ‘It’s only when you’ve lost everything, that you’re free to do anything.’ – Fight Club’s Tyler Durden
  19. One can say the lie burdened Liza Miller as much as it helped.
  20. Being exposed in the public eye involuntarily takes away the anxiety of making a choice about it.
  21. While some business partners might leave, new ones will form in their place.
  22. Liza Miller did not lose her editing skills when people found out she isn’t 27.
  23. The spirit remains the same, no matter what the age.
  24. George Carlin once said, ‘Some men are already old men in their twenties. It’s about attitude, a point of view, a way of thinking.’ The same applies here.
  25. Charles’ ex-wife can’t say he ran off with a younger woman anymore to paint a negative picture of both.
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  27. Similarly, a lot of Diana’s subconscious anger was that Charles fell for her same-age peer rather than a young assistant.
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  29. Publicity, even negative publicity, gets your brand talked about which is priceless.
  30. The personal name recognition could make Liza Miller bigger than the whole Millenial brand nationally.
  31. Liza’s real age might actually help should Charles’ ex-wife start a custody battle over their kids.
  32. The story will open the door for others who’ve lied under the same circumstances to share without shame.
  33. Liza Miller could become an inspirational symbol in society for gaming an unjustly discriminatory system.
  34. Zane and much of the office’s anger is that others secretly knew before them.
  35. Kelsey Peters once shed tears when Liza was being blackmailed to take another job in Season 5 of Younger.
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  37. Without knowing Liza’s real age, almost everyone was fooled. That’s a compliment if there ever was one.
  38. Liza is close to and protected by those that have the most power over her career. Though not untouchable, those in power will fight for her to stay.
  39. The fact Liza helped establish Millennial as trendy breaks the notion you have to be part of an age group to understand it.
  40. Liza was already told by Charles’ ex-wife she was the only Editor that ever understood her before The Debutante Ball. It can’t be taken back.
  41. Should the company choose to pretend they didn’t know and fire her, it’ll be transparent they’re playing the PR game. If Liza goes, Millennial goes down with her.
  42. Liza Miller holds the actual leverage if fired, as internal knowledge of her age would hold the company accountable in a court of law for discriminatory practice.
  43. Lauren Heller doesn’t seem genuinely angry with Liza, just playfully taunting her. Lauren will likely be over it quickly if she isn’t over the lie already.
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  45. The case makes the public rethink their perception of age as a whole in a positive light.
  46. The entire ordeal brought Liza back closer to Josh with a single phone call. Which is what she seems to truly want…
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  48. Quinn wanted the story out in the first place, she’ll likely look to cash in now that it’s out in the open.
  49. Maggie certainly doesn’t care, ‘the dark cloud’ of media attention doesn’t make her think any different of Liza.
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  51. If Liza decides to walk away, other fledging companies will offer her a position immediately to turn their fortunes around.
  52. Results matter to financial bottom lines more than superficial qualities. Age doesn’t change talent.
  53. Liza Miller can’t take it back even if she wanted… So why regret?


* All GIFS credit to TV Land’s YoungerTV on GIPHY!

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Younger 608 recap: The Big Secret is Out on ‘The Debu-Taunt’



Younger Season 6 Episode 8 "The Debu-Taunt" live stream- Pictured from left to right: Sutton Foster as Liza Miller and Jennifer Westfeldt as Pauline - Photo Credit: TV Land
Photo Credit: TV Land

Tonight’s Younger lived up to the series’ namesake by mercilessly eliminating the very premise it was founded on.

This recap contains spoilers for Younger Season 6 Episode 8.

The cat is out of the bag, Liza’s 42 and now the whole world knows it! On tonight’s Younger, Liza Miller ran into Charles’ ex-wife while dropping something off for his daughter. At first ex-wife Pauline was all smiles, wanting to extend an olive branch to Liza by having a casual lunch with her. That was when Pauline believed Liza to be the young assistant her husband ran way with… Not her very own peer.

During a Millenial meeting, Zane suggested Pauline’s return, both as author and as their featured author for Millenial’s appearance at a Debutante Ball. Things would look bright and cheery for Liza as Pauline told her she was the only Editor that ever understood her, and she would happily be a debutante. Everything was going swimmingly until Pauline discovered Liza’s real age off a driver’s license. 42… 42!

It was a moment similar to George Costanza’s mother from Seinfeld discovering she hadn’t been taking advice from a Chinese lady after all. ‘This changes everything!’ Needless to say, the ball would end up being a disaster.

Pauline would expose Liza on stage in a living nightmare of embarrassment. The revelation would also have Pauline reconsidering her child custody agreement with Charles.

Diana Trout has a panic attack

Younger Season 6 Episode 8 “The Debu-Taunt” – Pictured from left to right: Peter Hermann as Charles Brooks, Hilary Duff as Kelsey Peters, and Miriam Shor as Diana Trout – Photo Credit: TV Land

Diana had earlier made Liza her Maid of Honor in tonight’s Younger episode. When she heard the truth about Liza’s age, she was beside herself. Diana stormed out of the ball into the streets of New York City before collapsing. She was taken to the emergency room and refused to speak to either Charles or Liza. Enzo telling Diana that Liza looks good for her age did not help matters.

Liza would speak to Josh on the phone following “The Debu-Taunt” ball but not much was shown on screen. Only the beginning of the conversation, no middle or end.

Finding Forgiveness

Even though Diana drafted a termination letter for Liza, after hearing why she lied, she understood. If not for the lie, Diana Trout would never have gotten to meet Liza Miller to begin with. Instead of ‘Not so Millennial’ there would be no Millennial. There would be no Younger

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Younger Season 6 Episode 7 recap: Marriage proposal without a ring



Younger Season 6 Episode 7 "Friends with Benefits" - Pictured from left to right: Miriam Shor as Diana Trout and Chris Tardio as Enzo - Photo Credit: TV Land
Photo Credit: TV Land

Romantic tension painted the canvas of tonight’s Younger episode “Friends With Benefits” with a marriage proposal popping the cork of the narrative wine bottle.

The following recap contains spoilers for Younger Season 6 Episode 7.

Let’s get straight to the goods: Enzo proposed to Diana Trout on tonight’s Younger, and she said yes! The spontaneous moment came after Enzo’s sister told Diana that none of his girlfriends last past a year. In her words, “He’s the George Clooney of the family,” which made Diana nervous. In response to Diana’s joke to Enzo that they only have four months left together, Enzo got down on one knee.

Enzo’s family attempting to not so subtly bump Diana out of their christening celebration photo also had a hand in things. Enzo would propose without a ring despite his mom telling him there’s no rush. Diana nodded yes to Enzo, and the two emotionally embraced.

Liza still has feelings for Josh

Younger Season 6 Episode 7 “Friends with Benefits” – Pictured from left to right: Sutton Foster as Liza Miller and Nico Tortorella as Josh – Photo Credit: TV Land

Josh found a buyer for his motorcycle on Younger’s
latest chapter and asked Liza if she fancied one more ride. At first, Liza politely turned down the offer but after reading an old manuscript by a mysterious author… She texted Josh herself about one last ride. That author turned out to be Charles Brooks and the manuscript centered around an older woman having an affair with a younger man. The story Charles wrote was non-fiction, if you catch the drift.

Josh asked Liza how the story ends and she said it was unfinished. He then asked Liza, how she thinks it ends? She said she didn’t know. Ominous words. Charles was smart to why Liza played hooky at work, mentioning he was once the young man seeing a bored older lady.

Kelsey clashes with Charles

Younger Season 6 Episode 7 “Friends with Benefits” – Pictured: Hilary Duff as Kelsey Peters – Photo Credit: TV Land

Meanwhile, Kelsey is still intimidated by Charles in the office. Even though she’s now his superior, Kelsey has a difficult time to say no to her mentor. Liza has been back-channeling between the two. The Millenial and Mercury imprint brands are internally fighting over book title ownership. How long will such an arrangement last?

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