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Younger Season 6 Episode 2 recap - Hilary Duff as Kelsey Peters on Younger Season 6 Episode 2 "Flush with Love" - Photo Credit: TV Land Younger Season 6 Episode 2 recap - Hilary Duff as Kelsey Peters on Younger Season 6 Episode 2 "Flush with Love" - Photo Credit: TV Land


Younger Season 6 Episode 2 recap: Kelsey Vs. Quinn on ‘Flush With Love’

Photo Credit: TV Land



Kelsey Peters found out being a Publisher isn’t easy on tonight’s Younger, clashing with Quinn over the release of her ‘magnum opus,’ Claw.

The following recap contains spoilers for Younger Season 6 Episode 2.

TV Land’s Younger showcased the hidden, backroom politics of the writing industry on tonight’s episode (“Flush with Love”). The ‘money’ Quinn Tyler attempted to strong-arm her Publisher Kelsey Peters and Editor Liza Miller into publishing her book Claw as soon as possible. Quinn wanted Claw to be the first book released under the new regime post-Charles step down on her way to a Senate run. However, test groups for the book were not positive in the least. The show’s line of the episode arrived early in fact, “I’d just like to unread it! Please, is there some way to unread something?!”

Liza had failed to reign in Quinn with her desire to soften things up as her Editor shoved aside. The relationship between money funding leverage and releasing worthy creative pieces was on full display. Quinn did not want an actual Editor to give her suggestions but rather the image of having one. In fact, at one point during a lunch between Liza, Quinn, and Kelsey, Liza mentioned it seemed like she wanted to self-publish. Which Quinn was quick to respond ‘Exactly,’ asking for Kelsey and Liza’s loyal cheers rather than criticism. Reminding both how she saved their company from certain doom and where their titles even come from.

Quinn Knows Best

Quinn would lead a cheer at the table, “Guess who wrote a masterpiece? It will be our first release!” to Kelsey’s tears. Liza would tell Kelsey the technique was from Chapter 3 of Claw – ‘Charm and Disarm’ as Kelsey questioned herself as Publisher. Kelsey was left wondering if she had the backbone to stand up to Quinn at all.

However, the next morning she formed a plan involving an upcoming Reese Witherspoon film. Kelsey told Liza how she convinced Witherspoon’s company to release the screenplay as a novel, with the original screenwriter penning it. Liza called it “Reverse engineering a screenplay.” Thus Witherspoon’s book would be the first release, highly promoted by her, and Quinn would accept the inaugural release…. At least in Kelsey’s mind. The ploy however, would not work as Kelsey would discover later in the episode.

Liza and Charles arrive as public couple for first time

Younger Season 6 Episode 2 recap "Flush with Love" - Pictured from Left to Right: Chris Tardio as Enzo, Miriam Shor as	Diana Trout, Sutton Foster as Liza Miller, and Peter Hermann as Charles Brooks - Photo Credit: TV Land

Younger Season 6 Episode 2 recap “Flush with Love” – Pictured from Left to Right: Chris Tardio as Enzo, Miriam Shor as Diana Trout, Sutton Foster as Liza Miller, and Peter Hermann as Charles Brooks – Photo Credit: TV Land

Liza and her former boss would arrive to a public event as a couple officially for the first time post-Charles step down. The two would greet Diana and Enzo when Charles sensed Diana was giving them the cold shoulder because of his departure. Diana appeared openly annoyed that it was her assistant Liza that Charles ended up falling in love with rather than her. She was also unhappy that Kelsey had taken the Publisher’s spot and felt Charles would have left to her if it was his decision. The whole conversation seemed a bit overly Hollywood-ish to be frank, with Charles acting the compete gentleman unnaturally.

However, right after Charles would return to his original Younger self on after hearing Kelsey’s plan from Liza. He mentioned how a first published book would be considered “taking out the trash first” during an old regime change. But a second book failing is a statement of the current regime. Liza would take Charles’ point to Kelsey the next morning which infuriated her. Kelsey felt Liza was still back-channeling her decisions with Charles. As a response, Kelsey decided to have an impromptu one-on-one lunch meeting with Quinn where she’d state her real feelings.

The ‘Claw’ Lunch

Quinn told Kelsey that Claw cannot be pushed till the spring because she’s using it to prop her Senate campaign. Kelsey would put her foot down as Publisher, telling Quinn she’s still just a Board Member, investment or not. Quinn answered sharply back that she ‘doesn’t want to make an enemy of her.’ The two would negotiate a compromise in writing. Quinn’s book still releases first but if it fails, she leaves Kelsey alone forever… But if it succeeds? Well no telling what will happen yet. For now, Kelsey is so certain Claw will not do well that she felt it was a victory.

“Flush with Love” – The Story of Diana and Enzo

“Flush with Love’ had another primary narrative going outside of Kelsey’s feuding with Quinn… Diana’s relentless insensitivity to Enzo. After leaving the event where they talked to Charles and Liza, Diana basically spelled out she always thought she’d ended up with someone like him. Enzo understood it to mean she had feelings for Charles, and Diana dug the hole deeper. She want on a rant about how she’s way past the point of looking for the man of her dreams, you never know what you’re going to end up in life. Which Enzo obviously meant as settling for him, and walked off the scene.

A story had been suggested to the couple earlier in the night called “Flush with Love” about Diana kissing Enzo after a major sewage incident in the city. At first, Diana said absolutely not but after what felt like a breakup, she decided to run it and even add her own words in. Which quite frankly were still insulting to Enzo overall about being ‘happy with the person dreaming instead of finding the person of your dreams.’ Yet, he decided to go back to Diana’s place and ask her if she meant every word? She said ‘Yes’ and they got back together. How many more times is Enzo going to allow his dignity to be walked on by Diana on Younger?

Clare gives birth

Younger Season 6 Episode 2 recap "Flush with Love" - Pictured from Left to Right: Debi Mazar as Maggie,  Sutton Foster as Liza Miller, Nico Tortorella as Josh, Molly Bernard as Lauren Heller and Phoebe Dynevor as Clare - Photo Credit: TV Land

Younger Season 6 Episode 2 recap “Flush with Love” – Pictured from Left to Right: Debi Mazar as Maggie, Sutton Foster as Liza Miller, Nico Tortorella as Josh, Molly Bernard as Lauren Heller and Phoebe Dynevor as Clare – Photo Credit: TV Land

Clare would go into labor during a celebration party set up by Josh. Hilarious line on the way to the hospital from the driver, “No baby in my Uber!” Tonight’s Younger ended surreally for Liza as she watched Josh hold the baby. As if she wished it was theirs and a chapter of her life was forever closed. However, Liza embraced Charles like normal back home…

Be sure to catch up on last week’s Younger episode on TV Land! The first Season 6 episode is available for streaming right now.

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TV Land

Will Liza say ‘I Do’ on Younger Season 7?



"Younger" Ep. 612 (Airs 9/04/19) - Photo Credit: TV Land
Photo Credit: TV Land

Younger’s Season 6 finale ended on a marriage proposal cliffhanger to Liza Miller, leaving fans waiting for Season 7.

This article/recap contains spoilers for Younger Season 6 Episode 12.

Charles popped the question during a slow dance with Liza at Diana and Enzo’s wedding. However, Charles did not take a knee leaving the rest of the wedding guests none the wiser. Before Liza could give any kind of answer, Kelsey interrupted the moment. Charles had offered the recently departed Kelsey a stake in his company, if she returned to Millenial just a bit earlier.

Though Kelsey had achieved her dream of being a publisher again under Quinn in this episode… Charles’ offer combined with his spiel about Kelsey being family was too tempting to ignore. Thus, Kelsey said ‘I do’ while Liza stayed silent mid-proposal.

Liza had a talk with Josh at the bar before the dance about licensing her time hourglass tattoo for Inkburg. At first, Liza said it’s fine, he can do the tattoo on other people. Yet, a second later as Josh turned around, Liza changed her mind. She told Josh, ‘That tattoo is ours. It’s mine.’ Josh smiled at the answer because it meant Liza’s feelings toward him hadn’t evaporated. It was then Charles asked Liza for a dance.

Liza appeared sincerely relieved that Kelsey had interrupted Charles’ marriage proposal. She let herself be whisked away by a group dance and gave Charles no answer. Or perhaps, no answer as they say was the answer. Hesitation means Liza is not a 100% on marrying Charles which is a statement in itself. After opening himself up, Charles seemed noticeably bothered at Liza’s non-answer but Kelsey and the surroundings gave plausible deniability.

Will Liza officially break up with Charles to open Season 7 of Younger? Is a reunion with Josh inevitable? Will Charles initiate the breakup himself? Surely, he must be getting tired of the ex-boyfriend always being in the picture…

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Younger Season 6 Episode 10 recap: Liza says she’ll never see him again



Younger recap - Season 6 Episode 10 "It's All About the Money, Honey" - Pictured from left to right: Peter Hermann as Charles Brooks and Sutton Foster as Liza Miller - Photo Credit: TV Land
Photo Credit: TV Land

Liza Miller made a decision on tonight’s Younger episode that she won’t see ‘him’ ever again. Who did she choose? Find out in this recap!

This recap contains spoilers for Younger Season 6 Episode 10 (“It’s All About the Money, Honey”).

It looks like it’s over for ‘Team Josh ‘shippers’, Liza told Charles she would never see Josh ever again on tonight’s Younger episode! Liza ironically forced the decision upon herself. Charles and Kelsey had taken a flight over to Chicago to meet a potential investor in Millenial to replace Quinn. Upon realizing her Infinitely 21 campaign ad featured Josh getting all cozy with her at a bar, (and that it would go national) Liza decided to fly over and personally explain.

Charles actually wasn’t bothered by the ad so much as Liza feeling it was important enough to fly over last second to Chicago about it. Liza would stumble all over her words about how she tends to live in the past and hang on to the past… Until Charles asked her if she’s going to keep living there. Liza then made the proclamation that she would never see Josh ever again.

Likely? Probably not. From now on though, if she meets with Josh and Charles finds out their relationship is kaput, finito. No going back on this verbal promise. 

Kelsey Peters shows ‘Assets’ to entire world by accident

Kelsey and Charles managed to close the deal verbally with Millenial’s only potential investor after exhausting all other options. The deal was in the bag until Kelsey went back to her hotel room and replied to an Instagram DM by Zane… Kelsey exposed much of her ‘assets’ in a sexy video message that she thought was going to Zane alone. On top of it all, Kelsey said “Guess who got the money honey” in a unique tone to say the least. Kelsey then went to sleep with a smile on her face, not realizing her video had been recorded as an Instagram story to the entire world!

The next morning she was greeted by 1000s of text messages and had gone viral. Deleting the video did not help either and the Millenial investors saw it. They would only agree to go forward on their verbal agreement and sign if Charles was back as publisher. Charles did not want to go through with it but Kelsey did. She agreed for Charles to go back to being publisher, feeling it was all her fault… Plus, the company would finically collapse without the investment. 

Clare takes job in LA… Taking daughter Gemma with her

Josh would get surprising news from Clare, who told him she received a new job offer… In Los Angeles. Without warning or much empathy, Clare told Josh she was taking the job and taking their daughter Gemma with her. Josh would tell Maggie what happened who recommended he tried to milk the Infinitely 21 campaign for all its worth.

Desperate, Josh went over to Infinitely 21 to suggest the store merge his Inkburg tattoo parlor into the store. Leadership agreed, as the person in charge happens to have a thing for him. She would give Josh a long embrace when he said goodbye.

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TV Land

42 Reasons Liza Miller’s Age Won’t Hurt Her on TV Land’s Younger



Liza Miller Smiles post-Debutant Ball - Younger Season 6 Episode 9 "Millennial's Next Top Model" - Pictured: Sutton Foster as Liza Miller - Photo Credit: TV Land
Photo Credit: TV Land

Here’s 42 reasons why Liza Miller being publicly exposed for lying about her real age at Millennial won’t damage her on TV Land’s Younger!


  1. Josh knew and loves her anyway.
  2. Charles knew and loves her anyway!
  3. Quinn found out before investing in Millennial. She saw Liza’s lie as an empowering viral news story in the making.
  4. via GIPHY

  5. Liza’s close friend and Publisher of Millennial, Kelsey Peters, knew and has always supported her after the fact.
  6. via GIPHY

  7. Remember what Enzo spontaneously remarked, ‘Wow, she looks good for her age!’
  8. via GIPHY

  9. Like Liza told Diana Trout, if she hadn’t lied, she would have never worked there in the first place.
  10. Speaking of Diana, she’s already over it.
  11. via GIPHY

  12. Getting away with the lie for years is a more intriguing news story long-term.
  13. Liza having to lie exposes rampant ageism in workplaces publicly.
  14. It’s all about shaping the next news cycle and Liza has considerable connections.
  15. The older generations will love the idea that a woman in her 40’s was needed to get a Millennial publication off the ground.
  16. In fact, they might see Liza as the real authority figure and Publisher at Millennial instead of Kelsey.
  17. via GIPHY

  18. ‘It’s only when you’ve lost everything, that you’re free to do anything.’ – Fight Club’s Tyler Durden
  19. One can say the lie burdened Liza Miller as much as it helped.
  20. Being exposed in the public eye involuntarily takes away the anxiety of making a choice about it.
  21. While some business partners might leave, new ones will form in their place.
  22. Liza Miller did not lose her editing skills when people found out she isn’t 27.
  23. The spirit remains the same, no matter what the age.
  24. George Carlin once said, ‘Some men are already old men in their twenties. It’s about attitude, a point of view, a way of thinking.’ The same applies here.
  25. Charles’ ex-wife can’t say he ran off with a younger woman anymore to paint a negative picture of both.
  26. via GIPHY

  27. Similarly, a lot of Diana’s subconscious anger was that Charles fell for her same-age peer rather than a young assistant.
  28. via GIPHY

  29. Publicity, even negative publicity, gets your brand talked about which is priceless.
  30. The personal name recognition could make Liza Miller bigger than the whole Millenial brand nationally.
  31. Liza’s real age might actually help should Charles’ ex-wife start a custody battle over their kids.
  32. The story will open the door for others who’ve lied under the same circumstances to share without shame.
  33. Liza Miller could become an inspirational symbol in society for gaming an unjustly discriminatory system.
  34. Zane and much of the office’s anger is that others secretly knew before them.
  35. Kelsey Peters once shed tears when Liza was being blackmailed to take another job in Season 5 of Younger.
  36. via GIPHY

  37. Without knowing Liza’s real age, almost everyone was fooled. That’s a compliment if there ever was one.
  38. Liza is close to and protected by those that have the most power over her career. Though not untouchable, those in power will fight for her to stay.
  39. The fact Liza helped establish Millennial as trendy breaks the notion you have to be part of an age group to understand it.
  40. Liza was already told by Charles’ ex-wife she was the only Editor that ever understood her before The Debutante Ball. It can’t be taken back.
  41. Should the company choose to pretend they didn’t know and fire her, it’ll be transparent they’re playing the PR game. If Liza goes, Millennial goes down with her.
  42. Liza Miller holds the actual leverage if fired, as internal knowledge of her age would hold the company accountable in a court of law for discriminatory practice.
  43. Lauren Heller doesn’t seem genuinely angry with Liza, just playfully taunting her. Lauren will likely be over it quickly if she isn’t over the lie already.
  44. via GIPHY

  45. The case makes the public rethink their perception of age as a whole in a positive light.
  46. The entire ordeal brought Liza back closer to Josh with a single phone call. Which is what she seems to truly want…
  47. via GIPHY

  48. Quinn wanted the story out in the first place, she’ll likely look to cash in now that it’s out in the open.
  49. Maggie certainly doesn’t care, ‘the dark cloud’ of media attention doesn’t make her think any different of Liza.
  50. via GIPHY

  51. If Liza decides to walk away, other fledging companies will offer her a position immediately to turn their fortunes around.
  52. Results matter to financial bottom lines more than superficial qualities. Age doesn’t change talent.
  53. Liza Miller can’t take it back even if she wanted… So why regret?


* All GIFS credit to TV Land’s YoungerTV on GIPHY!

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