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Lodge 49 - Sean "Dud" Dudley (Wyatt Russel) and Daphne Benson (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) in Season 2. Photo by Jackson Lee Davis/AMC Lodge 49 - Sean "Dud" Dudley (Wyatt Russel) and Daphne Benson (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) in Season 2. Photo by Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Lodge 49

Lodge 49 Season 2 Episode 4 recap: Surprise wedding on Conjunctio

Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC



Lodge 49’s latest episode “Conjunctio” debated life philosophy, yearning for nostalgia, and what it means to jump head first into matrimony.

This recap contains spoilers for Lodge 49 Season 2 Episode 4.

Liz-ard as her brother Dud fondly calls her, attempted to reclaim a mother-daughter relationship she never experienced through her father’s very mistress on tonight’s Lodge 49. To Liz, it was always ‘Dudley and Son,’ envious of Sean’s bond to her father whereas she felt the third wheel. In Lenore, Liz believes she can dig up an alternate reality that never came to pass. Her father’s double life a key to finding answers to her own. As she tries to soak up any kind of tidbit about her parents, especially her mother, Liz is at the mercy of Lenore. 

Dud warned his sister tonight that Lenore was just going to bamboozle her with a couple of cases with Fydro, to stay away. But the words fell on deaf ears, powerless against the lore of the past. No matter how much Dud tried to reason with Liz to let go of the past and live in the present, she cannot free herself. 

A chance meeting with an old high school classmate, Beth [Britt Rentschler] played an ominous prelude for the future of both Liz and Dud’s life. Beth reminded Liz of the person she was once was and trying to forget, while commenting on how much she admired Dud’s carefree attitude. The two would share drinks on the eve of Beth’s bachelorette party. More on this later… 

Ernie pleads his case to El Confidente

Ernie could not sit idly by and let Dud lose his perceived chance of a normal life. “When you run away from your real problems, they just get worse.” After failing to make headway with Dud regarding letting the scrolls and Mexico go and just letting his leg heal, getting a normal job… Ernie went straight to the source of all the daydreaming, El Confidente! As the pair bonded through the misery of losing the prime of their lives, Ernie made his case to El Confidente. They already had their time in the sun, Dud still has a chance at normalcy in life. “He’s still at the beginning.”

Though El Confidente seemed stoic in his belief of the journey of the scrolls, Ernie had moved him. The next day he purposely ‘inadvertently’ knocked out Dud with a frying pan so he couldn’t go to Mexico. Blaise had already dropped out of the trip following a robbery, feeling he had brought it upon himself… By going for non-pure reasons. Thus, he’s decided to seclude himself from the outside world in Lodge 49. Only El Confidente and former Dud ‘lawyer’ turned bitcoin extraordinaire Daphne Benson are making the trip down.

The Ultimate State of Education

Props to actress Mary Elizabeth Ellis for tonight’s reality based highlight performance of the night. Mary’s Daphne Benson spoke about being an adjunct professor for the entirety of her Education career. Despite three Master’s Degrees, Mary’s drowning in debt. In a grand irony, her passion to teach has swallowed the rest of her life whole… And there’s no going back.

Scott sends Jocelyn back to London

Dud, El Confidente, and Blaise attempted to convince Scott to have Lodge 49 fund their journey to Mexico. Scott said no immediately, trying to ground their efforts in functional reality. Jocelyn however, had different feelings about the matter, which was the final straw for Scott. He sent Jocelyn packing back to London harshly in response to the suggestion.

Meanwhile, Clara/Melinda sent Connie back home on her own recon mission. Ernie was more than delighted to find she had let herself in. * Fun Fact: This is the second time in a row actress Pollyanna McIntosh has had a double name consecutively on a TV series after The Walking Dead’s Jadis/Anne!

Dud Marries Beth!

Dud made his way to Lodge 49 after discovering the crates of Fydro at his sister’s place, when he ran into Beth. On a drop of a dime, Beth convinced Dud to get married on the spot (in place of her own fiancee) as Dud’s father had once done with his mother. Lodge 49 ended with this big time cliffhanger into the credits. What will Liz have to say next week?

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