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Ballers Season 5 Episode 2 recap: Must Be the Shoes - Pictured: Dwayne Johnson as Spencer Strasmore - Screenshot/Photo Credit: HBO Ballers Season 5 Episode 2 recap: Must Be the Shoes - Pictured: Dwayne Johnson as Spencer Strasmore - Screenshot/Photo Credit: HBO


HBO’s Ballers Season 5 Episode 2 recap: Luck monologue steals show

Screenshot / Photo Credit: HBO



Dwayne Johnson’s luck monologue narration juxtaposing those who got unlucky was an early Season 5 highlight of tonight’s Ballers on HBO.

This recap contains spoilers for HBO’s Ballers Season 5 Episode 2 (“Must Be the Shoes”).

HBO’s Ballers opened strong tonight with a late night takeout with the boys at Jack in the box ending in a two sided drive-by shooting. But it was Spencer Strasmore’s overlaying narration of the moment that captured the attention by subtly pulling from reality. Strasmore’s luck monologue hit hard. Examining how there were others more talented than he was from his neighborhood that never made it out, so you don’t know their name… And never will. That maybe he just got lucky and they didn’t as shots were fired on-screen over flirting gone wrong. Later on, as Ricky Jerret lay in his hospital bed, wondering how his career might be done all over one single, stupid mistake… Walking into an open road after a big contract in the Season 5 premiere. Dwayne Johnson would tap into something within himself once again, something that felt real.

Spencer Strasmore spoke of how one time back in college he got into a fight in a bar and finished it though he didn’t start it. He was about to lose his whole scholarship, his life was about to come crashing down just as it began. All until one of his professors stepped in out of nowhere. “I was really f***** until one of my professors vouched for me. Luck comes in random ways.” That line “Luck comes in random ways,” will stay with viewers tonight. You never know when a chance meeting or good deed suddenly repays later in life right when you need it. Even if that fight never happened, you could tell the script meant something extra to Dwayne Johnson tonight in that monologue narration.

Speaking of Ricky Jerret, he’s deciding to call it a career and while his father and girlfriend are proud of him… He can’t help but feel disappointed in himself while telling others it’s time to move on. 

Odell Beckham Jr. Appearance on Sports X

Sports X saw Odell Beckham Jr welcomed to the fold on tonight’s episode as Joe was told to simmer down from cursing in the office. To adopt a new management philosophy. Lance unveiled an art piece of Odell to finish the deal in classic Russell Brand fashion, taking an extra look at Odell to make sure everything matched.

Meanwhile, Vernon wants to go all in as a pro-gamer playing League of Legends and leave his NFL career behind. Despite proving his talents to Reggie on the main stage, Reggie still couldn’t get behind the dream. Vernon made it clear if Reggie doesn’t support him, he’ll find someone that will.

Kansas City Chiefs deal on the rocks?

Spencer Strasmore might have been used to leverage a bidding war on the team after word got out he was interested in purchasing them. Suddenly, Candace has other offers on the team after convincing Strasmore to put his retirement on hold.

Charles receives video footage of shootout

Security handed Charles over video footage of the late night shootout with two of his guys and he was not pleased to say the least.  He confronted them but is keeping the matter private. Kisan told Charles he was just getting fast food with his boys, how was he supposed to know it would turn into The Unforgiven? Charles would place the USB stick of the footage in a locked drawer. Will police eventually come asking for the evidence? 

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Ballers Season 5 Episode 4 recap: Strasmore’s first GM move on Municipal



Ballers - Season 5 - Pictured: Dwayne Johnson as Spencer Strasmore - Photo Credit: Jeff Daly / HBO
Photo Credit: Jeff Daly / HBO

Spencer Strasmore made his first big player signing as defacto GM of the Kansas City Chiefs on tonight’s Ballers episode “Municipal” on HBO.

This recap contains spoilers to HBO’s Ballers Season 5 Episode 4.

Spencer Strasmore decided to make an ‘unpopular’ move in the eyes of the NFL as his first order of business on tonight’s Ballers… Signing Kisan Teague. Despite Kisan admitting in a close door meeting with Spencer that he indeed fired off a few rounds that night, that it wasn’t just his friend Cliff… Spencer welcomed Kisan on-board anyway! The honesty actually securing him a place on the Kansas City Chiefs. Spencer told Kisan he believes in second chances but not third ones. Strasmore stood by his opening monologue that sometimes you gotta just say ‘F*** it’ to succeed in life, no matter what people say. 

However, there’s red flags all over the move in plain sight. From Kisan stating he’d never abandon his friends no matter their bad influence… To the potential of a video leak of the security tape of Kisan taking aim. The signing could define Strasmore’s entire new career should things go awry. Judging by a call-in to Ricky Jarret’s new SiriusXM radio show by someone looking for the inside scoop on Kisan… There’s more people that know something’s up than Spencer realizes.

Ricky by the way, took the opportunity to bash Spencer throughly as a narcissist on his show’s debut (without a true audition). So much so that Spencer called in himself. Spencer commented he’d be on the player’s side when it comes to bargaining agreements. However, Ricky was unmoved, stating he’ll believe it when he sees it and that Spencer is all talk.

Meanwhile, ‘The Arbiter of Cool’ was not moved by business proposals during a rooftop party held by Sports X. Though he was bored of Lance and Joe’s pitches to him… Kate managed to seclude some editorials by turning on the charm and flirting. Joe grew jealous and depressive until Kate gave Joe a smooch on the lips and he wouldn’t stop smiling. 

Reggie came to a compromise with Vernon, sign his $80 million dollar NFL contract and he’ll fund his own eSports team. Vernon agreed, as it kept his pro gamer dreams a reality. The Los Angeles Lakers’ Rick Fox made a cameo earlier telling Reggie, you either have money or talent… The more important one is what you don’t have! Speaking of money, Charles Greane can’t seem to come to an agreement on a contract renewal on the Rams. An omen? If Kisan works out on the Chiefs, will he be relieved of duties?

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Ballers Season 5 Episode 3 recap: Joe spites Spencer on ‘Copernicursed’



HBO's Ballers - Season 5 Episode 3 - Pictured: Dwayne Johnson as Spencer Strasmore - Photo Credit: Jeff Daly / HBO
Photo Credit: Jeff Daly / HBO

Joe Krutel blocked Spencer Strasmore from signing his GM of choice on tonight’s Ballers entirely out of spite.

This recap contains spoilers for HBO’s Ballers Season 5 Episode 3 (“Copernicursed”).

Spencer Strasmore had his sights on making top agent Jason Antolotti as his GM on the Kansas City Chiefs on tonight’s Ballers… However, a chance phone call to his old business partner Joe literally buried the whole deal and salted the Earth. Jason was originally intrigued by Spencer’s offer, seeing being an agent as a young man’s game and wanting to take on a new challenge. He decided to pay a call to Joe to see what working with Spencer is like. Joe naturally, did not put in the good word for Spencer, calling him “a nightmare to work with.” To put insult to injury, Joe offered to buy Jason’s agency to the tune of $50 million dollars. As such, Jason turned down Spencer’s once in a lifetime offer and unknowingly placed the whole Chiefs deal in jeopardy. The wheels of investment were in motion, billions hinging on the prompt signing of Jason as GM. Now, Spencer looks to himself as GM. 

Meanwhile, Reggie got Vernon a five year extension worth $80 million dollars… Who responded by saying, he thinks he wants to retire and has enough money already. Vernon was more worried that he might have messed up his eSports pro tryout in League of Legends despite being kind of talked down to by his interviewers. They mocked him by saying they don’t do sponsorships or vanity projects. Reggie did not like their tone but Vernon cut any leverage by saying he was willing to give up his other career.

Ricky Jerret starts drinking out of depression

Ricky received an invite to a pool party after a gym workout along with TTD. He would go on to down a seemingly endless amount of drinks while hitting on two girls there. TTD blocked his flirting attempt at the bartender by mentioning Ricky’s wife which enraged him. He would be pushed in the pool for his efforts in front of everyone. TTD called Dennis to take Ricky home as he was watching a private dance, if you get the drift.

Charles lets Kisan go

Charles’ security let him know a loaded gun was found belonging to Kisan on the night of the incident. Although Charles’ wife attempted to convince him to look the other way because of the money involved and her pregnancy… A one-on-one chat with Kisan where he did not admit the truth to Charles made him end the business relationship. He wished him the best of luck in his career.

Check out how to catch a live stream of HBO’s Ballers over at HBOGO/HBONow!

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