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Lodge 49 - Clara (Pollyanna McIntosh) and Connie Wright (Linda Emond) in Season 2. Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC Lodge 49 - Clara (Pollyanna McIntosh) and Connie Wright (Linda Emond) in Season 2. Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Lodge 49

TWD’s Pollyanna McIntosh debuts in Lodge 49’s Season 2 Premiere this Monday

Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC



The Walking Dead’s Pollyanna McIntosh officially makes her Lodge 49 debut as Clara mid-episode on this Monday’s Season 2 Premiere on AMC.

Calling all Walking Dead Jadis / Anne fans, Pollyanna McIntosh is back on AMC Television this Monday (8/12)! McIntosh plays the posh British emissary Clara who meets Connie Clark on Lodge 49’s Season 2 Premiere. Clara appears high society and clean-cut, a definite contrast when juxtaposed against her junkyard self on TWD. The same when contrasted with her recent reprisal as The Woman in Darlin’, even her real life English accent is intact on Lodge 49. It’s honestly astonishing how a different accent can recharacterize and change perception of an individual instantly… Before you even get to know them! Makes you think.

While The Natural Aristocrat has to be mum on the finer details of this Monday’s Lodge 49 Season 2 Premiere… You can be guaranteed without any spoilers that Pollyanna McIntosh is seen at the half way point in the episode. In the Lodge 49 First-Look Photos for Season 2, McIntosh’s Clara and Connie Clark appear to be fast friends.

Lodge 49 Season 1 finale recap for Connie Clark

In Lodge 49’s Season 1 finale, Scott Miller revealed to Ernie that Connie has been suffering from brain seizures following their tussle. Connie confirmed to Ernie over the phone that her medical condition was indeed true but said, ‘not to worry.’ That she knows her clock is ticking but so is everybody else’s. Based on this, it’s likely Connie is growing open with revealing her medical state to others. Will she divulge the fine print to Clara or merely hint at it?

By the looks of their AMC photo, it seems a bond between Clara and Connie develops, whether on the Season 2 Premiere or in the future.

Pollyanna McIntosh’s upcoming films

Pollyanna McIntosh was originally confirmed by Deadline for Lodge 49’s second season back on February 27, 2019. Outside of Lodge 49 and this summer’s Darlin’, McIntosh has been announced for an upcoming, unnamed Walking Dead film with Rick Grimes, horror Western film The Moonshine Gang of Cheyenne (with Steven Ogg), thriller Revenge Ride, and German horror film Deathcember.

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Lodge 49

When Lyrics Don’t Matter and Marriage Fails on Lodge 49



Lodge 49 - Scott Miller and Connie Clark's Marriage - Season 2 - Linda Emond as Connie Wright - Photo Credit: Michael Moriatis / AMC
Photo Credit: Michael Moriatis / AMC

Connie called Scott’s Hail Mary attempt to win back her heart “beautiful” on tonight’s Lodge 49 but it might as well have been ‘sweet.’ It carried the same underlying meaning and result. Nothing. 

This article contains spoilers to AMC’s Lodge 49 Season 2 Episode 7 (“Exile”).

Scott Miller was always the responsible one, loyal to a fault, a trusty K-9 always at its owner’s side. But what happens to a faithful dog when their owner abandons them? What happens when an owner looks directly into their mutt’s dying for approval eyes, pupils enlarged, tail wagging in anticipation… Only to inform them they’re being relieved of duty? A worldview shattered into a million pieces, never to be put back together. Disneyifiction had Scott penning lyrics, when words didn’t matter. There is not a single sweet syllable he could have whispered that would have saved the day. Love is not ‘just’. 

He did everything right, followed every logical step, and found out his adaption of Disney romance still didn’t get past the draft. His Editor stamped a smiley face sticker on it then threw his heart in the recycle bin. The song was never going to work, it was just delaying the inevitable. The infamous ‘Talk,’ the last moment before complete surrender.

Scott is a broken man, sitting at a bartop, looking to Football to heal him because he was a believer… When society’s utopic portrayal of love was always a mirage, a lie placed in-between a vase of roses. Scott adhered to the rules of romance, looked to them for guidance, while others just put it on the tab. If Ernie and Dud had never fell through that ceiling, the talk with Connie would have stayed the same. In fact, if Ernie never crossed paths with Connie, it would have just been someone else. 

Thus, Lodge 49’s Sovereign Protector is now one in name only. No longer a protector of what he holds most dear, no direction, and no reason for finding one. Go back and look at Eric Allan Kramer’s 1,000 yard stare as Scott while heavy metal blares over the speakers. That’s the sight of a man who did everything he could think of and still lost. Scott left everything out on the field but lost his team anyway. 

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Lodge 49

Lodge 49 Season 2 Episode 6 recap: Jackie Loomis takes stage on Circles



Lodge 49 - Season 2 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC
Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Lodge 49’s latest episode spotlighted Jackie Loomis, who cynically believed her story would be a footnote, if not left with her lover.

This recap contains spoilers to Lodge 49 Season 2 Episode 6.

‘I’d gotten used to being erased out of my own stories’ – Jackie Loomis. Tonight’s Lodge 49 shed backstory on its audience about Larry Loomis’ mother, Orbis, and the pilfering of the scrolls from Lodge 1 in England. Jackie is presented as a woman keen on stepping aside to prop her lovers’ egos. At one point, she makes a suicide pact with her first romance after Larry’s father passed… After letting him drink his deadly brew, she decides to forego the quaint end herself. However, Jackie leaves behind a diary of her journey and findings on his body. She believed it would be more likely to be found on a man’s corpse, rather than on its own. 

The discovery of the diary is made by Blaise, who is superimposed on Jackie’s memories throughout the episode. Meanwhile, Dud is suffering from his unquestioned, cult-like belief in Blaise and his manic state. Dud prefers Blaise’s remedies to the hospital and essentially made him his defacto medical practitioner. Yet, Blaise is no doctor. He pulled out a shark tooth out of Dud’s leg this episode and they both laughed… Despite, Dud’s infection and worsening condition. Who knows the real damage being done to Dud every moment he doesn’t get real treatment?

Lodge 49 – Season 2 – Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Liz opening the door to aurora borealis in a snowy wonderland was a great piece of cinematography on Lodge 49 tonight. It was a nice touch to have Liz return to join her friends with snowflakes in her hair to sell the moment. Although the piece wasn’t a major part of the episode necessarily, it cannot be understated for its aesthetic value.

Finally, Scott likely played his last move in marriage chess. He’s been delaying Connie breaking up with him, putting off ‘a talk.’ Scott sang a song from the heart in a last ditch effort to save the marriage in front of everyone. Connie was moved but the moment was ruined when Dud and Blaise fell through the ceiling onto the stage. 

However, it’s not completely clear a talk means an end. Connie and Ernie discussed how things aren’t the way they used to be anymore between them on tonight’s Lodge 49. While they both smiled, it felt like that relationship might be heading to an amicable end as well. The decision starts and ends with Connie…

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Lodge 49

Lodge 49 Season 2 Episode 5 recap: Marriage woes on Estrella y Mar



Lodge 49 - Sean "Dud" Dudley (Wyatt Russel) in Season 2. Photo by Jackson Lee Davis/AMC
Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Lodge 49’s “Estrella y Mar” explored the dark underbelly of buyer’s remorse for newlyweds and the first red flags to a decaying marriage.

This recap contains spoilers for AMC’s Lodge 49 Season 2 Episode 5.

Ernie commented, ‘Screw fate! Fate takes me places I don’t want to go to,’ on tonight’s Lodge 49… Ominous words. It set the tone for the downfall of Dud’s three-day marriage that he was desperately trying to keep from unraveling. Alone. Dud was a man trying to push a giant rock up a hill but every time he paused to check his leg… All that work just rolled back on top of him because Beth wasn’t around to push it together.

You knew the relationship was on ice when in a Freudian moment, Beth let it slip, ‘It was good she was going back to work because they could spent time apart.’  If a picture is worth a thousand words, Dud and Beth kissing each other on the cheek painted the canvas of a dying marriage. Stillborn in its infancy. It was not a question of ‘if it would work out’ but how long before it collapsed. If marriage vows are said but one party doesn’t acknowledge them, does the marriage truly exist? A question Scott would find himself asking upon Connie’s return. ‘Is there any hope for our marriage? Don’t say anything if there is.’

For Dud, the answer would be a resounding, merciless No. It started at a supermarket errand run at Ernie’s suggestion. Ernie had instilled the thought into Dud’s head that if you truly care for someone, even doing the mundane is enjoyable. Upon entering the supermarket, Beth immediately asked that they split up to save time. A girl that actually cared for Dud saw him at the produce aisle and mentioned a book signing by one of his favorite authors. Implying that they should go together. Beth interrupted the moment but was not jealous in the least, instead she was disappointed Dud chose the ‘wrong’ pears. Dud opened up about his father and how badly he wanted Beth to see the Lodge… Only to discover she was asleep and wasn’t listening at all. 

Beth would see the Lodge and it ended the marriage. A moment of insanity by Blaise with a nail gun aimed at Scott also hit Beth’s hand. Spelling divorce for Dud. Meanwhile, Lenore told Liz she was pathetic for trying to find a mother in her… Reveling Liz was just like her father with her criticism and that Liz’ father had dumped her. Rather than the other way around, as she said prior. Liz cried genuine tears for quite a while. Blaise had boarded up his room to end the episode. When Scott broke into the room, Blaise was nowhere to be found. Dud believed he crossed over to the other side. Did he?

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