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Lodge 49 - Clara (Pollyanna McIntosh) and Connie Wright (Linda Emond) in Season 2. Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC Lodge 49 - Clara (Pollyanna McIntosh) and Connie Wright (Linda Emond) in Season 2. Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Lodge 49

TWD’s Pollyanna McIntosh debuts in Lodge 49’s Season 2 Premiere this Monday

Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC



The Walking Dead’s Pollyanna McIntosh officially makes her Lodge 49 debut as Clara mid-episode on this Monday’s Season 2 Premiere on AMC.

Calling all Walking Dead Jadis / Anne fans, Pollyanna McIntosh is back on AMC Television this Monday (8/12)! McIntosh plays the posh British emissary Clara who meets Connie Clark on Lodge 49’s Season 2 Premiere. Clara appears high society and clean-cut, a definite contrast when juxtaposed against her junkyard self on TWD. The same when contrasted with her recent reprisal as The Woman in Darlin’, even her real life English accent is intact on Lodge 49. It’s honestly astonishing how a different accent can recharacterize and change perception of an individual instantly… Before you even get to know them! Makes you think.

While The Natural Aristocrat has to be mum on the finer details of this Monday’s Lodge 49 Season 2 Premiere… You can be guaranteed without any spoilers that Pollyanna McIntosh is seen at the half way point in the episode. In the Lodge 49 First-Look Photos for Season 2, McIntosh’s Clara and Connie Clark appear to be fast friends.

Lodge 49 Season 1 finale recap for Connie Clark

In Lodge 49’s Season 1 finale, Scott Miller revealed to Ernie that Connie has been suffering from brain seizures following their tussle. Connie confirmed to Ernie over the phone that her medical condition was indeed true but said, ‘not to worry.’ That she knows her clock is ticking but so is everybody else’s. Based on this, it’s likely Connie is growing open with revealing her medical state to others. Will she divulge the fine print to Clara or merely hint at it?

By the looks of their AMC photo, it seems a bond between Clara and Connie develops, whether on the Season 2 Premiere or in the future.

Pollyanna McIntosh’s upcoming films

Pollyanna McIntosh was originally confirmed by Deadline for Lodge 49’s second season back on February 27, 2019. Outside of Lodge 49 and this summer’s Darlin’, McIntosh has been announced for an upcoming, unnamed Walking Dead film with Rick Grimes, horror Western film The Moonshine Gang of Cheyenne (with Steven Ogg), thriller Revenge Ride, and German horror film Deathcember.

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Lodge 49

Lodge 49 Season 2 opened with chilled out nihilism, glass half full



Lodge 49 - Liz Dudley (Sonya Cassidy) and Sean "Dud" Dudley (Wyatt Russel) in Season 2 of AMC's Lodge 49 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC
Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis / AMC

Lodge 49 unwrapped the gift of positivity in nihilism as Sean ‘Dud’ Dudley made the best with the lemons life left on his doorstep.

This article / recap contains spoilers for Lodge 49 Season 2 Episode 1.

Lodge 49’s Season 2 Premiere conjured up the tranquil, easy going ambience of life spiraling into the depths of abyss. While Liz Dudley (Sonya Cassidy) sees no water in the glass, just a pawned away television set, her brother thinks he just got a refill. And why shouldn’t he? Dud (Wyatt Russell) managed to arise back to surface after a snake bite followed by a shark attack. The freshly bearded one should feel invincible, crutches or no crutches. A warrior, nay a disciple of the religion of Dudeism. A descendant of the lineage established by The Big Lebowski.

The peaches and cream have expired for Liz Dudley, who finds herself looking for direction at the TempJoy job agency. Without a career track to speak of, Liz floats into the position of assistant for an eccentric employer in need of shredding documents. Definitely, not the respected doctor’s office she thought she was heading into. Despite Sean’s dedicated efforts toward lifting his sister’s spirits, Liz cannot find the strength to smile. Sean believing he saw his father that day on the beach was met by a speculative, dismissive silence. To Liz, it was the day she almost lost everyone and everything.

Sonya Cassidy as Liz Dudley, Bronson Pinchot as Dr. Kimbrough – Lodge 49 – Season 2 – Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

The Silver Lining for Dud

Even as Dud sat on a bench abandoned, flaked on, and ghosted by his perceived mentor Ernie (Brent Jennings), he locates the silver lining. When he confronts Ernie on his porch, it’s with great delicacy. Dud is not lacking in self awareness, he acknowledges Ernie is treating him like a stranger since he returned post-surgery. However, Dud still wants Ernie to return to the Lodge. Wearing his friendship on his sleeve, Dud tells Ernie he’ll pick up anytime he calls… Unlike him. ‘Total flakage’ and disregard by Ernie has not broken their bond in Sean’s mind.

Sonya Cassidy as Liz Dudley, Wyatt Russell as Sean “Dud” Dudley, Long Nguyen as Paul, Celia Au as Alice  – Lodge 49 _ Season 2 – Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

When Alice Ba (Celia Au) and Liz show Sean the ‘Pool Party’ store that opened where his father’s store once resided, he genuinely smiles. In fact, Dud offers his services to the family running the place and gets declined emphatically. They cite taking advice from him is like taking advice from the Titanic. ‘No offense.’

At first, the family throws an indirect jab at Sean by calling the old place a dump, not knowing who he is. Yet, it doesn’t deter Sean’s ear-to-ear grin as he keeps his eye on the prize. The crowning prize of cleaning pools in basic blue-collar servitude. However, Dud’s free-flowing lifestyle has been rendered obsolete, replaced by a younger model… An arrogant, brash teenager of few words and lesser empathy. Dud pilfers the pool cleaning tools from the teen’s vehicle to end the episode. Taking his old job back by his own hands, plundering Pool Party. No remorse for the theft.

Scott Miller breaks reality to Lodge 49

Scott Miller (Eric Allan Kramer) broke the unpopular news that Lodge 49 members will finally have to pay their tabs at the bar. The proclamation was met with jeering and outright defiance when one member left the meeting instantly. Scott made certain to the unhappy crowd the decision was his own and his power was not usurped by a certain British gentlemen… ‘It’s time we faced reality!’

Connie introduced to Melinda by Clara

Linda Emond as Connie Wright – Lodge 49 Season 2 – Photo by Jackson Lee Davis / AMC

Connie Clark (Linda Emond) looked mystified and dazed when telling new acquaintance Clara (Pollyanna McIntosh) her ‘brain was melting.’ Clara believed her employer could help her out with the predicament. Connie was then guided blindfolded as per procedure to the mysterious Melinda…

Get our Lodge 49 Season 2 live stream details and catch up on Lodge 49’s first season on Amazon.

Be sure to check out our exclusive Pollyanna McIntosh interview on her film Darlin’ featuring her fellow TWD cast mates.

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