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Sonic X voice actor Lisa Ortiz told The Natural Aristocrat if Amy Rose wants to date Sonic again after his film redesign at Anime NYC 2019!

The Natural Aristocrat interviewed Lisa Ortiz at Anime NYC 2019 and she happened to give her thoughts on Sonic the Hedgehog’s recent film redesign… Including a full-on cameo as Amy Rose herself no less! It looks like that Jeff Fowler and Paramount Pictures giving Sonic a much needed makeover was more than needed, as even Amy was starting to have some second thoughts.

According to Ortiz, Amy was this close to ‘being busy’ should Sonic call pre-redesign. Things were leaving Green Hill Zone and entering Death Egg status quickly for the blue Hedgehog. But now that Sonic is looking like himself, the relationship can get back on track. Consider it all ‘growing pains’ that every relationship has along the way. Or speed bumps.

Watch the interview snippet above or read the transcript below:

The Natural Aristocrat [Nir Regev]: Do you hope as the voice of Amy Rose that eventually she’ll finally convince Sonic to date her? You think it’ll ever happen?

Lisa Ortiz: Listen! (smiles) Well now that he looks like himself again, yes! (laughs)

Before she would have been busy?

Yeah, I would have been like, you know… That’s alright. (Switches to Amy Rose voice) “Sure, sure I’ll take a look at him now! We’ll see.” But yeah, that would always be fun. I mean they’ve got a lot to learn. They had growing pains, like every relationship does.

Anime NYC 2019 Interview Details:

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