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Kore Yamazaki Interview: The Ancient Magus’ Bride



Art Credit: ©2022 Koré Yamazaki-MAG Garden•Mahoyome Partners
Art Credit: ©2022 Koré Yamazaki-MAG Garden•Mahoyome Partners

Interview: Kore Yamazaki, creator, writer, and illustrator of The Ancient Magus’ Bride manga spoke to The Natural Aristocrat® about the franchise’s popularity in the west.

The following Kore Yamazaki interview on The Ancient Magus’ Bride took place during an Anime NYC 2023 press conference.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT (NIR REGEV): Why do you feel The Ancient Magus’ Bride has caught on the way it has in the west?

KORE YAMAZAKI: I really don’t know why it became popular in Japan as well (laughs). So when you’re asking about why it became popular in the West, it’s hard to say… I think maybe one reason why fans in Europe really liked it was because the manga’s world was set in Europe.

But I am very thankful for how the internet has been involved. I’m able to really look up the scenery in Europe and there’s a lot of pictures of places that I’m also trying to use as a reference. So when I put it in my manga, I use those assets. Maybe that’s one reason.

Another thing is that because I’m Japanese, I didn’t know the stereotypes of the west. Maybe because I didn’t use these stereotypes, it could be one of the reasons people who live outside of Japan might be fans of my work.

Also I’m from a part in Japan called Hokkaido, which is the north of Japan, and it’s a place where there’s a lot of snow, it’s dry, and it’s very cold. It’s a little bit similar to like West Europe. So maybe that’s also another reason too! (laughs)

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: What lessons have you taken away from The Ancient Magus’ Bride for your future works?

KORE YAMAZAKI: I would probably say that when I was writing The Ancient Magus’ Bride, one thing I for sure was focusing on is the readers.

I definitely was thinking about the readers and how they would feel when they’re reading my manga. Every time when I was writing the stories, I kept thinking about how the readers will feel or react to it.

I’m not sure if this will be a lesson to myself, but I’m really glad that I was able to write this manga. Also, the fact that it’s continuously ongoing. I’m really happy about that.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: Do you read fan comments on X / Twitter for the anime adaption of The Ancient Magus’ Bride?

KORE YAMAZAKI: If it does pop up on my feed, I do read it. But in Japan, it’s actually common that some of the fans don’t want the authors to know their comments.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: Would you like to see the Japanese stage play of The Ancient Magus’ Bride toured in the US?

KORE YAMAZAKI: Like on Broadway?


KORE YAMAZAKI: Like you mentioned, we did have a stage play in Japan and yeah, it would be nice if we can see one in America as well!

Kore Yamazaki on her character art:

KORE YAMAZAKI: I think about the personality of the character first, and then I think about what kind of expressions that they will do and then do the same expression, write it down and draw it down.

Kore Yamazaki on European folklore influence:

KORE YAMAZAKI: I base most of my stuff on books and internet resources… But I understand that when it comes to internet resources, it’s not always correct. So I make sure to buy books and published ones to be certain.

In terms of history, I’m not really quite sure, but I try my best in looking it up and finding whatever fits the manga.

I change a little bit of it so that it fits in the world of what I’m writing. One more that I want to add, I also go to these places as well. Right now the world is set in UK so I visit there as well.

I go to museums and also look at historical sites.



Art Credit: ©2022 Koré Yamazaki-MAG Garden•Mahoyome Partners

Art Credit: ©2022 Koré Yamazaki-MAG Garden•Mahoyome Partners

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