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Todd Haberkorn: “Fear and Hope come from the same place”

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Seasoned voice actor Todd Haberkorn discussed Fear and Hope coming from the same place at heart because they deal with worry for that which hasn’t happened yet.

Voice acting veteran Todd Haberkorn [SAO/Dragon Ball Super] reflected on how he doesn’t hope for roles or expectations in the entertainment industry during an Anime NYC 2019 interview. That at its core, hope is not all that different from fear, they both deal with the unknown of the future and cause stress.

Similar to The Natural Aristocrat’s interview with actor Rodrigo Santoro who commented, “You know I try not to raise expectations in anything because I think that leads to frustration. We idealize things and then you know… I just try to do the best I can in my work and my life in general,” Haberkorn has a similar outlook on the voice acting industry. “I would like it but I’m not going to hope for it. So that when I get it, it’s an awesome surprise.”

Todd Haberkorn comments on Fear and Hope:

“As a book that I’m reading says, Fear and Hope come from the same place. Think about it. Fear and Hope are dealing with things that haven’t happened yet in the future. They both are just a source of stress. So I try to be like, “Okay, I don’t want stress, so I’m not going to hope for it. I would like it but I’m not going to hope for it. So that when I get it, it’s an awesome surprise. And if I don’t get it, I’m like “Oh, okay.”

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