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Carol and Daryl (Caryl) - Pictured: Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier and Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis / AMC Carol and Daryl (Caryl) - Pictured: Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier and Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis / AMC

The Walking Dead

Lost Affection: Carol Peletier’s past destroying her future (Poem)

Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis / AMC



The black and white memories of Carol Peletier’s past are threatening to steal away the colorful foundations of her future.

The swan song of her lost boy, draining any lifelong joy
She walks the earth but she cannot move, there’s nothing of worth left to prove
Being still is like going downhill, everything else thrown to the landfill
Carol’s true goals went mute, until debating them became moot
No words to make it better, every syllable a wasted letter
Return to sender, until Daryl finally surrendered.

He came with open ears to her ailments, now they’ve become derailments
Is ‘Caryl’ on its last stand? The flames have already fanned
Too many words unspoken, too many promises have been broken
Their eyes meet but the heart no longer skips a beat
Every searing moment of relief, caused by the darkest of grief.

Guilty tears weep for a romance buried by stone…
Even after assurance the feelings weren’t his own
Self sabotage, she concealed her real heart under camouflage
Romance is fleeting, his feelings toward her are seemingly retreating
It could be too late, Carol might have missed her fate
For the first time in years, he did not tend to her tears
Suspended in animation, Carol’s stuck at the train station
She watched him board and leave, only able to afford to grieve.

More vulnerable than ever, her long silver hair might as well be severed
Being headstrong on revenge, has left Carol unable to defend
Alpha has left her weak and helpless, she’s lost all situational awareness
An empty husk wandering from tomb to tomb, absent of her life’s bloom
Her story will outlive her son, while his chapter had barely begun
Forever in memoriam, forever alone in life’s auditorium.

The last person that understood her is getting pushed away…
Distant another mile every day
People she cares about are now getting hurt, victims of innocent support
Like Rick Grimes before her, trapped in the tragedies of the past
Until the chance to be together with her surviving family has passed.

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