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Shenmue - the Animation - Photo provided by Crunchyroll Shenmue - the Animation - Photo provided by Crunchyroll

Virtual Crunchyroll Expo

Shenmue Anime announced by Crunchyroll, Adult Swim at V-CRX 2020



Crunchyroll and Adult Swim announced a partnership at V-CRX for an Anime adaption of the Sega Dreamcast’s iconic Shenmue. That means Ryo Hazuki is arriving on Toonami folks!

The remasters of the original Dreamcast titles and Shenmue 3 were clearly just the beginning, Yu Suzuki’s magnum opus Shenmue is getting the Anime treatment with 13 episodes! Suzuki will serve as Executive Producer for the series. SEGA was always ahead of its time, so it’s of no surprise the series would see a popularity surge more than 20 years after the original title’s release.

Shenmue -the Animation- as it’s being referenced in promo material will stream worldwide on Crunchyroll (excluding Japan and mainland China) and air on Toonami over in the United States. That means Shenmue will also have a home over on VRV Premium’s Crunchyroll channel, VRV subscribers!

Sakurai Chikara, known for his work on One Punch Man and Naruto will direct the series with animation being produced by Telecom Animation Film and production management by Sola Entertainment. Crunchyroll has already announced that additional information regarding Shenmue -the Animation- will be available on Saturday’s Virtual Industry Panel at 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm PT at ‘HIME Stage’.

If you miss it live you can catch it on VOD at this link depending on your region. Crunchyroll and Adult Swim’s official V-CRX announcement with select quotes from Crunchyroll Head of Development Sarah Victor & Jason DeMarco (Adult Swim SVP /Creative Director on-air) is available below.

Shenmue - the Animation - Photo provided by Crunchyroll

Shenmue – the Animation – Photo provided by Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll and Adult Swim Announce Production of New Original Anime Series Shenmue

September 5, 2020 – At Virtual Crunchyroll Expo, the first-ever digital edition of Crunchyroll’s yearly flagship anime convention, Crunchyroll announced that it will partner again with Adult Swim on the production of Shenmue, an original anime series based on the beloved SEGA game franchise. This latest Crunchyroll and Adult Swim Production will stream worldwide outside of Japan and mainland China on Crunchyroll and air on Adult Swim’s Toonami in the domestic United States.

“The first Shenmue video game was released more than twenty years ago and we’re so excited to be working again with Adult Swim to bring this franchise to life through anime,” said Sarah Victor, head of development, Crunchyroll. “We’re eager to show our fans more of this action-packed adventure series as we move through production.”

Shenmue is an anime series with 13 episodes, following the journey of Ryo Hazuki. After he witnesses his father’s murder at the family dojo, Ryo dedicates his life to finding the man responsible – a mission that takes him from the streets of Yokosuka, Japan to the sprawling metropolis of Hong Kong, and beyond. Soon he’ll learn that larger, mystical forces are at play as he trains to become the ultimate martial artist in his quest for revenge.

“The world of Shenmue is fascinating and unique, and we are so excited to partner with Yu Suzuki to bring his epic creation to anime- and make a kick-ass martial arts epic!” said Jason DeMarco, svp/creative director on-air for Adult Swim.

Shenmue, a Crunchyroll and Adult Swim Production, is being directed by Sakurai Chikara (season two of One Punch Man, Naruto) with animation production by Telecom Animation Film, and production management provided by Sola Entertainment. Video game creator Yu Suzuki is also onboard as an Executive Producer. Additional Crunchyroll and Adult Swim Productions include the recently-announced Fena: Pirate Princess and BLADE RUNNER – BLACK LOTUS.

Fans eager to re-watch the announcement can register for a free Virtual Crunchyroll Expo badge now at and stream the Crunchyroll Industry Panel in the V-CRX On-Demand section.

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