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Snowpiercer 201 reflections: ‘Our Democracy Experiment is on Hold’



Is every revolution doomed to crash full circle with the leader filling in the warm, comfortable cushion of their predecessor?

Will the sweet temptation of privilege leave an apple core on the ‘grassy’ steel of Mr. Wilford’s Eden? It’s in Andre Layton’s hands now…

Dissent equaling being cast out to the cold, cold world out there.

* This recap contains spoilers for Snowpiercer’s Season 2 Premiere episode “The Time of Two Engines”.

Layton’s looming fatherhood might have just grabbed the steering wheel from revolutionary Layton’s hands straight into a head-on collusion.

Snowpiercer residents took notice of Layton’s preferential treatment to Zarah Ferami on tonight’s Season 2 premiere… And resentment will only bubble up from here. The lid can only be sealed tight for so long before the cauldron bursts from rising steam.

Layton himself worried about the message it sent to the train to have Zarah up-train, presumably away from the dangerous ‘undesirables’. While Zarah has already made such a trade before, Layton has attempted to stay true to his Tailie morals. But what does the ‘peasant’ do when he becomes king?

Snowpiercer cast

Snowpiercer cast – Photo Credit: David Bukach

Does he remain living in the past, attached to memories of an obsolete life? Hold up imaginary rules and values that never tangibly existed in the first place? It might not even be fully up to Layton with a baby on the way. It’s no longer his decision alone to make.

We know what path Layton chose tonight, ‘For now our Democracy experiment is on hold. We’re declaring martial law.’

An “underwhelming” reunion for Alex Cavill

Snowpiercer - Alex Cavill and Melanie Cavill

Snowpiercer – Alex and Melanie Cavill – Photo Credit: David Bukach

The juxtaposition of Melanie and Alex Cavill’s faces during their mother/daughter reunion wrote their story in real time. On one side, you have the sobbing mama bear shedding tears of joy that her cub was not left behind. A second chance dangling in front of her from side to side.

On the other end, the cub does not recognize her at all. She looks at her, she recognizes her but she does not feel anything toward her. Melanie is her mother as a fact, her blood… But there appears to be no lingering sentiment.

Her mother’s heart shattered like a glass vase into a million pieces at the loss of time between them. While Alex wanted to go back to her regular work day routine, unimpressed.

It would be easy to relent and say Mr. Wilford has fully brainwashed Alex but has he really? Mr. Wilford as played by Sean Bean on tonight’s episode presented a worthy argument. It’s his train, his world, his snow globe to shake and toss at will. In fact, it was only Melanie stealing Wilford’s identity on the train that kept it intact in the first place.

The scam is over, the real Mr. Wilford has arrived and almost the entire train has dived back into deity worship status. Wilford can decide their fates in an instant, even if Melanie has connected the two trains. The protege has only won minimal leverage against Wilford at best for the time being.

A revolution is only as strong as its foundations

Snowpiercer - Pike [Steven Ogg] Photo Credit: David Bukach

Snowpiercer – Pike [Steven Ogg] Photo Credit: David Bukach

If Wilford offers enough enticing perks to key members like Pike on Snowpiercer, the fury of the revolution will simmer. Layton’s newfound privileges up-train hold his leadership status on limbo, like an anchor on his leg with every step.

When word gets out, others will seek to enrich themselves seeing hypocrisy on Layton’s side. True or not. Why should they hold the border of the Tail another generation while Layton and his girlfriend live lavishly?

Meanwhile, those like Ruth Wardell have already lived the good life. Should Mr. Wilford offer a return to their perception of normalcy, why should they say no? If everyone can’t be on the same page, bookmarks start being individual and personal in this revolution story…

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