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963200, Snowpiercer 304 Unit RF - Photo Credit: Robert Falconer 963200, Snowpiercer 304 Unit RF - Photo Credit: Robert Falconer


Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 8 recap: Too late to be an Engineer

Photo Credit: Robert Falconer



Sometimes it’s too late in life to embark on certain paths. Andre Layton is slowly discovering that his lack of engineering expertise is undermining his leadership… Leading to a constant dependance on Wilford and Melanie before him.

This Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 8 recap contains spoilers for “Setting Itself Right”.

On paper, Andre Layton should be the ideal leadership for Snowpiercer. A former detective with a moral compass who feels internally motivated to provide fairness to each of the train’s passengers. In practice, each time a train malfunction occurs, Layton is reduced from leader to bystander.

Helpless without the necessary Engineering skillset, reduced to searching out his arch-enemy Joseph Wilford for advice. Not knowing if Wilford is steering him toward disaster (toxic volcanic gas) or truly assisting. Fully dependent.

While Andre Layton might have thought he was letting Mr. Wilford have a “field trip” on tonight’s Season 3 episode… It’s Layton that might actually be on an extended leave and simply not know it.

Pike was just the first to detect it with the New Eden fraud. Now Asha is the first deceased indirectly due to Layton’s New Eden dream and all that comes with it. A story built on Asha’s calendar photo.

In Melanie Cavill, Layton is subconsciously moving one dependence (Wilford) to someone he deems more trustable. Yet, if Melanie Cavill is found she’ll indeed be a wildcard, another worthy competitor to run the train.

How will Alex Cavill react with her mother back on board? Will she still follow orders from Layton? How about Ben or Javi?

– Side Note: Jupiter was confirmed alive tonight!

Zarah Ferami on Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Robert Falconer

Zarah Ferami on Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Robert Falconer

Meanwhile, Zarah appears more and more trusting of Wilford. Letting him hold her baby despite what happened with Pike prior. Or even what Layton would say if he saw the sight.

Her confidence in Wilford and the experiment performed by Dr. Headwood has not wavered in the least. How long before Zarah openly supports Wilford, should another train debacle occur that Layton can’t solve on his own?

Yet… We saw with LJ and Dr. Headwood tonight, that Wilford’s doctor very much leans toward the ‘experimental’ side of the profession.

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