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Voice actress and cosplay aficionado Jalitza Delgado spoke to The Natural Aristocrat® about Anime Frontier 2023, her rising voice acting career, and what makes a great cosplayer.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT (NIR REGEV): I noticed you’ve been voicing the ‘bad girls’ in anime recently. Young Yoshino in Masamune-kun’s Revenge R. Young Misuzu in Tomo-chan Is a Girl! Is that going to be your voice typecast going forward you think?

JALITZA DELGADO: I have a naturally high voice so I get casted a lot for roles in the younger range or somebody with a high pitched range. But I’ve been known to follow a path of Cat Girls lately.

I’m Kanade in Beast Tamer… I have found this niche that I very much enjoy playing. But as of late, I have been broadening my range and experiencing a whole new different element of characters that I’ve never played before.

You mentioned Misuzu, she’s on the lower range and I play the younger version of Misuzu… I have a few other characters that I am not allowed to discuss about yet. But they’re also in the lower range, kind of bad girls. So I’m very excited to see where this takes me!

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: Do you enjoy being part of Touya’s harem on In Another World with my Smartphone as Lucia Rea Regulus?

JALITZA DELGADO: (laughs) Oh my gosh! So I’m in two different animes like that. In Another World with my Smartphone and also The Fruit of Evolution. I play Saria, who’s a gorilla girl there…

But those type of Isekai animes are such a joy and entertaining to work on because the directors for both that show and Smartphone is Dani Chambers and for Fruit of Evolution it was Jonathan Rigg.

We have fun in the booth! So even though it’s chaotic and crazy, the content is so much fun to just be a part of!

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: Speaking of Dani Chambers, you were Raido’s sister on Aharen-san wa Hakarenai. Is that where you guys met for the first time and started working together?

Reina Aharen and Raido - Photo Credit: © Mizu Asato / Shueisha, BILIBILI

Reina Aharen and Raido – Photo Credit: © Mizu Asato / Shueisha, BILIBILI

JALITZA DELGADO: Yeah, I got to work on Aharen, which was an amazing show! Ben Balmaceda plays Raido and voicing his younger sister on the show and was an amazing time!

It was such a amazing experience, especially working with Emily (Fajardo). I don’t take the opportunity for granted, especially that one.

I got to do a little rap sequence in it, and I think that was probably one of the most core memories of recording anime for me ever! It was such an amazing experience.

Dani Chambers and I have actually known each other for a couple of years now.

Honestly, we just met through the community of Crunchyroll and voice actors based in Dallas. And my relationship with Dani just kind of grew from there. I love Dani! I love working with her.

She’s an amazing and phenomenal director, and I really hope one day I get to work with her more. So yeah, it’s a lot of fun working with Dani!

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: I was looking at your Twitter / X account earlier and I saw you have quite a cosplay pinned at the top!

JALITZA DELGADO: (laughs) I have a chaotic Twitter and I like to keep things light and entertaining. I scream like Kirby a lot. I feel like I’m Kirby, I’m just chaotic.

So my Twitter is just authentically me because there’s no reason why not to be authentically you. But yeah, if you see my Twitter, I’m so sorry. (laughs) But I do enjoy cosplay.

I’ve been a cosplayer for I wanna say five years now, and it was a medium that I discovered through anime. I was like, ‘Hey, I can grab a wig, I can put on some makeup and just cosplay character!’

And that very much led me to the path of conventions and where I am now. So my cosplay background definitely has intertwined with my convention background.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: Did someone discover you through the conventions or did you still go through a formal casting process? I know you’re with Linda McAlister’s Talent Agency now.

JALITZA DELGADO: Yeah, I’m with Linda McAlister! I’ve been with Linda since 2015. So way before cosplay and way before conventions for me, I did an audition process with Linda and it was a workshop.

It was like a three day intensive and we worked on different scenes and different scenarios in it. It was an amazing experience and I’m still with Linda McAllister now. I love everyone at LMT and they’re such a phenomenal family to be a part of.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: How did you get connected with Anime Frontier? I understand they want to make this convention as big as Anime NYC is now.

JALITZA DELGADO: Absolutely! So as you mentioned, Anime NYC is our sister show in New York, but Anime Frontier is based here in the beautiful heart of Texas at Fort Worth Convention Center.

I got my start in Anime Frontier, I wanna say about three years ago. I was actually a cosplay ambassador at first. I have experience & a background with my degree in Digital Film & Video Production, but like in the umbrella of that I am marketing underneath it.

So my social media was very high quality, very present and very up to par. I was communicating with my now boss Lauren Dabb and went through an interview process.

And I’m now today working for an amazing, phenomenal company and Anime Frontier, which I am so excited for. It’s literally less than a month away and I cannot wait!

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: Are are you going to be a juror on a the Cosplay Masquerade Ball like they have at Anime NYC?

JALITZA DELGADO: I will not be a part of the masquerade, I will not be a judge, but we do have three phenomenal judges. We have ComicRumble and SaiyanGodCosplay.

Photo provided by Anime Frontier. Credit: Dower Photography

Photo provided by Anime Frontier. Credit: Dower Photography

They have amazing craftsmanship and have been in this game way longer than I have. Their craftsmanship and the work on their cosplay is phenomenal and I cannot wait to see them sparkle and shine on the stage!

The cosplay masquerade will be on Saturday night (December 9) and we also have such other amazing programming going on right now!

We have have our first ever idol fest, so it’s called Wild West Idol Fest, that is Friday night (December 8). We also have Max Mittelman, Ray Chase and Robbie Daymond, they will be doing a improv show as well.

And of course, again, the masquerade, there’s just so much amazing programming and content that we have scheduled.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: For Horimiya -the missing pieces-, was it difficult to return to the role of Remi Ayasaki after a few years?

JALITZA DELGADO: Oh, absolutely not! Remi was my very first big character and going into back to her this year, it just felt like home.

If anything, it helped me fine tune and discover more about Remi. Her energy, how she’s cute and conniving, but means well. So diving back into Remi has been such a phenomenal experience for me. And even though we wrapped the show, she will still always have a very, very special place in my heart.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: I saw you wrote you were moved by Remi’s hug on X / Twitter.

JALITZA DELGADO: Yeah, I was sobbing! I love to cry, so when I saw it I was like a wreck. But it was an amazing, amazing time!

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: Do you generally read the Anime Dubs comments on Reddit to see what they’re saying or do you try to isolate yourself from that creatively?

JALITZA DELGADO: I don’t have a Reddit, so I really have never experienced Reddit. But like reading comments on like Crunchyroll subscriptions or on YouTube, or even just general people commenting and tagging me on Twitter… I do read those and I take any feedback or any criticism very well.

Like if there’s something that I can do to enhance my performance later in life, I will definitely take things into consideration. But I really, really try to stay away from any negativity. For every one negative comment you have 10 positive ones. So I always try my best to think in that mindset!

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: You worked on SPY x FAMILY as Alice in Episode 7. I was wondering if you foresaw early on this series becoming one of the biggest in all of anime? Especially, in terms of cosplaying popularity.

JALITZA DELGADO: I honestly love SPY x FAMILY! I always have. I read the manga before it came out, so I knew that it was going to be a very family friendly, fun anime. I love the show, I love everybody in it.

Again, Dani’s also in that show, so I love every single individual and they’re doing such a phenomenal job right now recording. The director Cris George is a phenomenal person and he is really passionate and cares about what he works on, so it’s really cool.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: Do you have a fidget spinner, like Raido’s sister on Aharen?

JALITZA DELGADO: (laughs) No, I just have ADHD, so I’m just playing with my hands naturally. I’ve had it since I was a little girl, I actually take my medicine at night time. So it’s like at that point where it’s just like slowly weaning off, but I’ll live.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: What, what made you want to get into voice acting originally?

JALITZA DELGADO: Originally, as you know, I started working with Linda McAllister, so I was actually an on-camera actress at first. I’ve always loved Disney movies and I’ve always loved any animation.

I watched Pokémon growing up, and I didn’t realize that was a whole division that you could work in.

So originally I was just doing television & film and then I discovered that Linda had a voiceover division. I was like, I can do that!

So of course I educated myself, I took a lot of classes and I was officially brought on into the voiceover division.

I just started getting auditions left and right. So my love for voice acting has always been there, but actively working in it has just been only a couple of years and I don’t take anything for granted. I’m super, super thankful.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: Is there still a formal audition process for the majority of Crunchyroll’s projects? It’s my understanding that voice directors now send DMs to talents they’re interested in or casting calls through Twitter / X.

JALITZA DELGADO: No, we still do an audition process through Crunchyroll. It’s literally every season since we do four seasons… So Summer, Winter, Fall & Spring and we just audition for whatever shows are coming out. We send in our ranges to show what we can do and then we just wait.

It’s literally a waiting game. But you know, things come in throughout the season too.

For example, there’ll be a small bit that comes in probably like episode four that we didn’t audition for because of voice directors keeping us in mind for other things.

So it’s still an audition process, but it’s phenomenal. But like indie projects usually do the thing on Twitter where it’s just like, ‘Hey, I have this voice specifically for this thing’ and then you can submit that way.

We also get things through our agents too, so our agents send us auditions. So there’s now such a wonderful saturation of different ways to audition and get into voice acting that I think is phenomenal.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: Considering Anime Frontier 2023 is based in Texas and most English dub voice actors live there since the Funimation days…Will there be the highest turnout of dub actors of anywhere for this convention?

JALITZA DELGADO: Our guest list is currently pretty stacked right now!

We have Alejandro Saab, Marisa Duran and just a multitude of voice actors this year! And we are powered by Crunchyroll and we’re super thankful for their partnership. They always do exclusive screenings and stuff.

So I think it’s just a big collaboration with Crunchyroll.

So a lot of publishers wanted us to create a show from Anime NYC to Texas. Publishers distinctly asked us to basically make a carbon copy in Texas and have a hub where they can have a place in Texas.

I think it’s super, super cool that publishers trust us enough to create something as phenomenal here in the city of Fort Worth.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge R Spoiler Ahead:

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: What did you think of the ending twist for Yoshino? Do you feel Yoshino deserved to have her heart crushed because she did the same to Masamune when they were younger?

JALITZA DELGADO: So when I was recording that show, I had no idea. I was shocked ’cause I didn’t read the manga. So as I was recording it, I was looking at the director and just watching the scene, I’m like, ‘Ooh, what is happening?!’

It felt like a twist to me. I’m pretty sure other people saw it coming, but not for me until I was recording.

I don’t think revenge is the best answer, but we know sometimes revenge is sweeter. But I don’t think he deserved or she deserved it. But I’ll let the anime fans decide that!

End Spoiler

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: What do you think makes a great cosplay in your opinion as a cosplay veteran?

Photo provided by Anime Frontier. Credit: Dower Photography

Photo provided by Anime Frontier. Credit: Dower Photography

JALITZA DELGADO: I think if you love it and you’re passionate about it, any cosplay is amazing.

You can have a closet cosplay, you can buy a cosplay off of Amazon, you can hand make your own cosplay.

As long as it’s something that makes you happy inside, that makes you warm and fuzzy… I don’t think that anyone should define what it means to be an amazing cosplay like that.

As long as you yourself are happy with what you are creating out of your own creativity and imagination. It’s an amazing cosplay no matter what!

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: Do you want to voice a role on My Dress-Up Darling? It just seems like you would.

JALITZA DELGADO: I have the vibe of My Dress-Up Darling! I love that show. I love that manga. It was so, so good.

Again, Emily (Fajardo) directed that show, so it was just a phenomenal experience just watching it. Dreams, hopes, wishes and goals one day. But until then, I am thoroughly happy watching it!



Anime Frontier 2023 Logo. Art provided by Anime Frontier.

Anime Frontier 2023 Logo. Art provided by Anime Frontier.

– Anime Frontier 2023 begins Friday, December 8 through Sunday December 10. You can still get badges at the time of this article’s publishing.

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The Natural Aristocrat® TV Host Nir Regev and Voice Actress Jalitza Delgado. Photo Credit: © 2023 Nir Regev - The Natural Aristocrat® []

The Natural Aristocrat® TV Host Nir Regev and Voice Actress Jalitza Delgado. Photo Credit: © 2023 Nir Regev – The Natural Aristocrat® []

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