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Jim Cornette is Pro Wrestling’s Most Influential Podcaster



Jim Cornette. Screenshot Credit: Jim Cornette's Official YouTube Channel
Screenshot Credit: Jim Cornette's Official YouTube Channel

Pro Wrestling’s greatest historian Jim Cornette fully commands the narrative of AEW, usurping the ship’s wheel from owner Tony Khan’s grasp and practically throwing him overboard to Davy Jones’ Locker. Time and time again…

With just a single podcast release Cornette and his co-host Brian Last can unravel hours worth of positive AEW press conferences, reducing the padded PR into comedy fodder for the masses.

Leading 392K+ subscribers and growing on YouTube alone, it’s long time to acknowledge Jim Cornette is the most influential podcaster in pro wrestling.

Whether one agrees with Cornette’s takes or not is missing the bigger picture. Wrestling fans are listening and basing their entire opinions on Cornette’s musings & contentions in real time… Before the ink even dries on the next AEW press release.

From the lowliest backstage minutia to seismic events in pro wrestling, ‘smart fans’ cannot resist the temptation of clicking those ‘South Park’ inspired thumbnails by artist Travis Heckel on YouTube.

Cornette’s nicknames and monikers for AEW’s roster stick like industrial strength superglue. His show reviews become the stuff of internet folklore, eternally in circulation.

Consider that Jim’s own attorney Stephen P. New is now a figure of interest in the pro wrestling landscape, ‘over’ if you will, due to Cornette’s halo effect. The modern day podcast equivalent to tossing an n.W.o t-shirt to a wrestler in WCW to increase their exposure.

‘The Louisville Lip’ can single handily sink or launch the credibility of any wrestler, new or old. A critique is best handled like AEW wrestler Maki Itoh joking “Jim Cornette hates me! Well, maybe he likes me. I think he might be shy!” ‘Kill them with kindness’ as the old saying goes.

There’s a reason why wrestlers like X-Pac (Sean Waltman) say they reconsider disagreeing with Cornette’s takes late at night due to his unmatched ability to verbally ‘slice and dice’ opponents.

Instead of debating & engaging in fruitless verbal jousts with Jim Cornette and Brian Last on X / Twitter through proxies to combat the narrative…

Media corporations should be in a bidding war for exclusive rights to ‘The Jim Cornette Experience’ and ‘Jim Cornette Drive Thru’ podcasts. Lock him up to a contract while you can Spotify!

Despite Cornette’s colleagues following in his footsteps with podcasts of their own, all are fighting for his table scraps. Cornette dominates the numbers in every metric.

Some of his competitors even have larger initial fanbases as a starting point from their days as active in-ring competitors. Yet, still can’t come anywhere close to matching Cornette’s market hold on the genre.

Unlike his contemporaries, Cornette rarely features talent interviews (FTR being a one time exception) making his growing fanbase organic.

Listeners aren’t tuning in for ‘big star’ interviews (the traditional podcast format) but rather purely to hear his opinion. No easy feat for any podcaster.

Jim Cornette truly is the CM Punk of wrestling podcasts and is not beholden to weekly 2-3 hour TV broadcasts but 24/7 availability.

‘The Louisville Lip’ is always a pair of headphones away on public transit from influencing your entire audience to his viewpoint.

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