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Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Samantha Morton as Alpha - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Samantha Morton as Alpha - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: 10 Details you might have missed on ‘Bounty’

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC



The Walking Dead’s “Bounty” was chuck full of intricate details for the keenest of eagle eyes to spot and ponder.

This article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead season 9, episode 11.

    1. Daryl’s Angel Wing Vest missing half a wing is symbolic
    2. Daryl’s missing wing on his leather stitched vest was first noticeable post Rick Grimes time jump in season 9. It wasn’t made clear whether the ripped off patch of wing was intentional or the product of wear and tear initially. However, tonight’s episode “Bounty” subtly hinted that the missing wing was not an accident without any direct verbiage about it.

      After turning over Lydia back to her mother Alpha, an individual responsible for the bruises on her arm and promptly slaps her post-trade, Daryl makes a bold statement. “I did what we had to do today. We all did.” He tells Henry to “Live with it,” quite a departure from his sleepless nights crawling up the walls over the inadvertent death of Denise. Right after, Daryl turns away from Henry as his half wing is explicitly noticeable to the viewer for more than a few seconds. It appeared to symbolize the fallen angel, perfectly meshing with Daryl’s apparent icy personality changes. Reminiscent of the “One Winged Angel” of Sephiroth for Final Fantasy 7 fans.

    3. Oceanside, Sanctuary spotted on charter for signatures
    4. Ezekiel was handed the ‘Multi-Community Charter of Rights and Freedoms’ from Paul “Jesus” Rovia and Tara Chambleron tonight’s Walking Dead. A distinguished eye likely caught the signature lines for Oceanside and Sanctuary before the camera panned away. While we know Sanctuary went ‘bust’ post-time jump, the whereabouts of Oceanside’s residents has long been a topic of interest. Did Michonne have them all executed or exiled after Rick’s disappearance? If so, was it punishment for causing the events that led up to the end of the bridge or something else? A thinly veiled response to Maggie’s singular decision to hang Gregory?

      The rift between Maggie and Michonne might indicate as such. That said, Oceanside’s appearance on the charter means they were at least part of the greater plan initially. Michonne keeping the charter she originally proposed on ice might be due to Oceanside’s inclusion post-Rick disappearance. Perhaps, Maggie’s reluctance to sign was due to Sanctuary’s inclusion. Nevertheless, if there was a stalemate, it caused the dissolution of both communities.

    5. Movie theater in Alpha’s lands
    6. Just as Ezekiel, Carol, Jerry and the rest of the Kingdom’s group were riding off into the sunset in victory, with Ezekiel commenting about them not losing anymore… The camera showed a sign exhibiting an ‘A’ with a line over it! Alpha stated The Hilltop’s people had been into their lands during the trade off but promised no conflict if Lydia was to be returned. When Alpha and The Whisperers realize The Kingdom had ‘sullied’ their lands by entering their cinema, will they come for retaliation?

    7. Enid is aware Henry likes her
    8. Enid openly told Daryl she knows Henry likes her when volunteering to change his mind about giving up Lydia. It appears Henry isn’t so good about hiding his feelings for Enid to be so blunt about it. Though a high-pressure life and death situation caused the trade…

      At its core, Enid essentially asked Henry to give up his potential girlfriend so she could have her potential boyfriend back. Lydia volunteering to leave is likely the only reason Henry went along with it. The love-struck Kingdom-ite has eaten a live ground worm for Lydia prior and would likely have done anything for her even before the kiss. Post kiss, all bets are off.

    9. Daryl’s tasteful scar over eye, Carol’s half-grown hair
    10. Daryl has a 300-style tasteful scar going across his eye Gerard Butler’s King Leonidas would be proud of! Meanwhile, The Walking Dead kept up continuity by having Carol’s hair be only half-grown in length in tonight’s flashback with Paul “Jesus” Rovia and Tara. The long locks were given symbolic reasoning by Henry last episode.

      Carol and Ezekiel’s adopted son mentioned she used to be afraid of Ed pulling her by the hair when she would try to run away to escape. Hence, cutting it short to begin with. Now, that she feels comfortable around Ezekiel she’s let the hair flow once again like an ad for Pantene Shampoo.

    11. Alpha’s crew whispers to her as well, hierarchy in place
    12. Alpha slapped Lydia for calling her momma in front of the group instead of Alpha “like all the rest.” The others whisper to Alpha rather than speaking at a normal level, indicating a type of submissiveness to the Alpha of the group. Though previously it appeared they whispered to avoid confrontation with the zombies they occasionally blend into, it seems whispering is also part of a hierarchy of classes within the group.

    13. Daryl acted as The Hilltop’s leader
    14. Daryl was the first to ask “the hell does it matter” when Alpha requested to know who the leader of The Hilltop was in tonight’s episode… Yet, he is the one to go out of the gate to speak to Alpha and the one to ultimately make the decision to give Lydia up. Daryl has unofficially been appointed leader by the group rather than Tara, who leads in title only. It’s Daryl that’s rose to the occasion in place of Maggie and Paul “Jesus” Rovia.

    15. Addy is tattletale, enters Henry’s room without permission
    16. Not only does Addy eagerly give up Henry’s location to Daryl, she goes into his room post-Lydia trade without invite. Addy seems like the type you don’t tell secrets to quite frankly. Is all this stemming from a crush Addy has on Henry? Is she trying to ‘save him’ from Lydia or just being the good samaritan?

      Or is it Daryl she secretly has her sights on? Addy sure had a long stare at the shrouded in darkness Daryl before informing him of Henry going AWOL.

    17. Tara’s abandonment of Alexandria
    18. In the flashback during he onset of tonight’s Walking Dead episode, Tara makes it clear she took more than her share of supplies upon leaving Alexandria… And also doesn’t plan to go back and be ruled by Michonne’s law and order. Tara along with Maggie and Daryl didn’t see eye to eye with Rick’s dream of fulfilling Carl’s vision for a new world.

      She was originally on board with Daryl wanting to smash a truck into The Sanctuary, thereby ending the community… Regardless of the innocents inside. It appears this thought process has followed Tara into her current mind state at The Hilltop. One wonders if she’d drop her weapon had she met The Governor in the current era of The Walking Dead.

    19. Alpha/Daryl reminiscent of Beth trade, Governor at Prison
    20. Alpha showing up at The Hilltop’s doorstep with a battalion, felt like a homage to The Governor’s infamous arrival at The Prison during season 4. Even right down to having two hostages in Alden and Luke like The Governor’s Michonne and Hershel.

      The scene also recalled Daryl’s trade for Beth with Officer Dawn Lerner, albeit without tragedy striking mid-trade. The Hilltop’s impromptu leader is certainly no stranger to hostage standoffs, and what can arise within seconds of misjudgment or even the perception of such. Just as he’s told Henry dozens of time now when confronted over his decision making, “You don’t know a thing about me. Not really,”

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Film News

Pollyanna McIntosh to attend NYC premiere of Darlin’ at What The Fest!?



Pollyanna McIntosh to attend NYC premiere of Darlin' at What The Fest!? - Pictured - Actress Lauryn Canny - Photo Credit: Hood River Entertainment
Photo Credit: Hood River Entertainment

Director Pollyanna McIntosh will attend the New York City premiere of her film Darlin’ at the IFC Center on Thursday, March 21 during the What The Fest!? film festival.

Darlin’ is Pollyanna McIntosh’s grand directorial debut, her precious beautiful baby, and there’s no place she’d rather be than at the film’s East Coast premiere in New York City. This Thursday, March 21 at 7 p.m. sharp, the charming McIntosh will attend the film’s screening during the What The Fest!? film festival at the IFC Center. Tickets are available now at IFC to attend the premiere and Q & A session.

Best known in recent times for her brilliant, complex portrayal of Jadis/Anne on The Walking Dead, actress Pollyanna McIntosh knows how to bring a vision of a character to life. There’s much to be said on-screen even when there are no words, and McIntosh excels in this art form. Her facial expressions crafting the whole story. Thus Darlin’, a direct sequel to 2011’s The Woman was born!

McIntosh reprises her character ‘The Woman’ in Darlin’ but this time also takes the reigns on the other side of the camera. The Director’s chair, head honcho, creative extraordinaire. Joining her on the visionary journey are Walking Dead cast mates Cooper Andrews (Jerry) and Sabrina Gennarino (Tamiel), as supporting cast members in the film. Actress Lauryn Canny [Amber] stars as the film’s co-lead, along with pivotal co-stars Nora-Jane Noone and Bryan Batt.

NYC attendees will be treated to a tribute before the film to horror fiction author Jack Ketchum, who created the original universe that shaped Darlin’. Ketchum sadly passed away in January 2018. The tribute was created in collaboration with The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies, an international educational community dedicated to the study of horror history.

McIntosh penned the screenplay for The Woman‘s direct sequel Darlin’. The Woman itself was actually a sequel to 2009’s Offspring, also written by Ketchum.

IFC Center Location:

The IFC Center is located mere blocks away from Washington Square park on West 3rd Street and 6th Avenue in Greenwich Village, New York. A map is available at this ‘What The Fest!?’ link.

Darlin’ Film Synopsis:

Found at a Catholic hospital filthy and ferocious, feral teenager Darlin’ is whisked off to a care home run by The Bishop and his obedient nuns where she is to be tamed into a “good girl.”

Darlin’ is a Hood River Entertainment Production.

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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead’s take on Prison Reform: Can Negan change?



Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
- Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Is Negan’s stay at Alexandria’s rusted, destitute jail cell just a modern-day pillory on the public square or meant for self reflection and penance?

The Walking Dead has gotten down on one knee and popped the question to viewers, “Do people change?” If you believe as Michonne that “No, people don’t change. Not really,” then any argument for letting Negan out for ‘good behavior’ becomes moot. Eye for an eye, Hammurabi’s code of law, lex talionis. There is no substitute, no action Negan can ever undertake to make up for his prior deeds from Michonne’s standpoint. It would take a literal emergency and severe undermanned defenses for it to be even plausible for her.

However, if you feel like Judith Grimes that the passage of time and circumstance changed her adopted mother, then Negan’s freedom gains liquidity. Shaped in the soft motion of water rather than the rigidness of stone. Can you marry into giving another chance to Negan knowing new potential instances of ruthlessness loom based on your answer? At the same time, matrimony could see a Negan in equilibrium, rehabilitated and reformed. An active asset to society rather than a living statue of deterrence.

Keep in mind, there is no correct answer for this subject. Yes or no, it’s purely case-by-case individual basis at best. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the arguments for and against keeping Negan locked away with only books as amenities.

Arguments against keeping Negan locked away:

Removal from society creates vacuum

By removing Negan, you’ve created a void for another figure to possibly rise in his place. Just because Negan lost his throne doesn’t mean the demand for what he provided vanishes into the wind. The people of Sanctuary loved Negan, even after being ousted from power, his grip on the people’s sentiments remained intact. The inequality in trade he claimed elsewhere assured them a richer, better quality of life. Not to mention, his code provided structure to a society on the brink of madness and chaos. Look back at Sanctuary residents’ growing discontent with Simon and The Saviors when Negan was temporarily missing-in-action.

Without Negan’s Savior whistle sending chilling fear across the land, Alpha and Beta have risen without opposition. Where the group might have been limited to a junkyard as The Scavengers with Negan to keep them in check, they’ve been allowed to develop uninhabited. People that might have become productive members of society in Sanctuary or elsewhere joined Alpha’s cause instead.

Reduction in cost of limited resources

By confining a healthy, strong individual from giving back to society, you’re essentially making them a net negative on resources. A drain on Alexandria’s already limited food and medical supplies as an isolated community. One that’s always on the edge of teetering on economic collapse. Really, all it takes is one random natural disaster for the entire utopia of Alexandria to come to a somber end. In Negan’s own words, he could help Michonne run the place if given the opportunity.

There is no denying Negan’s leadership ability, methods withstanding. By reintegrating Negan into society, you add leadership, defense and potential to both add resources and loyal people to the community.

Rehabilitation and Reform

What is mercy really? Negan referenced himself being kept alive as a public display of mercy from the great Rick Grimes on last week’s Walking Dead episode. If an individual appears sincerely ready to rejoin society, humbled and apologetic… Is it mercy to allow them a second chance to reform, or a crime against the families their deeds hurt for eternity?

Arguments for keeping Negan locked away:


Rick and Michonne’s not so subtle message through Negan’s jail sentence is to keep others from doing the same. By not seeking absolute vengeance and keeping Negan alive, Rick showed the whole new world that the sun was on the horizon. No longer would an eye for an eye based society where might makes right control the land.

Negan is a walking, talking symbol for deterrence. His four-by-four cell serving as a community wide memo on what happens when you break their laws. Arbitrary as they might be in the time of the apocalypse, Michonne’s charter was poised to bring about a new code of ethics.

Time served and Restitution

If the punishment should fit the crime as the old phrase goes… Is there any amount of time Negan can ever pay back to make up for what he’s done? Though Maggie once said the Negan she knew was already gone upon seeing him, it’s doubtful she’d want him to walk free. Even if he can make up with physical labor through willing restitution, those hurt might see any flexibility as reward. Michonne even wanted his window to the world closed off last episode (“Guardians“). There might be no emotional restitution Negan can ever provide tangible compensation for.


Negan’s jail sentence in Alexandria didn’t arise out of coincidence, it’s exact retribution for the lives of Abraham, Glenn and countless others lost in the war. Although Rick ultimately didn’t go through his verbal eye for an eye promise to Negan upon vanquishing The Savior monarch, he still took away everything he had.

Would you let Negan out of jail? Tell The Natural Aristocrat in the comment form below!

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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Everything you need to know before tonight’s episode, ‘Guardians’



Cassady McClincy as Lydia, Samantha Morton as Alpha - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
- Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Young love can make one do foolish things as Henry, drunk on a single kiss, plays the role of Romeo on The Walking Dead’s latest episode.

Are they truly star-crossed lovers or is the idealistic ‘Juliet’ that Henry imagines in Lydia just an illusion of his own creation? Henry desperately needs his pedestaled iteration of Lydia to match reality, as any divergent path spells agony. His own life teeters on the brink of eternal pitch black every time he opens his eyes if he’s wrong. Sloshed on the fleeting memory of a kiss, a tipsy Henry will venture forth on tonight’s The Walking Dead, risking life and limb. All chasing after the dopamine hit now imprinted on his brain, forever not being able to live without a sequel.

Henry is unable to think rationally about the consequences of playing Romeo, what happened in the original ending, or if Lydia is even a willing Juliet. Fueled by hormones that not long ago had him subtly trying to setup dinner with Enid, he will continue to do their bidding. Even to his own potential detriment and that of others tasked with saving Henry from himself.

In his mind, he is but a hero of Disney lore saving his perceived damsel in distress. Rebelling against the cynical, bureaucratic authority figures whose feet are rigidly stuck in cement from moving to action. It’s those that sit at the thrones of both households that don’t understand wrong from right to Henry. This devoted courtship ends with Lydia’s hand in marriage or Henry without a hand… Or worse.

The Balled of Negan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan – The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

On tonight’s The Walking Dead, Negan tells us all why he decided to step back into purgatory. Why he condemned himself to a future seen through a window and Judith’s ‘visitation’ hours instead of being experienced.

If a leader holds ‘Lucille’ up top the balcony of Sanctuary, and no one is around to hear it, can he truly lead? To Negan, the answer is undoubtedly no, screamed in roaring silence. Even his ‘Lucille’ paled in comparison to the original, reduced to a pipe as homage. A trademark symbol of Negan’s that once held power and respect, now just a story to be lost by the next generation. Forgotten by the sands of time, returning to his home and seeing ruins in its place. Negan chose to voluntarily surrender his one shot at freedom after witnessing what became of Sanctuary.

The reality of the ‘new world order’ ironically hit Negan hard. Slapping him in the face with the truth that time had not stood still while he was away. Negan decided to go back to the inferno he knew, the hades that had tormented him so. A 4-by-4 jail cell and a bed pan back in Alexandria, rather than attempt to rebuild what once was. Acceptance.

Practically Stockholm Syndrome, as he’s become accustomed to his punishment’s inflictors. Alive but not really living, just existing. A public symbol no different than the village pillories and stocks used to punish in medieval times. Is returning all part of a larger scheme, one step ahead of the curve? Or is The Walking Dead’s one time fearsome lead antagonist have us saying, ‘Et Tu, Negan?”

Major Plot Points for tonight’s The Walking Dead:
  • Henry’s lone wolf mission seemingly ends in disaster as he’s caught by Alpha’s group.  Will he feel Lydia’s embrace or her wrath?
  • Will Daryl, Connie, and ‘Dog’ (as Daryl affectionately calls him), be taken as hostages themselves during a haphazard rescue attempt?
  • Did Lydia pull the wool over Henry and Daryl’s eyes? Was her entire tale a sap story, a ruse to gain their trust?
  • Does Lydia feel the same way about Henry that he feels about her?
  • Negan is back in his cell in Alexandria on his own accord after tasting freedom. Why did he choose to return?
  • Michonne is questioned by Gabriel about her isolationist policy.
How to watch The Walking Dead season 9, episode 12 live stream online

The Walking Dead airs on AMC tonight at 9 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. Central. You can catch the episode live online with AMC’s official live stream or with a seven-day free trial at FuboTV.

Date: Sunday, March 3
Start Time: 9:00 p.m. ET
Episode: “Guardians”
TV Channel: AMC
Live Stream: AMC’s official live stream or with a seven-day free trial at FuboTV.

New Cast/Character Spotlight: Ryan Hurst as Beta
Ryan Hurst as Beta, Samantha Morton as Alpha - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Ryan Hurst as Beta, Samantha Morton as Alpha – The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Actor Ryan Hurst [Sons of Anarchy] will debut on The Walking Dead’s latest chapter tonight as Beta. Hurst will play Alpha’s terrifying second-in-command and in the preview trailer below for this week’s episode, is the one to capture Henry.

The Walking Dead’s newest big-name addition is best known for his role on Sons of Anarchy as Harry ‘Opie’ Winston, Gerry Bertier in Remember the Titans, Tom Clarke in Taken, Chick Hogan in Bates Motel and Sergeant Ernie Savage in We Were Soldiers. It’s not the first time Sons of Anarchy had an alumni in The Walking Dead universe with actor Dayton Callie appearing on Fear the Walking Dead. Not to mention former Fear the Walking Dead showrunner and co-creator Dave Erickson.

The Walking Dead ‘Guardians’ Sneak Peek

In the sneak peek for tonight’s Walking Dead episode Alpha tells her daughter why ‘she trusts animals’ in a subtly threatening manner. “You know why I trust animals? Because they don’t lie.” Alpha appears to be a devout believer in the natural order, the hierarchy of the food chain. As seen when she motioned a crying baby to a potential death sentence at the hands of walkers last episode.

Alpha speaks of the human folly of lying and not to fall into the trap of sweet verbiage from her captors at Hilltop. “Just words. Remember that.”

Official Episode Preview Trailer: Next on ‘Guardians’

This week’s official episode trailer has Henry getting caught and just with his emotions. Beta secures his prey and it looks like Alpha has a sinister plan in mind for the lovestruck Romeo. Alpha throws a sharp-edged knife on the ground in-between Lydia and Henry at 0:26 while Beta holds him back. You can see where this concept is going… There is no door #3 as Negan once said.

Though it’s possible Alpha might just be asserting dominance over Henry to test Lydia’s honesty with her. Will Daryl and Connie be too late or arrive in the nick of time to free Henry from the costliest decision of his life?

Meanwhile, Gabriel looks to discuss Michonne’s isolationist policy much to her openly furious dismay. Gabriel seems to have had enough of the fortified lockdown and wants Alexandria to participate with the greater world. In his own words, “Who are we supposed to turn to when we need help?”

* At the end of this article you’ll find photos of Gabriel and Eugene having a one-on-one conversation… Presumably, it likely means the two will have a man-to-man talk about Rosita. Will the discussion remain civil or become heated if Eugene reveals his feelings toward Gabriel’s girlfriend?

Rosita is pregnant with Siddiq’s baby (they had a fling before she dated Gabriel) while actively dating Gabriel, and having Eugene admit his feelings for her recently.

Impact Moment Last Episode: Alpha reacts to crying baby

Without a doubt, the top impact moment last episode was Alpha motioning for a mother from her group to lay down her crying child. A walker horde had noticed the noise from a distance, attracting it toward the baby, and sealing the youngster’s fate in the eyes of Alpha. “If a mother can’t quiet the child, then the dead will. Natural selection.”

The ruthlessness of the move combined with a lack of noticeable empathy showed everything you needed to know about Alpha. It didn’t appear to be a bluff either, as Negan once did with Maggie and Carl back in the iconic season 6 finale. If it wasn’t for Connie leaping out heroically, the baby would have faced certain doom.

Be sure to check out 10 Details you might have missed on last week’s Walking Dead episode!

Who directed tonight’s Walking Dead episode?
Embed from Getty Images

Tonight’s episode “Guardians” is directed by Michael E. Satrazemis, known for prior directing work on The Walking Dead (15 episodes), Fear the Walking Dead (7 episodes), and Lore (1 episode). This will be the second episode he directs this season with season 9, episode 8 “Evolution” being the first.

Satrazemis was notably a camera operator on Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Texas Chainsaw 3D, and The Vampire Diaries. He was also the camera second assistant on The Crow.

Who wrote tonight’s Walking Dead episode?
Embed from Getty Images

LaToya Morgan penned the script for “Guardians” and is known for her work on other high profile AMC projects.

Among her credits are AMC’s Into the Badlands (4 episodes written), TURN: Washington’s Spies (4 episodes as writer, 19 as executive story editor), Showtime’s Shameless (12 episodes as a staff writer, 1 story), and NBC’s Parenthood (15 episodes as a staff writer).

Morgan has also been the producer for AMC’s Into the Badlands (10 episodes as supervising producer, 8 episodes as co-executive producer), and TURN: Washington’s Spies (10 episodes as producer, 2 as co-executive producer).

“Guardians” will be Morgan’s first script for The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead’s latest episode told in Select Photos

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