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Barry season 2, episode 3 live stream: How to watch HBO online

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Here’s how you can watch HBO’s Barry season 2, episode 3 “Past = Present x Future Over Yesterday” online via live stream or on your television.

HBO’s Barry continues this Sunday night at 10 p.m. ET with the fallout of an unexpected failed hit on Esther and Monroe Fuches wearing a wire. You can catch episode “Past = Present x Future Over Yesterday” online with HBO Now, Amazon (HBO Channel subscription / 7-Day Free Trial), Direct TV, or post-episode on HBO GO. Amazon Prime members can catch new Barry episodes the next morning post-airing.

Last week’s episode saw Monroe Fuches attempting to entrap his former protégé with the truth of Detective Janice Moss’ disappearance and Barry’s involvement in it. Barry paused momentarily, already caught in an emotional whirlwind following his befuddled state at the monastery and looked like he was about to confess… Then he snapped back into reality and told Fuches to leave and never ambush him like this again. It was then revealed Fuches had been wearing a wire as he told Detective Loach that he’ll ‘get him next time.’

Clearly, Loach’s not so subtle threat toward Fuches if he discovers a connection between the two hit hard. Is Fuches fully on Loach’s side? Will he sacrifice the man who once saved his life and throw him to the wolves to save his own life? While it might appear that way at first glance, in the preview trailer above, Fuches is relieved when Barry tells him he’s happy to see him. “Really?” Perhaps, a change of heart is due?

Meanwhile, Barry’s attempt at playing to teacher Gene Cousineau’s ego had a wrench thrown in. The hitman turned acting student had managed to momentarily convince Gene to tell the story of meeting him instead of his first kill on tour overseas. Gene went out to a local market to vainly reconnect with his son as if on a movie set scene and his son threw the fact back in his face.

He told Gene he was fine not having a relationship with him and that his class studios are nothing more than a shrine to him. This heavily impacted Gene who upon his return told Barry he’s back to the tour story, wrecking his confidence. Check out The Natural Aristocrat’s full recap of last week’s Barry episode with all details.

“Past = Present x Future Over Yesterday” Episode Description:

As part of a class project, Gene tasks Barry with revisiting his past, and Sally reflects on her own history; Barry offers to provide training to Noho Hank’s men; Fuches finds Barry in an unexpected location.

NoHo Hank is in a bad way as Cristobal holds the bullet originally sent to him as a warning. Esther appears suspicious of NoHo Hank in the preview trailer and he’s looking quite anxious to discover his nefarious plan has collapsed. Will he try to get back at his hitman buddy like he once warned or is he worried if his friend is even still alive?

Sally will continue to revisit her past, one that has her questioning if her failed marriage is the reason for her taking roles portraying weakness. Her film and TV reel on last week’s episode featured a surprise cameo by Better Call Saul’s Patrick Fabian during parody sci-fi film Future Space!

How to watch the latest episode of HBO’s Barry online via live stream or old-school on your TV:

Date: Sunday, April 14
Start Time: 10 p.m. ET
Episode: “Past = Present x Future Over Yesterday”
TV Channel: HBO
Live Stream: You can watch on HBO NOW, Direct TV, Amazon (HBO Channel subscription / Seven Day Free Trial), and post-episode on HBO GO.

Catch previous Barry episodes over on HBO GO’s official Barry page. All eight episodes of Barry’s first incredible season and season 2 premiere, sophomore episodes are available and must watch television.

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