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Here’s how you can watch HBO’s Barry season 2, episode 4 “What?!” online via live stream or the old-fashioned way on your television.

HBO’s Barry continues tonight at 10 p.m. ET after the cliffhanger of Sally Reed’s abusive ex Sam popping in to say ‘hi’ last episode. Will Sally remain petrified and revert to her 19-year-old self in the face of the man who made her run away at dusk? Or can she find the will to write a brave new chapter through Gene’s exercise? One that matches Sally’s coping mechanism to preserve her own self-image. A visual Sally desperately clings onto in her mind of telling Sam off, regardless of its basis in reality.

You can catch episode “What?!” online with HBO Now, Amazon (HBO Channel subscription / 7-Day Free Trial), Direct TV, or post-episode on HBO GO. Amazon Prime members can catch new Barry episodes the next morning post-airing.

Tonight’s episode is directed by Liza Johnson [Return] and written by Duffy Boudreau [Big Mouth]. It’s Liza Johnson’s inaugural Barry directing debut and Duffy’s second Barry script, previously writing “Chapter Three: Make the Unsafe Choice” (season 1, episode 3). Johnson previously directed an episode of HBO’s Room 104 (“Swipe Right”).

Check out a full Barry preview with all the major plot points ahead of tonight’s episode! Missed last week’s episode or need a refresher? No problem, The Natural Aristocrat has you covered! A detailed Barry recap of “Past = Present x Future Over Yesterday” (season 2, episode 3) is available.

“What?!” Episode Description:

Barry’s patience is put to the test when a figure from Sally’s past arrives in Los Angeles; Gene gets a pleasant surprise and encourages Barry to believe that change is possible.

How will the hitman turned actor deal with Sam strolling back into his girlfriend’s life on a parking lot no less? In the trailer above, it appears he locks and loads, ready to merge his two lives into one. It would be second time since vanquishing Detective Janice Moss in season 1’s finale that he might be forced to utilize his old skillset in order to safeguard his new life.

The collateral damage, intentional or not, will keep adding up leaving a trail of evidence if one is to seek it… Will teacher Gene Cousineau start picking up on the clues, or is he truly too self-absorbed as his son has remarked?

Just as Detective Loach has slowly but surely put the jigsaw pieces together implicating Monroe Fuches’ ties with his protégé. Meanwhile, NoHo Hank awaits the final touches of his ‘best friend’s’ training an army for him to take out neutral rival Esther… So he can obtain the respect of 50% of Cristobal Sifuentes’ empire!

Barry Live Stream Details:

How to watch the latest episode of HBO’s Barry online via live stream or old-school on your TV:

Date: Sunday, April 21
Start Time: 10 p.m. ET
Episode: “What?!”
TV Channel: HBO
Live Stream: You can watch on HBO NOW, Direct TV, Amazon (HBO Channel subscription / Seven Day Free Trial), and post-episode on HBO GO.

Catch previous Barry episodes over on HBO GO’s official Barry page. All eight episodes of Barry’s first incredible season and recently aired season 2 episodes are available and must watch television.

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