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Watch Barry online: Season 2 Episode 5 live stream – ronny/lily

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Here’s how you can watch Barry online with HBO’s live stream of Season 2 Episode 5 “ronny/lily” directed by Bill Hader and co-written by Hader & Alec Berg.

HBO’s Barry continues tonight at 10 p.m. ET after one of the grand surprise twists of the entire series! It appeared the chips were down, the jig was up, the show’s unlikely hitman hero was about to be arrested and put away for good. Then just like that, Barry would swerve justice once again as Detective Loach wasn’t trying to avenge Detective Janice Moss. No! Instead, Loach was looking for someone with Barry’s unique set of skills to dispose of his ex-wife’s new live-in boyfriend.

In return, Detective Loach promised the whole deal with Moss would disappear if he did this one hit for him. Tonight Barry finds himself again being pulled down into the abyss of the old life he wants so desperately to escape. An innocent man is his target, a victim of jealousy, caught in the cross-hairs of a broken marriage.

Will Barry be able to take a life in order to save his own? Certainly Monroe Fuches will be egging him on to just get the job over with to save them both. Yet, Barry’s target Ronnie Proxin [Daniel Bernhardt] is not related to the dark underworld as Esther was… And he was unable to go through with that hit (in S02E03). Missed that episode or just a need a refresher? No worries! Check out our “The Power of No” recap.

“ronny/lily” Episode Description:

An encounter that Barry (Bill Hader) never could have predicated has surprising effects.

The preview trailer for tonight’s episode “ronny/lily” has Barry trying to peaceful negotiate an exit plan with his own assigned hit. “Don’t freak out!” Will Ronnie go through with Barry’s offer and head to Chicago without word? This latest chapter of the breakout series is sure to be a memorable one with co-creators Bill Hader and Alec Beg penning the script!

Barry Live Stream Details:

How to watch HBO’s Barry season 2 episode “ronny/lily” online via live stream or old-school on your TV:

Date: Sunday, April 28
Start Time: 10 p.m. ET
Episode: “ronny/lily”
TV Channel: HBO
Live Stream: You can watch on HBO NOW, Direct TV, Amazon (HBO Channel subscription / Seven Day Free Trial), and post-episode on HBO GO. Amazon Prime members can catch tonight’s Barry season 2 episode the next morning post-airing.

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