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Here’s how you can watch HBO’s Barry online with a live stream of Season 2 Episode 7 “The Audition” on your computer, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, phone, or TV.

HBO’s Barry continues tonight at 10 p.m. ET post-accordion player betrayal on NoHo Hank. You can catch Barry’s latest chapter “The Audition” live online with HBO Now, HBO GO, or with an Amazon Prime HBO Channel subscription.

PlayStation 4 owners can download the HBO NOW or HBO GO to watch on their console, as well as Xbox One owners (HBO NOW, HBO GO). iPhone/iPad IOS users can download the HBO NOW or HBO GO apps, the same for Android users (HBO NOW, HBO GO). Satellite viewers can check out DirecTV to catch HBO’s Barry live.

“The Audition” Episode Description

Barry prepares for his first audition under Gene’s guidance; Sally takes a stand in a meeting with a major TV producer; Noho Hank bares all.

NoHo Hank got busted last episode right on the cusp of fulfilling his dream of possibly getting a 50/50 business split with Cristobal Sifuentes. Barry had fully trained a squadron for him but NoHo Hank’s plan did not envision his ‘humiliated’ accordion player taking revenge. In the preview trailer at the top of this page, NoHo Hank tries to convince Cristobal to give him a redo over the attempted ambush of Esther at the monastery.

Meanwhile, an embittered Monroe Fuches appears to have located the car with Detective Janice Moss’ body as leverage against Barry. His protégé wanted to ‘break up’ their partnership last episode, citing that he wore a wire. Barry has no idea what awaits him from Fuches as he prepares for his first ever audition on tonight’s episode, and not for a role as an extra.

Will teacher Gene Cousineau be able to prepare him in time? Their teacher/student relationship hasn’t been quite the same since Barry revealed what really happened on tour overseas. Gene constantly starts their conversations with “Because basically you killed someone and got away with it,” as of late.

Barry and Sally’s scene last episode drew the attention of Sally’s agent, and thus she’ll get a meeting with a major TV producer. The producer describes a role about spurned wives staring a group where they eliminate their husbands in the trailer above.

Barry Season 2 Episode 7 Live Stream Details:

How to watch HBO’s Barry Season 2 Episode 7 “The Audition” online via live stream or old-school on your TV:

Date: Sunday, May 12
Start Time: 10 p.m. ET
Episode: “The Audition”
TV Channel: HBO
Live Stream: You can watch on HBO NOW, HBO GO, Amazon (HBO Channel subscription / 7-day free HBO Channel trial/ 30-day free Prime trial), and Direct TV.

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