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Here’s how to watch HBO’s Barry Season 2 Finale online with a live stream of “berkman > block” on your computer, PS4, Xbox One, phone, or TV.

HBO will air the Barry Season 2 Finale tonight at 10:22 p.m. ET after leaving fans on a cliffhanger last episode. Will Fuches really pull that trigger on Gene out of spite and jealousy for the his mentorship with Barry? He can’t seem to stand the acting teacher, despising how he’s been replaced. Yet, there was a hint of Fuches having second thoughts when Gene told him about Barry’s big day… However, he’s already dialed in the authorities as ‘Gene’ to report Detective Janice Moss’ body as a ‘murder’ confession. Almost no turning back…

You can catch HBO’s Barry Season 2 Episode 8 “berkman > block” live online with HBO Now, HBO GO, or with an Amazon Prime HBO Channel subscription.

PlayStation 4 owners can download the HBO NOW or HBO GO to watch on their console, as well as Xbox One owners (HBO NOW, HBO GO). iPhone/iPad IOS users can download the HBO NOW or HBO GO apps, the same for Android users (HBO NOW, HBO GO). Satellite viewers can check out DirecTV to catch HBO’s Barry live.

“berkman > block” Episode Description

Barry seeks vengeance; NoHo Hank faces the looming threat of being sent home; Sally makes a split-second decision on the night of the acting class’s big performance; Fuches turns to an unexpected source for help.

The preview trailer for “berkman > block” doesn’t reveal a whole lot… Especially, when it comes to Gene Cousineau’s fate. Although the episode title signals Berkman being ‘great than’ Block implies his old life will overtake his new one.

Barry is intending to go after Fuches, seemingly Taken ‘unique set of skills style.’ As he says “I’m coming for you,” in a gravely tone of voice over the phone in the trailer. It appears more on the revenge side but it could also potentially be for negotiation for Gene’s life. Last episode, Barry was willing to do any job Fuches wanted over the phone as long as he left Gene alone. However, Fuches declined the request and has a different plan in mind.

Fuches plans to take out Gene and make it appear like Gene took his own life after admitting to ‘murdering’ Detective Janice moss. As every Barry fan knows though, the show always has a good twist. It was mere episodes ago that it seemed like Detective Loach had Barry on tape and his life was over… Only to be asked to do a hit on his wife’s new boyfriend instead.

Meanwhile, Sally will make a last second decision on opening night on the grandest of stages. On the dark underbelly side of town, NoHo Hank lost the respect of his men last episode and faces a flight ticket home. Will he be able to convince the group to give him another chance post bus debacle? They’re not going to simply forget what he said…

Barry Season 2 Finale: Live Stream Details

Date: Sunday, May 19
Start Time: 10:22 p.m. ET
Episode: “berkman > block”
TV Channel: HBO
Live Stream: You can watch on HBO NOW, HBO GO, Amazon (HBO Channel subscription / 7-day free HBO Channel trial/ 30-day free Prime trial), and Direct TV.

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