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Perpetual Grace, LTD - Pictured: Sir Ben Kingsley as 'Pa' Pastor Byron Brown featured in "Orphan Comb Death Fight" - Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs / EPIX Perpetual Grace, LTD - Pictured: Sir Ben Kingsley as 'Pa' Pastor Byron Brown featured in "Orphan Comb Death Fight" - Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs / EPIX

Perpetual Grace, LTD

Perpetual Grace LTD episode 2 recap & review: Orphan Comb Death Fight

Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs / EPIX



Tonight’s Perpetual Grace, LTD episode “Orphan Comb Death Fight” was another top notch affair with a memorable performance by Sir Ben Kingsley as Pastor Byron Brown.

The following review and recap contains spoilers for Perpetual Grace, LTD Season 1 Episode 2.

“Get the rhythm, get the rhythm” is the next slogan that’s bound to stick courtesy of Sir Ben Kingsley’s ‘PA’ on Perpetual Grace, LTD. The dynamic between Pastor Brown and his ever distracted ‘arresting officer’ Hector Contreras was pure excellence on tonight’s sophomore episode “Orphan Comb Death Fight”. Kingsley’s prodding and constant taunting as Brown was magic, demonstrating how easy it is to get under someone’s skin with words of truth. Contreras was in the process of transporting Brown post-inmate murder to a maximum security prison this episode, when Brown began his method… A method to breakdown another person that is!

Around the middle of the episode, PA would ask Contreras about the play he was writing in an effort to build him up then tear him down. A happy Hector would talk about the 26-page play gleefully, only to have Brown annihilate the script in two sentences. ‘It’s the same sh***y narrative as all the other sh***y Sheriff plots’ then remarking on how Contreras had only written about 7 pages a year at best. Contreras like any other person became defensive but hurt deeply by the remarks.

Ones that signaled that his creative work was not only lacking but that he was lazy. Brutal! Naturally, Contreras would do practically anything short of letting Brown simply leave to make it stop and played right into his hands. In this case, the apple of PA’s eye was the metal tab of Contreras’ beer cans. He had made the case that he required beer to relax himself of worry over what his wife was going through prior. At that point, Contreras had not given in, telling Brown giving him a beer was against regulation… However, post-script demolition, Contreras agreed to give him a beer if he just “Shut up.”

The Darkness of Pastor Byron ‘PA’ Brown

Tonight’s Perpetual Grace, LTD episode “Orphan Comb Death Fight” began in black and white recalling the past in a very Better Call Saul style fashion. Quite fitting, as this series joins Better Call Saul and Barry as one of television’s current best. Not only were viewers given a unique perspective on what made PA toughen up from his childhood but the ruining of one family’s ‘church’ savings much later on.

“Orphan Comb Death Fight” showed the harshness of Byron’s childhood, his mother suffering an early death with no father in sight. No aunts or uncles to take him in, being left at an orphanage. Byron quickly learned how important it was to be on top of every fight.

The man with the Paul Allen Brown chest tattoo seen in James’ cell to end last episode was revealed to be an ex-con. One that had started up a local LensCrafters store after leaving jail through savings connected to PA’s church. In the black and white flashback, Brown would tell him, “You either have faith or you have sons… Because sons f*** up.” Telling the former convict, ‘much like myself, your parents were cursed with a son.’

James gets more than he bargained for in “Orphan Comb Death Fight”

Perpetual Grace, LTD Pictured: Jimmi Simpson as James - Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs / EPIX

Perpetual Grace, LTD Pictured: Jimmi Simpson as James – Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs / EPIX

From having to wear an ankle bracelet courtesy of ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ to waiting 90 days for his two million cut to the guilt of potentially ruining a young kid’s life… James is getting way, way more than he bargained for when he was offered an easy two million. In fact, thanks to Paul Allen’s potential conviction for a murder, he can’t leave the state of Texas, which is bad news… Since Hector wants $2,000 up-front to cover a diamond ankle bracelet purchased for his mistress. Hector recommended he get bit by a rattlesnake so they’d remove the ankle bracelet in the emergency room.

Nevertheless, James was not looking forward to the idea. Not to mention an unknown man to James from his cell demanded $28 grand for the closing of his LensCrafters… All thanks to a case of mistaken identity! James met up with the real Paul Allen Brown who reassured him there was no murder, he simply taught the girl magic and she went the extra mile with it, causing her death. This was plausible enough for James when combined with two million other reasons ‘wink, wink’ to keep the charade going. Despite, the looming threat by Walker of what a conviction for murder entails in the state of Texas!

James would attempt to convince his new ‘friend’ at the Pawn Shop to travel to Mexico on his behalf and hand the money over to Hector. However, all he discovered was guilt at possibly ruining the youngster’s life. Glenn is now sensitive to lights and sounds post hit on the noggin by James and has to wear ear muffs and goggles to compensate. James seems to be having trouble with the guilt more and more as time goes on. He seems to barely be holding it together.

Meanwhile, he would receive the news the money can only be transferred in 90 days at the earliest. A cause for concern as who knows what pitfalls lie in that timeframe as Paul Allen Brown. His father is already seemingly aware of being held in custody for a scheme.

Tonight’s episode ended with Byron using his “rhythm” with the beer can tab to attempt to free himself as Hector slept, and credits rolled… A top tier, intriguing chapter of Perpetual Grace, LTD. The series is sure to become EPIX’ corner stone in no time.

'Orphan Comb Death Fight' Review
9.2 Score

Equal to last week’s score, as EPIX’ Perpetual Grace, LTD delievered another compelling episode leaving viewers wanting more.

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Perpetual Grace, LTD

Perpetual Grace, LTD Season 1 Episode 7 recap: Kurtwood Smith shines on ‘Bull Face’



Kurtwood Smith as Uncle Dave in Perpetual Grace LTD Season 1 Episode 103: I am Felipe Guillermo...Pt. 1
Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs / EPIX

Perpetual Grace, LTD featured an emotional performance by Kurtwood Smith’s Uncle Dave with a hug that showed a different side of the actor.

This recap contains spoilers for Perpetual Grace, LTD Season 1 Episode 7.

Tonight’s Perpetual Grace, LTD saw a reunion between Uncle Dave and his nephew Paul Allen Brown that felt pure. Actor Kurtwood Smith played the tough, hard-nosed father on comedy That ’70s Show for more than a decade but Perpetual Grace, LTD showed a softer side of him this episode. One where a family member’s screw ups do not beget a “Dumbass!” iconic slogan but make his eyes swell up with tears. The ultimate authority figure in one role becomes like silly putty through a single hug in another. Uncle Dave was ready to look past a potential murder on his nephew’s part based on Paul’s word alone. Truly a display that blood is thicker than water. Kurtwood Smith played up the moment perfectly, immersing the audience in the family bond. Uncle Dave agreed to not speak to Walker any longer upon Paul’s request.

Paul Allen Brown manipulated the situation by reminding his uncle he supports him. That he didn’t believe the accusation against his Uncle and neither should Dave belive the murder accusation against Paul. Kurtwood Smith’s simple closing of the eyes sold the whole story without anything needing to be said. Uncle Dave just wants Paul parents (his sister) to be buried with respect. As such, Uncle Dave accepted Paul’s narrative against his better judgement.

Meanwhile, James finally broke during a conversation with Glenn about their dads. At first, James tried to cover his tracks after revealing his father had gone into space and now wandered his hometown in the same spacesuit. When Glenn asked if Pastor Brown had been into space, James caught himself and said ‘Yes,’ confirming the white lie. However, moments later James admitted everything short of hitting Glenn’s head. His real name, the scam and who in town was after him. Despite this, Glenn remained as positive as ever, and wanted to give his fresh sombrero to James instead of his father. James convinced Glenn to give his father another chance and give him the fresh sombrero. Glenn obliged. Unfortunately for James, Glenn’s father showed off the sombrero to Walker Texas Ranger.

In a surreal edition of cash cab questions, Pa’s childhood murder accomplice flashed back to the scene of the crime. On the other side of the border, Pa and Ma’s GTA moment backfired. Their hostages turned out to be well connected. Instead of a computer, the hostages led them back to their gang compound where they were surrounded…

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Perpetual Grace, LTD

Perpetual Grace, LTD Season 1 Episode 4 recap: No heroes on ‘Felipe G. Usted, Part 2’



Felipe G. Usted, Part 2 - Perpetual Grace, LTD Season 1 Episode 4 recap: Pictured from left to right: Jacki Weaver as 'Ma' Lillian and Sir Ben Kingsley as 'Pa' Byron Brown - Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs / EPIX
Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs / EPIX

There are no definitive heroes on Perpetual Grace, LTD but almost every character has now shown shades of gray on Felipe G. Usted, Part 2.

This recap contains spoilers for Perpetual Grace, LTD Season 1 Episode 4.

On tonight’s Perpetual Grace, LTD it became clear there is no pure ‘good guy’ on this series, James is certainly no hero. Rather, James’ subtle manipulation of Glenn, a youngster with an absent, town drunk father and a mother who abandoned him was telling. Glenn just wanted to belong to something, anything, and establish friendship. Hence the drive to be part of James’ supposed “Special Boys” gang and prove he was worthy. James latched onto that weakness and utilized Glenn to save him and Hector… Even after feeling guilt for what he’d done to Glenn on the Perpetual Grace, LTD Series Premiere, he had Glenn remove his head gear and ‘face the world.’ To James’ credit his words were cemented in truth, ‘The world hurts sometimes. You have to get used to that.’

New Leaf’s pressure of taking James out the moment his ‘Chili’s’ style beeper goes off obviously has something to do with his now-or-never actions. During the episode James would also deliver distressing news to a NASA astronaut in training, Felipe G. Usted. Hence the episode name “Felipe G. Usted, Almost First Mexican on the Moon Part 2”. Felipe would never ‘go to the moon’ but he ‘will go to jail.’ That is if he doesn’t help James and Hector with a falsified death certificate in Mexico.

Felipe Guillermo Usted will never go to space

The news shattered the man’s life dream and goal, all he needed was one more week in training. If Felipe G. Usted went over his birthday the following week, he’d become ineligible to be an astronaut due to age. James having a father himself that walks around in astronaut gear around town should have made James think twice. He knew what he was asking was wrong, even told his father so over the phone but it was already too late.

Meanwhile, Lillian (Ma) exploiting a young bullied girl by braiding her hair to a train to set up her escape said more about ‘Ma’ in one scene than any monologue could possibly accomplish. Lillian realized she did ‘a terrible thing’ to a the girl, ‘something the girl will remember for the rest of her life.’ For an individual that has characterized herself as helping others who can’t help themselves… People who need someone, anyone to believe in them when their self esteem is at their lowest, this moment exposed Lillian for who she truly is.

Hector’s selfish side

The aftermath had Hector ‘arresting’ Lillian anyway, so her escape did not work. Hector revealed for some reason to Lillian that he had a mistress. How great his wife really is, the best! But he is not. That he has no connection to his sons. Hector planned to casually bury Lillian alive with a breathing apparatus. Hector once again shown to be a selfish character in this episode, even worse than before. As Hector is aware he is a bad person for cheating on his wife but goes along with it anyway. Luckily for Hector, Glenn would come through with the money in a Hermosillo bank.

Just in time too, as Hector’s wife was purchasing an Octavio Paz typewrite for him in an antique shop at the time. The credit card had declined but she requested the shopkeep try again and it went through. The shopkeep also mentioned having ‘Shakespeare’s Typewriter’ indicating the whole thing was a fraud. Yet, she purchased Octavio’s typewriter anyway. Telling the shopkeep not to say anything to Hector about having ‘Shakespeare’s Typewriter’ for sale.

Hector’s sons see through Pa’s ice cream charade

Hector’s sons were smart enough to deduce an Englishman offering Ice Cream out the back of the van instead of the window was strange. They left despite one of the brothers really wanting the ice cream, much to Pa’s disappointment. ‘Pa’ would decide to head on over to their school for career day before the episode credits rolled. His plan unclear. Although the Englishman he called last episode is heading over stateside. The mysterious individual had to promise ‘to the Queen’ not to commit any crimes locally or abroad ever again, which he did. Yet, the words rang hollow…

James, Lillian, and Hector are all fully aware of their flaws but can’t stop hurting those who trust them the most anyway. As if they’re stuck in a Westworld-fashioned unbreakable loop. They can’t deter from the path they’re on… No matter their feelings about what they’ve become. Even when James knows he’s not doing the right thing, he can’t help himself.

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Perpetual Grace, LTD

Perpetual Grace, LTD 103 recap: Sir Ben Kingsley’s defining Pa moment



Perpetual Grace, LTD -Season 1 Episode 3 - "Felipe G. Usted. Almost First Mexican on the Moon. Part 1" - Pictured: Sir Ben Kingsley as 'Pa' Pastor Byron Brown - Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs / EPIX
Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs / EPIX

Sir Ben Kingsley’s ‘Pa’ had a character defining moment straight out of the Saw horror film handbook on tonight’s Perpetual Grace, LTD.

The following recap contains spoilers for Perpetual Grace, LTD Season 1 Episode 3.

Sir Ben Kingsley’s Pa cut off his own thumb, Saw style, on tonight’s Perpetual Grace, LTD to escape Hector’s custody… And that was just the opening of the episode! When Pa was speaking about ‘getting the rhythm,’ he clearly wasn’t playing around. Pa was already in the ice cream truck/van driving off with a mysterious makeshift bandage on his hand. It seemed par the course that he might hurt himself while using the metal tab to release his handcuff lock… Except he didn’t try simply patiently waiting until the cuffs would open, he utilized it to slice off his own thumb instead!

The revelation would be made known to viewers when Hector Contreras awoke and discovered Pa escaped, leaving behind blood on his cuffs dripping into his beer can. Hector poured the blood soaked beer out of the can to find Pa’s thumb floating out of it. Pa’s nothing short of a complete badass of a character if there ever was one. Afterwards, all bets were off on Pa’s ensuing plan.

Perpetual Grace, LTD -Season 1 Episode 3 – “Felipe G. Usted. Almost First Mexican on the Moon. Part 1” – Pictured: Luis Guzmán as Hector Contreras – Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs / EPIX

It seemed logical Pa would go back to rescue his wife in Monterrey but instead he found Hector’s wallet in the van. Inside were photos of his family and the location of Hermosillo. At a crossroads, Pa would make a decisive seemingly impulsive decision to head on over to Hermosillo instead.

Sir Ben Kingsley’s Pa is not to be trifled with

At the conclusion of tonight’s episode, the ever increasingly unpredictable Pa would find Hector’s sons before the credits. It appears Pa has some trouble of his own as he made a call asking someone to wait, that he’ll have the money soon, only to be rebuked.

Meanwhile, Ma/Lillian would feign health troubles to get out of exercising with the rest of the prisoners. It appears she’s setting up her escape. Pa and Ma are definitely not just the ‘old couple’ Paul Allen Brown would have James believe would be easy to dupe.

In fact, at one point in the episode Paul admitted to James he essentially knew it would take 90 days for the money to transfer. That he was just ’rounding’ a number to get that 14 days figure. Despite, the soft white lies piling up, James decided to go all in by getting a rattlesnake bite anyway. James describing ‘having just two beers than going for eight’ deciding that tomorrow will be the day he’ll finally be ‘pure.’

Perpetual Grace, LTD – Season 1 Episode 3 – “Felipe G. Usted. Almost First Mexican on the Moon. Part 1” – Pictured: Jimmi Simpson as James and Damon Herriman as Paul Allen Brown – Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs / EPIX

90 minutes for James’ anti-venom or ankle bracelet doesn’t matter

James would have just 90 minutes to get the anti-venom in some kind of subtle comedic irony of not getting the $2 million dollars in 90 days. Stopping him from heading to the hospital however, was Uncle Dave. A man once jailed for a crime he didn’t actually commit, and now forced to live out his life in halfway houses and tell everyone that he’s a registered… Well, you get the drift.

Uncle Dave happens to be the only man in town who actually knows what Paul Allen Brown looks like, and as it turned out Paul had been speaking with him. Dave would show up without notice at the Brown household looking to speak to Paul while James searched for an Insurance ID. James’ time to get the anti-venom would wind down and during a phone call with Paul, he’d be told to call the police on the uncle. James seeing no way out did it, although very hesitant since the uncle just wanted to check up on his sister Lillian ‘Ma.

New Leaf would confront James in the emergency room, promising to take him out the moment his parents passed. Blaming ‘Paul Allen Brown’ for losing his parents’ life savings. James would tell him that’s messed up and promised to get the money back if he just helped him escape. He convinced New Leaf that it was Pa that was responsible. Thus James escaped, sans ankle bracelet! He and Glenn would go on an impromptu mission, with Glenn appointed to go to Mexico to give Hector his $2,000.

Hector Contreras’ bargain more complicated by the minute

However, things have gotten way more complicated south of the border. Hector gave the name of a Ramirez being in an ice cream truck going to Monterrey in order to stop Pa. However, since Pa headed over to Hermosillo, a different, innocent ice cream truck was taken out. Potentially, triggering a war if the people inside were made people rather than just simple ice cream sellers. Either way, Hector is now indirectly responsible for the mayhem.

Hector told James to find Felipe, an astronaut hopeful, hence the episode title, “Felipe G. Usted. Almost First Mexican on the Moon. Part 1” in Houston. Felipe ominously states at the episode’s intro that Hector messed his life up, it looks like his dreams will spiral. Despite, being on the top of his game in every stress test. At least for James, ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ doesn’t know where he is for now…

One thing’s for certain, no one’s forgetting how Sir Ben Kingsley’s Pa escaped tonight anytime soon!

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