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Perpetual Grace, LTD - Pictured: Sir Ben Kingsley as 'Pa' Pastor Byron Brown featured in "Orphan Comb Death Fight" - Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs / EPIX Perpetual Grace, LTD - Pictured: Sir Ben Kingsley as 'Pa' Pastor Byron Brown featured in "Orphan Comb Death Fight" - Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs / EPIX


Perpetual Grace LTD episode 2 recap & review: Orphan Comb Death Fight

Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs / EPIX



Tonight’s Perpetual Grace, LTD episode “Orphan Comb Death Fight” was another top notch affair with a memorable performance by Sir Ben Kingsley as Pastor Byron Brown.

The following review and recap contains spoilers for Perpetual Grace, LTD Season 1 Episode 2.

“Get the rhythm, get the rhythm” is the next slogan that’s bound to stick courtesy of Sir Ben Kingsley’s ‘PA’ on Perpetual Grace, LTD. The dynamic between Pastor Brown and his ever distracted ‘arresting officer’ Hector Contreras was pure excellence on tonight’s sophomore episode “Orphan Comb Death Fight”. Kingsley’s prodding and constant taunting as Brown was magic, demonstrating how easy it is to get under someone’s skin with words of truth. Contreras was in the process of transporting Brown post-inmate murder to a maximum security prison this episode, when Brown began his method… A method to breakdown another person that is!

Around the middle of the episode, PA would ask Contreras about the play he was writing in an effort to build him up then tear him down. A happy Hector would talk about the 26-page play gleefully, only to have Brown annihilate the script in two sentences. ‘It’s the same sh***y narrative as all the other sh***y Sheriff plots’ then remarking on how Contreras had only written about 7 pages a year at best. Contreras like any other person became defensive but hurt deeply by the remarks.

Ones that signaled that his creative work was not only lacking but that he was lazy. Brutal! Naturally, Contreras would do practically anything short of letting Brown simply leave to make it stop and played right into his hands. In this case, the apple of PA’s eye was the metal tab of Contreras’ beer cans. He had made the case that he required beer to relax himself of worry over what his wife was going through prior. At that point, Contreras had not given in, telling Brown giving him a beer was against regulation… However, post-script demolition, Contreras agreed to give him a beer if he just “Shut up.”

The Darkness of Pastor Byron ‘PA’ Brown

Tonight’s Perpetual Grace, LTD episode “Orphan Comb Death Fight” began in black and white recalling the past in a very Better Call Saul style fashion. Quite fitting, as this series joins Better Call Saul and Barry as one of television’s current best. Not only were viewers given a unique perspective on what made PA toughen up from his childhood but the ruining of one family’s ‘church’ savings much later on.

“Orphan Comb Death Fight” showed the harshness of Byron’s childhood, his mother suffering an early death with no father in sight. No aunts or uncles to take him in, being left at an orphanage. Byron quickly learned how important it was to be on top of every fight.

The man with the Paul Allen Brown chest tattoo seen in James’ cell to end last episode was revealed to be an ex-con. One that had started up a local LensCrafters store after leaving jail through savings connected to PA’s church. In the black and white flashback, Brown would tell him, “You either have faith or you have sons… Because sons f*** up.” Telling the former convict, ‘much like myself, your parents were cursed with a son.’

James gets more than he bargained for in “Orphan Comb Death Fight”

Perpetual Grace, LTD Pictured: Jimmi Simpson as James - Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs / EPIX

Perpetual Grace, LTD Pictured: Jimmi Simpson as James – Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs / EPIX

From having to wear an ankle bracelet courtesy of ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ to waiting 90 days for his two million cut to the guilt of potentially ruining a young kid’s life… James is getting way, way more than he bargained for when he was offered an easy two million. In fact, thanks to Paul Allen’s potential conviction for a murder, he can’t leave the state of Texas, which is bad news… Since Hector wants $2,000 up-front to cover a diamond ankle bracelet purchased for his mistress. Hector recommended he get bit by a rattlesnake so they’d remove the ankle bracelet in the emergency room.

Nevertheless, James was not looking forward to the idea. Not to mention an unknown man to James from his cell demanded $28 grand for the closing of his LensCrafters… All thanks to a case of mistaken identity! James met up with the real Paul Allen Brown who reassured him there was no murder, he simply taught the girl magic and she went the extra mile with it, causing her death. This was plausible enough for James when combined with two million other reasons ‘wink, wink’ to keep the charade going. Despite, the looming threat by Walker of what a conviction for murder entails in the state of Texas!

James would attempt to convince his new ‘friend’ at the Pawn Shop to travel to Mexico on his behalf and hand the money over to Hector. However, all he discovered was guilt at possibly ruining the youngster’s life. Glenn is now sensitive to lights and sounds post hit on the noggin by James and has to wear ear muffs and goggles to compensate. James seems to be having trouble with the guilt more and more as time goes on. He seems to barely be holding it together.

Meanwhile, he would receive the news the money can only be transferred in 90 days at the earliest. A cause for concern as who knows what pitfalls lie in that timeframe as Paul Allen Brown. His father is already seemingly aware of being held in custody for a scheme.

Tonight’s episode ended with Byron using his “rhythm” with the beer can tab to attempt to free himself as Hector slept, and credits rolled… A top tier, intriguing chapter of Perpetual Grace, LTD. The series is sure to become EPIX’ corner stone in no time.

Equal to last week’s score, as EPIX’ Perpetual Grace, LTD delievered another compelling episode leaving viewers wanting more.

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