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HBO's Ballers - Season 5 Episode 3 - Pictured: Dwayne Johnson as Spencer Strasmore - Photo Credit: Jeff Daly / HBO HBO's Ballers - Season 5 Episode 3 - Pictured: Dwayne Johnson as Spencer Strasmore - Photo Credit: Jeff Daly / HBO


Ballers Season 5 Episode 3 recap: Joe spites Spencer on ‘Copernicursed’

Photo Credit: Jeff Daly / HBO



Joe Krutel blocked Spencer Strasmore from signing his GM of choice on tonight’s Ballers entirely out of spite.

This recap contains spoilers for HBO’s Ballers Season 5 Episode 3 (“Copernicursed”).

Spencer Strasmore had his sights on making top agent Jason Antolotti as his GM on the Kansas City Chiefs on tonight’s Ballers… However, a chance phone call to his old business partner Joe literally buried the whole deal and salted the Earth. Jason was originally intrigued by Spencer’s offer, seeing being an agent as a young man’s game and wanting to take on a new challenge. He decided to pay a call to Joe to see what working with Spencer is like. Joe naturally, did not put in the good word for Spencer, calling him “a nightmare to work with.” To put insult to injury, Joe offered to buy Jason’s agency to the tune of $50 million dollars. As such, Jason turned down Spencer’s once in a lifetime offer and unknowingly placed the whole Chiefs deal in jeopardy. The wheels of investment were in motion, billions hinging on the prompt signing of Jason as GM. Now, Spencer looks to himself as GM. 

Meanwhile, Reggie got Vernon a five year extension worth $80 million dollars… Who responded by saying, he thinks he wants to retire and has enough money already. Vernon was more worried that he might have messed up his eSports pro tryout in League of Legends despite being kind of talked down to by his interviewers. They mocked him by saying they don’t do sponsorships or vanity projects. Reggie did not like their tone but Vernon cut any leverage by saying he was willing to give up his other career.

Ricky Jerret starts drinking out of depression

Ricky received an invite to a pool party after a gym workout along with TTD. He would go on to down a seemingly endless amount of drinks while hitting on two girls there. TTD blocked his flirting attempt at the bartender by mentioning Ricky’s wife which enraged him. He would be pushed in the pool for his efforts in front of everyone. TTD called Dennis to take Ricky home as he was watching a private dance, if you get the drift.

Charles lets Kisan go

Charles’ security let him know a loaded gun was found belonging to Kisan on the night of the incident. Although Charles’ wife attempted to convince him to look the other way because of the money involved and her pregnancy… A one-on-one chat with Kisan where he did not admit the truth to Charles made him end the business relationship. He wished him the best of luck in his career.

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