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Lodge 49 - Sean "Dud" Dudley (Wyatt Russel) in Season 2. Photo by Jackson Lee Davis/AMC Lodge 49 - Sean "Dud" Dudley (Wyatt Russel) in Season 2. Photo by Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Lodge 49

Lodge 49 Season 2 Episode 5 recap: Marriage woes on Estrella y Mar

Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC



Lodge 49’s “Estrella y Mar” explored the dark underbelly of buyer’s remorse for newlyweds and the first red flags to a decaying marriage.

This recap contains spoilers for AMC’s Lodge 49 Season 2 Episode 5.

Ernie commented, ‘Screw fate! Fate takes me places I don’t want to go to,’ on tonight’s Lodge 49… Ominous words. It set the tone for the downfall of Dud’s three-day marriage that he was desperately trying to keep from unraveling. Alone. Dud was a man trying to push a giant rock up a hill but every time he paused to check his leg… All that work just rolled back on top of him because Beth wasn’t around to push it together.

You knew the relationship was on ice when in a Freudian moment, Beth let it slip, ‘It was good she was going back to work because they could spent time apart.’  If a picture is worth a thousand words, Dud and Beth kissing each other on the cheek painted the canvas of a dying marriage. Stillborn in its infancy. It was not a question of ‘if it would work out’ but how long before it collapsed. If marriage vows are said but one party doesn’t acknowledge them, does the marriage truly exist? A question Scott would find himself asking upon Connie’s return. ‘Is there any hope for our marriage? Don’t say anything if there is.’

For Dud, the answer would be a resounding, merciless No. It started at a supermarket errand run at Ernie’s suggestion. Ernie had instilled the thought into Dud’s head that if you truly care for someone, even doing the mundane is enjoyable. Upon entering the supermarket, Beth immediately asked that they split up to save time. A girl that actually cared for Dud saw him at the produce aisle and mentioned a book signing by one of his favorite authors. Implying that they should go together. Beth interrupted the moment but was not jealous in the least, instead she was disappointed Dud chose the ‘wrong’ pears. Dud opened up about his father and how badly he wanted Beth to see the Lodge… Only to discover she was asleep and wasn’t listening at all. 

Beth would see the Lodge and it ended the marriage. A moment of insanity by Blaise with a nail gun aimed at Scott also hit Beth’s hand. Spelling divorce for Dud. Meanwhile, Lenore told Liz she was pathetic for trying to find a mother in her… Reveling Liz was just like her father with her criticism and that Liz’ father had dumped her. Rather than the other way around, as she said prior. Liz cried genuine tears for quite a while. Blaise had boarded up his room to end the episode. When Scott broke into the room, Blaise was nowhere to be found. Dud believed he crossed over to the other side. Did he?

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