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Watch: SAO’s Todd Haberkorn calls Cherami Leigh live, records voicemail

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Sword Art Online’s Todd Haberkorn went into pseudo Sugou/Oberon mode when he recorded a humorous voicemail live to Asuna voice actor Cherami Leigh during an interview at Anime NYC 2019!

SAO English Dub voice actor Todd Haberkorn subtly channeled Sugou Nobuyuki / Oberon when he recorded a live voicemail to Asuna herself, Cherami Leigh, inviting her to dinner. Haberkorn joked, “Deal? If it’s a deal, say nothing… Perfect!” drawing laughs from everyone in the room at Anime NYC 2019. One remarked, “I’m going to use that!”

The moment arrived during The Natural Aristocrat’s full interview with Todd Haberkorn when asked if he recorded his Sword Art Online scenes in the studio with Cherami there. Haberkorn mentioned that Anime/Dub voice actors rarely have that partner to play off of for a variety of reasons. Then in the spur of the moment, Haberkorn decided to ring up Cherami in classic fashion!

Todd Haberkorn comments on SAO co-star Cherami Leigh:

“Unfortunately, I don’t get to see Cherami (Leigh) as much as people think we hang out. Even though we are kind of neighbors, like we don’t live that far from each other. Actually, you know what? Thank you for bringing that up. I’m actually going to send her a Marco Polo right now. [takes out cellphone, dials on speaker phone to leave voicemail]

Hey Cherami, we’re sitting here and I’m hanging out with some folks and doing a lot of interview action. We were just talking about you, how amazing you are, how fantastic you are behind the mic, and how that we don’t get to hang out very much even though we kind of live next to each other… So, let’s do this! December, we have to get together and have dinner. Deal? If it’s a deal, say nothing… Perfect! Okay. December. So, she’ll get that message and she’ll let me see know what she thinks.”

Todd Haberkorn on Social Media:

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