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Ringu playing at Japan Society NYC on October 7, 2022



Rie Ino'o in Ringu. Photo Credit: © 1998 Toho Co. Ltd
Photo Credit: © 1998 Toho Co. Ltd

Legendary horror film Ringu will have a special one night only screening at New York City’s Japan Society this Friday, October 7 at 7:00 pm sharp.

If you’re an NYC local, you can catch the original Ringu film on the silver screen once again this Friday night. Ringu, known to western audiences as The Ring, debuted back in 1998 overseas and has remained part of horror fans subconscious ever since. Seven days…

Rie Ino'o in Ringu. Photo Credit: © 1998 Toho Co. Ltd

Ringu. Photo Credit: © 1998 Toho Co. Ltd

You can secure a spot for the in-person screening over at Japan Society for $15 or $5 if you’re a member.

Ringu Japan Society NYC Event Details

Nanako Matsushima in Ringu. Photo Credit: © 1998 Toho Co. Ltd

Nanako Matsushima in Ringu. Photo Credit: © 1998 Toho Co. Ltd

Friday, October 7, 2022 at 7:00 PM

Director Hideo Nakata, 1998, 96 min, DCP, color. Starring actors Nanako Matsushima, Hiroyuki Sanada, Miki Nakatani.

Ringu Film Synopsis: “Investigating an urban myth of a cursed videotape that kills its watchers within seven days of viewing, journalist Reiko Asakawa (Nanako Matsushima) discovers a series of unnatural teenage deaths tied to a tangible, real-life tape when her niece falls victim to the curse.
While tracking it down, Reiko unwittingly exposes her son to the tape, pitting her in a race against the clock to discover the secrets behind its origin.
A dirgelike procession of contorted corpses, grainy video footage and disturbing imagery, Nakata’s brooding J-horror classic unleashes a barrage of nightmare fuel that feeds off of the technological anxieties of our modern era.”

Fans of the 2002 American remake should go see where horror movie franchise all began! Just in time for the SADAKO DX at the box office. The cursed video tape is now an iconic horror genre staple.

COVID-19 Entry Admission Information for Japan Society NYC

“Masks are required at all times for all seated ticketed events and Gallery admission. Masks with vents/bandanas are not permitted.
Respirator-style masks (N95, KN95, KF94, etc.) are encouraged. A mask can be provided if you do not have one.
As of August 15, 2022, proof of vaccination and booster will no longer be checked at the door for Japan Society programs.”

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Rie Ino'o in Ringu. Photo Credit: © 1998 Toho Co. Ltd

Rie Ino’o in Ringu. Photo Credit: © 1998 Toho Co. Ltd

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