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Japan Society sells out ‘Ghost in the Shell’ NYC film screening



Art Credit: Ghost in the Shell © 1995 Masamune Shirow / Kodansha Ltd. / Bandai Visual Co. Ltd. / Manga Entertainment Ltd.
Art Credit: Masamune Shirow / Kodansha Ltd. / Bandai Visual Co. Ltd. / Manga Entertainment Ltd.

Japan Society’s Ghost in the Shell anime film screening in NYC tonight has sold out. Showing the demand for ‘Major’ Motoko Kusanagi has only grown since Director’s Mamoru Oshii’s magnum opus first debuted on the silver screen back in 1995.

Japan Society will be hosting a pre-screening party for Ghost in the Shell fans at 6:00 pm tonight. Japanese food & snacks will be served courtesy of Kikkoman & Sapporo U.S.A. Tonight’s in-person Ghost in the Shell (1995) screening marks the first of Japan Society’s new monthly anime series.

The Animatrix (May 27), The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl (June 17), and Princess Mononoke (July 22) will follow in the coming months.

The monthly series of Friday anime film screenings will all begin at 7:00 pm sharp and are presented courtesy of Yen Press. Tickets are $15 for non-members and $5 for Japan Society members.

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Friday’s Ghost in the Shell screening will be presented in Japanese with English subtitles with actress Atsuko Tanaka as the voice of Major. Here’s Ghost in the Shell’s film synopsis for those uninitiated with the dystopian, cyberpunk masterpiece.

Ghost in the Shell (1995) anime film synopsis

Art Credit: Ghost in the Shell © 1995 Masamune Shirow / Kodansha Ltd. / Bandai Visual Co. Ltd. / Manga Entertainment Ltd.

Art Credit: Ghost in the Shell © 1995 Masamune Shirow / Kodansha Ltd. / Bandai Visual Co. Ltd. / Manga Entertainment Ltd.

“Mamoru Oshii’s groundbreaking cyberpunk classic conjures a startling vision of the future—a new age of global interconnectedness wherein neural pathways and information networks have become inextricably linked.
Surveilling the sprawling technopolis of New Port City, Major Motoko Kusanagi, a cyborg officer specializing in cybercrime, hunts down a mysterious entity responsible for a series of ‘ghost-hackings’ that have infiltrated human hosts.
Known only as the Puppet Master, the newly-surfaced threat leads Major to uncover a vast conspiracy—prompting her to question her own humanity and purpose of existence.”

With the popularity of tonight’s Japan Society event, perhaps, we’ll see additional films from the franchise and the Stand Alone Complex TV series screen at some point… The Ghost in the Shell manga was originally created by Masamune Shirow with the 1995 film screenplay by Kazunori Itô. A live action film adaption was released in 2017 starring Scarlett Johansson as Major.

COVID-19 Entry Information for tonight’s Ghost in the Shell sold out event:

“For the health and safety of our staff and visitors, we kindly ask that you:
– Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth at all times. Masks with vents/bandanas are not permitted. Respirator-style masks (N95, KN95, KF94, etc.) are encouraged.
– Bring proof of vaccination and photo ID with you. As of February 1, proof of a booster shot is required for anyone who is eligible, with a 4-week grace period after eligibility.
For more information, please review Japan Society’s Visitor Policies and Safety Protocols.”

Japan Society is located at 333 E 47th St, New York, NY 10017. You’ll find it nestled between 2nd avenue and 1st avenue in midtown Manhattan.

Ghost in the Shell Movie Trailer

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