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Watch: The Purge’s Dermot Mulroney guest stars as Bobby Sheridan

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The voice of USA Network’s The Purge is finally revealed on-screen tonight as actor Dermot Mulroney guest stars and brings The Bobby Sheridan Show to life. Watch an exclusive sneak peek video clip!

Tonight fans are finally going into the studio of the memorable pro-Purge radio show acting as de facto narrator for the last two seasons. Dermot Mulroney is revealed to be the man behind The Bobby Sheridan Show, and discusses Ben’s recent off-hour Purging spree with two co-hosts. One unquestionably against Purging in its entirety and another fully in favor of it. At first Sheridan calls the recent dorm murder an act of cowardice… Before suggesting the solution to off-hour Purging is more time to Purge! The radio host puts the idea out there of a bi-annual Purge, for those who can’t wait for the yearly affair.

Meanwhile, his pro-Purge co-host Lena Dash [Amye Gousset] sends between the lines threats to their anti-Purge co-host Sydney Rivera [Hannah Alline]… Hinting at getting her to see the event ‘up close and personal’ next time. Lena immediately puts down the concept of the farmer being murdered prior, despite the contradiction of a farmer ‘burying himself’ due to heatstroke. Calling the footage of a masked, hooded individual following someone on campus faked, and essentially preposterous. Bobby Sheridan goes on to shill ‘Instaglue’ as the sneak peek clip concludes.

Actor Dermot Mulroney commented on finally being revealed on-screen:

“I play Bobby Sheridan this season, but the trick is that I also played him in Season 1, just as a voice over. It was really fun to be revealed as the voice that guided last season’s main character, Joe, through his purge night.

This season is more about what takes place in between purges so you’re seeing the everyday life of a society that exists under those rules, and I play the voice of the purge, an integral part in this universe. It’s kind of a reverse Easter Egg reveal.”

Tune in tonight at 9 p.m. ET to the USA Network to see Bobby Sheridan’s official on-screen debut, or “reverse Easter Egg reveal” as Mulroney calls it on episode “Happy Holidays” (Season 2 Episode 6).

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