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Anime NYC 2019: Nashma Amir sings at SACRA MUSIC Panel

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Nashma Amir sang an English cover of “Lapis Lazuli” by Eir Aoi during Anime NYC 2019’s SACRA MUSIC Panel. The performance was showcasing SACRA MUSIC’s WACAVA Project.

Anime NYC 2019’s SACRA MUSIC Panel featured singer Nashma Amir performing an English cover of Eir Aoi’s hit song “Lapis Lazuli”, promoting SACRA’s WACAVA Project. Standing for ‘World Anisong Cover Association by Various Artists,’ the project hopes to unite Anime music fans the world over. It’ll give fans the chance to audition with their own renditions of favorites, placing an opportunity to be the next bright star gracing Anime soundtracks within reach. will take audition submissions from fans anywhere globally until the deadline of March 31, 2020.

Nashma Amir is certainly no stranger to performing Anime song covers, her YouTube Channel – Nami Kichi features a popular English rendition of Eir Aoi’s “Ignite” (from Sword Art Online) and Olivia Lufkin’s “Starless Night” from NANA. Both currently enjoy over 100,000 views a piece.

After performing, Nashma Amir did an interview with the panel’s moderator Jamie Mac Rae before playing a game of ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ against the whole audience attending for prizes. Yes, Rock, Paper, Scissors! SACRA MUSIC gave various posters to those who managed to win a game. It was definitely different and more fun for the audience than a regular ticket raffle, that’s for sure.

WACAVA Project Karaoke Booth at Anime NYC 2019

The WACAVA Project Karaoke Booth was quite popular at Anime NYC 2019 with LiSA and Eir Aoi appearing to be the most popular artists for fans. Let’s say more than a few fans attempted their luck singing LiSA’s “Crossing Field” (the famous opening theme to Sword Art Online). Considering the music video currently has over 45 million+ views it’s not too surprising it would be the most recognizable.

Eir Aoi’s “Ignite” and “Innocence” (SAO and SAO 2 opening themes) were similarly popular with cover renditions happening about every twenty minutes at the Karaoke booth. What’s clear is that Aniplex’ Sword Art Online is undoubtedly one of the most popular Anime shows on the planet right now.

Follow singer Nashma Amir on Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram.

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