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Ray Donovan Season 7 Episode 4 live stream: Watch online

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Here’s how you can watch Ray Donovan Season 7 Episode 4 “Hispes” live stream online with Showtime Anytime or the old-fashioned way right on your television.

Ray Donovan Season 7 Episode 4 “Hispes” airs this Sunday, December 8th on Showtime at 8 p.m. ET/PT! Ray’s latest chapter will be available to stream live online on the Showtime Anytime service. Molly Sullivan [Kerry Condon] brought out a side of Ray rarely seen before with a single quote from his sister last episode… “My brother Ray is the best person I know.” The line and a photo of his sister with Molly was all it took for Ray to make a life altering decision. Giving the faux-scandal camera roll obtained for Mayor Feratti back to Molly, placing himself and his family at risk. Not to mention getting out of the ‘fixer’ business altogether.

Lena [Katherine Moennig] has already left for Los Angeles and it looks like Ray has decided to call it quits, regardless of the guaranteed consequences. Mac warned Ray not to mess with Mayor Ferrati [Zach Grenier] last season, to leave it alone. “Walk Away Ray.” But Ray wouldn’t leave it alone, under pressure by Samantha Winslow [Susan Sarandon]… Eventually the domino effect ended with Mac taking his own life after Bridget’s kidnapping/freeing to protect Ferrati without his knowledge.

“Hispes” Episode Description:

Mayor Feratti ups the ante in his negotiations with the Sullivans and Ray must step in to finish the deal; Bridget and Smitty are called in to fix Jonathan Walker Hanson’s unsavory publicity scandal.

Smitty [Graham Rogers] is unaware of yet that Bridget has stepped out on him completely. The truth of their collapsing marriage will eventually unravel and what then for Bridget Donovan? Bridget [Kerris Dorsey] will have a clear loose end with Smitty, as he is unlikely to go quietly into the night and he has a whole book worth of secrets/insight into the Donovan family.

Ray will be at a turning point, severing his ‘fixer’ business relationship with Mayor Feratti will have dire consequences. However, his emotional confession to therapist Dr. Arthur Amiot [Alan Alda] about his sister Bridget showed Ray is intent on becoming what she saw in him.

In the preview trailer for tonight’s episode, Mickey Donovan is not content leaving it all behind. He contact’s Sandy Patrick [Sandy Martin] for a fresh new scheme…

Ray Donovan Season 7 Episode 4: Live Stream Details

Here’s how to watch Ray Donovan Season 7 Episode 4 online via live stream or on TV:

Date: Sunday, December 8
Start Time: 8 p.m. ET/PT
Episode: “Hispes”
TV Channel: Showtime
Live Stream: Watch on Showtime Anytime

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