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Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: A mother’s work is never done

Photo Credit: David Bukach



Humanity’s last hope. Mother. Though her fawn’s doe-eyed pupils had long lost their innocence, Melanie Cavill would not give up on Alex. Regardless of the open resentment and a stare chillier than Icy Bob’s exterior, all Melanie saw was her precious daughter. By cruel fate, leaving Alex a second time was the only thing that could bring them back together.

This Snowpiercer Season 2 recap contains spoilers for Episode 3 “A Great Odyssey”.

It was only when Melanie’s fingertips were almost completely out of reach, forever, that Alex embraced her mother with both arms and wouldn’t let go. As the old saying goes, ‘You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.’ Almost a decade of Mr. Wilford’s training, ’round-the-clock, could not overpower a single tear.

Bitter feelings of abandonment, years lost, cynicism gained… All vaporized in the electric current of the present. Alex had built a fortress around her, assisted by an all too willing enabler, Mr. Wilford. Pushing her mother away for perceived wrongs and missing birthday cards.

Shutting the door on Melanie and throwing away the key. But at the heart of this well defended citadel was a girl with a stolen childhood. Wilford Industries and its logic could not replicate the treasure that had alluded Alex her entire youth. Her mother.

Despite being skeptical and under the watchful, ruthless eye of Joseph Wilford, Alex risked it all. Knowing the consequences of those before her who slighted Wilford (like Kevin) did not deter her. Alex Cavill silently celebrated being a Cavill once again.

On tonight’s Snowpiercer, Alex volunteered to help Melanie at every turn. Wearing her heart on her sleeve while verbally denying the obvious to maintain appearances. Soaking in the sunlight of every last moment with her mother before Melanie’s departure. 

Building a better world for her daughter through personal sacrifice

Snowpiercer Season 2 cast

Snowpiercer Season 2 cast – Photo Credit: David Bukach

Melanie Cavill left a part of her heart on the floor of Big Alice… Her one opportunity at full reconciliation with her daughter ends at the beginning. Yet, the end may be the beginning.

Melanie can give Alex a gift worth a hundred suns, to live in the outside world once again. Away from the sterile steel that ate her youth away. What else can a parent do, then give their child a better life than they’ve endured?

For Melanie, Alex will always be perfect. No matter how many stone cold gazes she receives that would make Medusa blush. Mr. Wilford’s influence is temporary and fading. A product of parental vacancy.

One should keep in mind that Mr. Wilford might be secretly ahead Melanie’s prospective research. It was revealed on tonight’s Snowpiercer that Icy Bob is the product of experimentation. Endurance of cold to be precise. Perhaps, Mr. Wilford is more keen to adaption in the outside world than Snowpiercer knows.

Andre Layton seemed to suggest a similar sentiment, hinting that maybe Wilford simply wants to keep the population captive on the train forever. It would feed into his reputation of control and dominance.

Perception is Everything

Snowpiercer Season 2 cast

Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 3 – Photo Credit: David Bukach

One person’s guiding light is another’s bane of existence. Such is the case for Josie Wellstead. Potentially permanently disfigured through Melanie’s callous treatment during an interrogation. Now Josie has awakened with one fist intact, seeking revenge.

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Dismayed that the love of her life is not only working with Melanie but having a child with his ex-girlfriend. Not to mention, Layton seems too openly invested in Josie’s influence on the Tailies. Seeking her public endorsement in the Tail to evade a potential revolt against him and Zarah Ferami.

The democratic experiment‘ as Layton coined Snowpiercer’s classless rebellion is fragile. Trust is a commodity not to be taken lightly. There’s a reason Melanie was seeking subconsciously to make amends with Ruth Wardell before her departure. Leadership is fickle and fueled by other people’s belief in something intangible.

Other classes still seek to avoid Tailies as seen in Pike’s treatment tonight when he lacked supplies to trade. Being asked to leave as being ‘seen with a Tailie sends the wrong message’.

If Tailies discover how Layton is now living in contrast to them, gossip will follow, then resentment… And eventually actions taken without negotiation. Full circle. In Josie’s own words, “Revolutionaries make poor politicians.”

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