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Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: Big surprises

Photo Credit: David Bukach



Snowpiercer heated up tonight with game-changing revelations for the future of humanity and the ones governing it. Surprises leaping out like a finely tuned jack in the box.

This Snowpiercer Season 2 recap contains spoilers for Episode 2, ‘Smoulder to Life’.

There appears to be a world beyond Snowpiercer if its confined residents are willing to be patient. Melanie Cavill and Layton dropped a bombshell on Mr. Wilford to conclude tonight’s episode… The temperature in the skies above is warming, and it’s a matter of a few decades before Earth ‘reawakens’. Years not centuries before the Earth becomes inhabitable once again.

It really was a shimmering snowflake that landed outside on Melanie’s helmet. No mirage, no delusion, no insanity. The revelation caught Mr. Wilford and Melanie’s daughter Alex completely off-guard.

A planned hit on Layton had to be delayed. Wilford quietly informed Alex the ‘contract’ was off with his back turned to the people.

Wilford had arrived on-board Snowpiercer with the hearts of the people, even hugged by LJ Folger, smiles everywhere he looked. The ‘benevolent’ king of the train would not squander such loyalty for the short-term goal of removing temporary party opposition.

‘Outside’ threat rattles Snowpiercer’s deity worship

Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 2

Snowpiercer Season 2 cast – Mr. Wilford as played by Sean Bean – Photo Credit: David Bukach

In order to preserve his image, Wilford agreed with Melanie & Layton’s vision for unity between Big Alice and Snowpiercer… As long as Melanie would be the one to investigate, away from Snowpiercer. Thus, removing a thorn in his side, divide to conquer.

Moments earlier, Wilford had attempted to thwart the revelation by reminding Snowpiercer’s residents that Melanie had impersonated him for 7 years.

However, once his own doctors/scientists openly commented that Melanie could be right, the political chess match was over. Wilford would not be the one to crush hope in Snowpiercer’s public square.

For now ‘the time of two engines’ becomes one… As the remnants of humanity scramble together for a world outside metal and steel. If the train demanded blood once, it will again. Squashing Layton’s rebellion after Melanie’s revelation will shake Snowpiercer to its core if done at the wrong time.

It’s a move that can’t be undone and food supplies on Big Alice appear to be scarce. Wilford prefers the long game, the guarantee over instant gratification.

Shocker: Josie Wellstead is alive


Snowpiercer Season 2 cast – Daveed Diggs and Jennifer Connelly – Photo Credit: David Bukach

In one of Snowpiercer Season 2’s biggest surprises, it was revealed that Josie Wellstead is still alive! Josie was the unnamed ‘Jane Doe’ still recuperating secretly. Zarah Ferami was the first to discover this news and attempted to murder Josie at her weakest…

Tinkering with her medical equipment with the room cleared of witnesses. However, after leaving the room, Zarah instantly regretted the decision and rushed back in.

Though Zarah sees Josie as a threat to Andre Layton’s heart and their future child, she couldn’t go through with it. At the end of tonight’s episode, Zarah tells Layton that Josie is still alive, and he rushes to her immediatley. Josie opens one eye when she sees Layton.

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Will Josie eventually recounting what happened in that interrogation room between her and Melanie drive a wedge between Melanie and Layton? Will Layton let bygones be bygones, or will he not forget the core of Melanie’s personality?

What of Melanie’s boyfriend in the engine room? Surely, he will not take kindly if Layton shows animosity toward Melanie. This revelation could have ramifications beyond Layton’s romance with Zarah and her pregnancy.

The prisoner swap: Melanie Cavill for Kevin

Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 2

Snowpiercer Season 2 cast – Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs – Photo Credit: David Bukach

Kevin of Big Alice’s hospitality crew had promised that Mr. Wilford would not let him be kept hostage aboard Snowpiercer… And he was not technically wrong. Wilford pushed forward with a trade, Melanie Cavill for Kevin. However, it was primarily for reconnaissance information and a test of loyalty.

Once Wilford discovered Kevin had been compromised by accepting food, he was no longer of use. He asked Kevin to turn in his badge and be ‘free’ of Big Alice’s hospitality forever.

During the trade, Alex temporarily broke ‘no man’s land’ between trains. For a moment, it looked like Alex didn’t want to Melanie to go. She asked Melanie again about the vial of snow from outside. Melanie told Alex , ‘if she joined her on Snowpiercer, they could study it together’…

Alex responded by throwing the vial on the ground and stepping on it. Telling her mother, “You’re 7 years too late!”

Wilford’s three finger ‘W’ hand sign is relevant

During tonight’s Snowpiercer, Bess Till was promoted to train detective by Layton. Her first case was Lights having her fingers taken by potential Wilford loyalists. Indeed, close to the conclusion of the episode, Till asked Lights to show her hand, and it matched Wilford’s ‘W’ hand salute.

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