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Mr Wilford and Melanie Cavill Mr Wilford and Melanie Cavill


Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Best episode aired yet

Original Photos by David Bukach / Artwork by Nir Regev



Snowpiercer showed the origins of Mr. Wilford’s break with Melanie Cavill tonight in a series of must-see flashbacks… All while exploring humanity’s savage competition over finite resources.

What’s more important, practicality & order or utopian ambitions? You decide.

This Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 6 Review of “Many Miles From Snowpiercer” contains spoilers.

Snowpiercer’s latest chapter saw Melanie Cavill’s trek to save humankind while giving in to the thin mountain air, becoming delirious. Mr. Wilford, Andre Layton, and Melanie’s daughter Alexandra Cavill would all pay a visit to her frosty last stand.

The flashbacks to Snowpiercer’s official launch day however overshadowed all else, taking the mantle as the show’s best to air yet. From the genesis of Wilford’s night car to the termination of Melanie’s genealogists in favor of more security.

Essentially, the divide between Melanie Cavill and Mr. Wilford is a philosophical and political one all rolled into one. Faith in restoring the world or enjoying what’s left of it to the last drop.

Should a privileged set of elite passengers get to settle into comfortable lives brimming with art and indulgence? Or should everyone live equally drab with the bare minimum in the interest of fairness for all?

Mr. Wilford for one prioritized security, believing order was not only necessary but vital to Snowpiercer’s very existence. His prediction was not wrong. Without Wilford’s hired muscle, the train would have been overrun before ever leaving the station.

One Betrayal Deserves Another

Mr. Wilford and Melanie Cavill -  Photo Credit: David Bukach

Mr. Wilford and Melanie Cavill – Photo Credit: David Bukach

No one can question that Mr. Wilford takes decisive action on his own and lives with the consequences. He gives the order to terminate Melanie’s late arriving genealogists with less than a second of thought. A move that can’t be undone.

In turn, Melanie is convinced by Ben to take off with Snowpiercer early… So the train and the future doesn’t fall prey to the “monster”.

This also means consciously leaving her daughter Alexandra behind, as Alex too is a late arrival. Tears flow down Melanie’s face as she says “forgive me” over and over again.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wilford’s heart sinks as he watches Snowpiercer disembark without him. It’s one of the Snowpiercer TV show’s greatest, most multi-layered scenes to ever air. Brilliant.

From Snowpiercer’s climate change/global warming elements of carnage and cold anarchy. From the ‘have nots’ rushing the train to survive to Wilford’s real understanding of human nature under duress.

Wilford’s vision is to preserve art and maintain a high quality of life in the present. While Melanie’s vision is to provide a better world for the future. The two conflicting directions explain Snowpiercer’s bitter rivalry.

Fantastic Acting Work

Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 6 is simply Jennifer Connelly and Sean Bean at their best on the series. The two jousting verbally in the past and delirious present. Connelly’s best individual scene arrives mid-episode when she brings a collapsed antenna tower back up to speed. Braving freezing temperatures while already starving.

No words are heard, just the storming winds and Melanie’s will to sacrifice above all else. Daveed Diggs provides great work as Layton, subtle prodding Melanie over her ironic, hungry twist of fate. Melanie even apologies to an imagined Alex Cavill, asking for forgiveness yet again. Believing she has broken her promise to come back to Snowpiercer.

The last visual of this episode is picturesque. A work of art. Melanie watching as Snowpiercer arrives and doesn’t stop to pick her up. Alex spotting her mother out of a window, yelling “Mom!” powerless to stop the train in its tracks.

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