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Christian Camargo Interview: Tamacti Jun in ‘See’ Season 2



Christian Camargo in “See,” now streaming on Apple TV+.
Photo Credit: Apple TV+

Apple TV+ ‘See’ series star Christian Camargo spoke to The Natural Aristocrat about Witchfinder General Tamacti Jun’s return in Season 2.

This interview contains spoilers for Apple TV+’s See Season 2.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: (NIR REGEV) As the Witchfinder General, do you find it ironic that Queen Kane is so publicly obsessed with having a sighted child in Season 2?

CHRISTIAN CAMARGO: A hundred percent! He knows she wants a sighted child because it will give her power.

It really just flips everything that Tamacti Jun believed in. Like what have I been fighting for? What has Tamacti Jun been killing all these people for?

Episode 1. Sylvia Hoeks in “See” season two, now streaming on Apple TV+.

Episode 1. Sylvia Hoeks in “See” season two, now streaming on Apple TV+.

This season will show little bits of what realizations came to Tamacti Jun after that knife went into him. It’ll explore that moment between life & death.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: When I saw your name come up in the opening credits of the ‘See‘ Season 2 premiere, I thought ‘Well, that’s a massive spoiler!’ How do you feel about the choice?

CHRISTIAN CAMARGO: Yeah, I thought that was a little bit of a mistake! I had been trying to really live in indemnity about Tamacti Jun on social media.

I wasn’t letting people know what I was doing. Then right away in the Season 2 premiere, there’s my name. I didn’t quite get it myself to be honest! (laughs)

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: Were you surprised about Tamacti Jun’s return? When you first read the ‘See‘ script where Tamacti Jun is stabbed last season, did you feel your run was over?

CHRISTIAN CAMARGO: Yeah, originally I’d only signed up for one season. We sort of shot the stabbing scene where it could go either way really. Obviously, the character took a life of its own and we wanted to explore what a grand betrayal would feel like for him.

Episode 2. Jason Momoa and Eden Epstein in "See" season two, now streaming on Apple TV+.

Episode 2. Jason Momoa and Eden Epstein in “See” season two, now streaming on Apple TV+.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: What do you attribute to Tamacti Jun’s calm demeanor when Baba Voss is threatening to remove his entrails post-prison escape in episode 2?

CHRISTIAN CAMARGO: I think he’s come to brutal realizations about what he’s done. He backed the wrong Queen. He doesn’t know anymore what redemption even looks like. He’s used to being on the road and its hardship.

He doesn’t really care if he lives or dies anymore. So to Baba Voss he basically says, ‘You go ahead and do what you want.’

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: Do you feel facing death is the price of loyalty? I mean, when the Witchfinder General is stabbed in season one, Queen Kane says “Thank you for your service.”

CHRISTIAN CAMARGO: Yeah, I do. I feel Tamacti Jun had died before he had ‘died’ in order to honor duty. Now his only actions are helping Baba and Princess Maghra do what they need to do… To still have honor.

Episode 1. Hera Hilmar and Sylvia Hoeks in “See” season two, now streaming on Apple TV+.

Episode 1. Hera Hilmar and Sylvia Hoeks in “See” season two, now streaming on Apple TV+.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: I’ve always wondered, do you guys wear contacts for ‘See’ or is it a computer generated effect over the eyes?

CHRISTIAN CAMARGO: It’s computer generated and thank God it is! You’re no allowed to have those kind of contacts in for more than 2-3 hours while working.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: Oh I didn’t know there was a limit for those contacts. Is that an official SAG limit then?

CHRISTIAN CAMARGO: Yeah, it’s in place for the health of your eyes.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: Do you have any rituals to get into character for See’s Tamacti Jun?

CHRISTIAN CAMARGO: I do, I come from a theater background. And in doing theater you do 8 shows a week and you have five weeks of rehreshal to sustain a character. You really need to learn to put a character together through a system. That experience has become my go-to with Tamacti Jun.

I also have two hours with prosthetics at work and that becomes the time for me to watch the character quite literally. That helps a lot.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: Do you find the prosthetics have a major impact on becoming Tamacti Jun in the moment?

CHRISTIAN CAMARGO: It’s the dental hygiene, that’s when I really get into character! The last part, that’s when the shades are drawn. Everything gets down to the hair, the beard, and when the teeth go in, it’s like bye-bye to my regular self.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: Was it difficult to shoot ‘See’ Season 2 during the pandemic? Especially, considering how ‘close range’ the actors have to be for this show so-to-speak.

CHRISTIAN CAMARGO: Yeah, with all the makeup and prosthetics I have on this show, it makes it very difficult. You have to rely on exceptional production expertise and we have a first rate COVID team. I feel safer there than anywhere else!

We have constant testing and provisions. When it comes to playing the scene, you have to trust the COVID team’s system and let it happen. I don’t think about it.

THE NATURAL ARISTOCRAT: Tamacti Jun’s fight choreography and the fights in general in ‘See’ look so precise. Do you train and rehearse scenes beforehand or mostly utilize stuntmen?

CHRISTIAN CAMARGO: We have a lot of training. In fact, I’m training for a large sequence right now. Hopefully, it all comes through on the show.

There are a few stuntmen, stunt actors but for the fight stunts those are the type usually done by us. It’s really an extra layer, an extra challenge to developing the character.



Where to watch ‘See’ Season 2

Episode 1. Jason Momoa in “See” season two, now streaming on Apple TV+.

Episode 1. Baba Voss, Jason Momoa in “See” season two, now streaming on Apple TV+.

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