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Snowpiercer 302: Sean Bean, Roberto Urbina Snowpiercer 302: Sean Bean, Roberto Urbina


Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 4 review: Critical Condition

Photograph by DAVID BUKACH



No God after all, Alex Cavill sees her adoptive father’s vulnerability for the first time. She sits planted bedside listening to the sterile hum of machines keeping Wilford alive. The threat of losing him, real. Being orphaned on Snowpiercer.

This Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 4 Review contains spoilers for “Bound by One Track”.

“Its okay to miss him… It’s even okay to love him.” – Melanie Cavill to her daughter Alex on tonight’s episode. Alex had struggled to reconcile missing Wilford with the fact he ‘murdered’ Melanie by leaving her stranded. Claiming to ‘hate’ her adoptive father yet being the only one watching over him in critical condition.

Tonight’s Snowpiercer dually juggled Joseph Wilford as a ruthless yet sympathetic character. Genius, mathematically heartless, and just made of flesh & blood in the end like the rest of us. For all his might, a single ambush injection was all it took for the train’s ultimate dependency to lay on the floor. Helpless.

Snowpiercer 301: Rowan Blanchard

Snowpiercer 301: Rowan Blanchard – Photograph by DAVID BUKACH

Confidence shattered by Sam Roche, “What have you done?” No way out. The bane & anchor of Andre Layton’s leadership barely moving in the corners of his cell. Smile turned into fear of death.

Alex’s flashback of Wilford’s cull to save on resources was surreally brutal, yet, at times parental. Wilford carefully steering Alex out of harm’s way, holding her hand to safety. A different side of Wilford, excited to teach Alex about what it takes to be an engineer. Raising her as his own.

The hallucination of her mother Melanie gently guiding her into a singular realization. For all his faults, Joseph Wilford is the closest thing to a father Alex ever had.

Meanwhile, Javi has been pushed too hard too early to return back to work. The psychology of Wilford’s dog always haunting Javi’s decisions expertly directed on “Bound by One Track”.

Pike is once again doubting Layton’s leadership and the whole story of new Eden… Steven Ogg is a natural at playing shades of gray characters, this was an excellent turn for Pike. He will only grow more disillusioned as Ruth seemingly chooses Layton’s leadership over his proposal.

Snowpiercer 304 Unit RF - Photograph by ROBERT FALCONER

Snowpiercer 304 Unit RF – Photograph by ROBERT FALCONER

This was the best episode of Snowpiercer Season 3 that aired as of yet. Perhaps, no surprise it coincided with Jennifer Connelly’s on-screen return…

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