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Snowpiercer 304 Unit RF - Photograph by ROBERT FALCONER Snowpiercer 304 Unit RF - Photograph by ROBERT FALCONER


Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 5 recap: Shades of Simon




The call of the ignored only gets louder. Festering in the shadows, burning into an inferno against the agitprop of false leadership. Tonight’s Snowpiercer saw Simon’s spirit reclaiming Steven Ogg (Pike) in body, mind, and soul…

This Snowpiercer recap contains spoilers for “A New Life”.

Pike will no longer stay acting curtain jerker for an unelected revolution bureaucrat in Layton. The revolution’s pyro is tired of being relegated to behind the scenes fare. Disillusioned with new love falling into old comforts in Ruth, too smart to believe in the mirage of New Eden.

The Walking Dead’s Simon may be dead in one universe but his essence lives on through Snowpiercer’s alternate reality. The unstable, unpredictable body language, the silent yet soothing rage filled line delivery. Impeccable acting.

Snowpiercer 304 - Steven Ogg and Daveed Diggs. Photograph by ROBERT FALCONER

Snowpiercer 304 – Steven Ogg and Daveed Diggs. Photograph by ROBERT FALCONER

Steven Ogg’s Pike is a man with nothing to lose while Layton has everything on the line with a newborn, just delivered. All this time, Andre Layton kept his viewpoint narrowed forward onto Joseph Wilford as his arch-rival… Ignoring the slow lit powder keg in his peripheral vision.

“What if today was your last day on earth?”

Now, the flames are spreading across Snowpiercer through guerrilla style warfare. A clear target in mind, the end of Andre Layton’s rule. Layton survived Pike’s attempt on his life despite sights being wrongfully set on Wilford’s former minions LJ and John Osweiller. But perhaps next time he won’t be so lucky.

While Layton and Zarah live for the future, they miss the imminent danger of the present. Lurking right in front of them… Planning their untimely demise.

Once again like on The Walking Dead, Steven Ogg is channelling the blaze of the right hand, second in command who’s had enough of the glass ceiling. Of a cap to his will, a boot on his lineage. His romance beguiled by the promises of unvetted leadership, while his own propositions are gently pushed aside.

Even Alex saw the bigger picture (and consequences) of an incapacitated Mr. Wilford during a train emergency. ‘He can’t be of use to us as a vegetable!’ Perhaps, it’s Bess Till that needs to hit ‘rock bottom’ rather than Audrey to understand the importance of Wilford to the train. The chaos of the Tail is about to make a comeback…

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Steven Ogg as Pike on Snowpiercer - Photo Credit: David Bukach

Steven Ogg as Pike on Snowpiercer – Photo Credit: David Bukach

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